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Chris Brogan, President Human Business Works“Action. I no longer read a business book like this seeking thoughts and ideas. I read them to get actionable bits I can employ immediately. ‘Now’ is staring all businesses in the face. It doesn’t matter whether you want to join the conversation. They’re already shouting for you (or AT you). Get this book and heed Baer and Naslund’s advice. Now.”

Augie Ray, Senior Analyst, Forrester“This book should be read by every person who thinks social media is merely a new tactic for generating clicks and sales. Naslund and Baer make the case that changes in our world don’t just suggest ways our communication or marketing strategies must be altered but instead require transformation of the enterprise. This isn’t just an inspirational book but a practical one: A new adaptive corporate culture is required to thrive in our new adaptive world, and “The Now Revolution” offers seven deceptively simple steps to create that culture.”

Mari Smith, Relationship Marketing Specialist & Facebook Business Coach“Social media has caused a paradigm shift in how we function and do business on the planet, yet so many companies are still stuck in the old media world and are getting left behind. The Now Revolution is the missing handbook for exactly how to successfully navigate and integrate the new media paradigm. Packed with examples, tools, checklists, case studies and best practices, this book absolutely must be on the desk of every executive serious about thriving in the new social economy.”

“Jay and Amber have written a book that everyone from the janitor up to the CEO should take a read through. If you don’t think Social Media is changing (or has changed) corporate culture, you have been living with your head in the sand. Well, now what? What are you supposed to do about it? How are you going to change things in a world that has already been changed? Thankfully, The Now Revolution is here. Don’t read this book. Devour it. Then, once you’re done, study it, keep it and share it. The revolution is now. What are you going to do about it?”

Finally! A book on social media that delivers the perfect mix of philosophical underpinnings to guide your thinking and practical insights you can immediately put to use. Whether you are just getting started in social marketing, or you are looking to elevate your organization’s online engagement efforts, “The Now Revolution” is your roadmap to a sound strategy.

“Real time is not a cliché. It’s a not a buzzword. And it’s not a fad. It’s a mission critical, strategic imperative that every business is going to need to master in order to stand a chance of surviving and even thriving in an increasingly digital, connected and social world. Baer and Naslund are your guides to make this a reality.”

“With all of the latest platforms – blogs, social networks, microblogs, location-based services (not to mention dueling mobile devices) – taking center stage, it’s easy to be lured by the luster of each. But rather than constantly chasing technology change, Amber and Jay make a great case for a significant culture change backed by definitive and measurable steps that will ground any business in modern thinking that will withstand the fickle preferences of the digerati. If you follow these steps, your business will be well grounded for what’s lurking around the corner.”

“If I had a nickel for every time some proud author told me that their newest book “isn’t a book about social media” (when it actually is), well… I wouldn’t drive a 2002 station wagon.

But here’s the thing: Jay and Amber have penned a book that truly isn’t a social media book. In other words, this isn’t the book you pick up when you want to create a blog or Twitter feed or Facebook group; rather, this is the book to read when you need to understand how our newly social and connected world has disrupted business as usual, and why you need to bother thinking about that. (Hint: It changes everything.)

Does that sound too high-concept for you? Well, it’s not. Instead, it’s real, and very enlightening.”

“The real time revolution is happening all around you whether you choose to join or not. My advice, devour this guide to the revolution and get in the game – NOW!”

“This book is different. It is filled with actionable tips instead of buzzwords, and it makes you work on your business instead of giving you platitudes. The Now Revolution is written by two smart, innovative minds who live the change they talk about. They know what works. This is the book you want.”

“Never before have companies had the opportunity to either grow exponentially or fail spectacularly based on their ability to have real-time conversations about their brands. The Now Revolution is filled with specific, timely and relevant advice for positioning your company to thrive in the next decade. Ignore it at your own peril.”