Speaking Engagements

Jay Baer & Amber Naslund offer to organize events for people, who are just as excited about their book as we are. On their first tour in 2011 they had many speaking events on how to make the “7 shifts” for a Smarter, Faster And More Social Businesses.

business training speaking events
Photo Courtesy of: Jay Baer & Amber Naslund

Here is what Jay&Amber are talking about on their live events:

  • Finding, managing and planning a solution for crises in real-time.
  • Creating a culture of NOW by stripping away silos.
  • Hiring new type of employee with skills in human relations and instant analysis.
  • Organizing employee in internal groups for getting better results.
  • Listening and answering at the time of need.
  • Effective and persuasive respond to customer inquiries.

If you would like to know how to get better results in term of  sociability, speed and smarts for your organization or company, you should check out the Now Revolution book. The Authors are known as one of the best marketing speakers in United States. In their book they present some of their knowledge in marketing and business in general.


If you would like to know if they still perform these live events, get in touch with them at http://www.jaybaer.com/books-by-jay/now-revolution

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