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Due to the fact I was so excited about Now Revolution Book, I decided to write a quick guide – tips on how to write a Bestselling Novel.

Let’s say that you have decided to write novels to bring in some extra money or, possibly, to quit your day job. No matter what your goals are, it is very important that you produce the best possible work. Here are the steps you need to take to ensure your success.

Writing a book
Writing a Novel book could bring you some extra money.

Hook the Reader

You have five pages to hook the reader. …


The way we do business has changed forever since the advent of social media. Now the well being of a company cannot be measured in carefully planned initiatives and measured considered responses. Today’s business is about running off a near instantaneous response time and making the most of the limited information we have to work with.

The Now Revolution Book
The Now Revolution Book Review

It’s about making each and every customer a reporter and every reporter a customer as well. It’s also about making the most of every action and gaining more customers and clients every moment in real time. It’s about cultivating …