The Now Revolution Book

The way we do business has changed forever since the advent of social media. Now the well being of a company cannot be measured in carefully planned initiatives and measured considered responses. Today’s business is about running off a near instantaneous response time and making the most of the limited information we have to work with.

The Now Revolution Book
The Now Revolution Book Review

It’s about making each and every customer a reporter and every reporter a customer as well. It’s also about making the most of every action and gaining more customers and clients every moment in real time. It’s about cultivating and capitalizing on a wealth of findable commentary of your services and products.

The time to make considered business decision is extensive and not a luxury that most companies can afford without facing an untimely extinction early in the game. Yet the business world is expected to adapt to this movement and you should too, or face being sidelined in the big games.

This is not a book on how to “do” social media. The “Now Revolution” discusses the ways you can reorganize your tools and system so that your actions and progress is truly making you money rather than an extra load that must be addressed. There are seven “shifts” that must be made to create a company that operates faster, smarter and more socially.

  • Engineer a New Bedrock
  • Find Talent You Can Trust
  • Organize your Armies
  • Answer the New Telephone
  • Emphasize Response-Ability
  • Build a Fire Extinguisher
  • Make a Calculator

The Now Revolution is all about illustrating the need for business adaptation from the ground up. The changes will affect the culture of your business as well as the functions and operations it employs. Consider this book the guide book to a new territory in the new era of communications.

My summary?

I began with the first of the seven shifts and half way through the section I began wondering what the final conclusion would be. This is because the topics were largely based on personalities in the company and their behaviors. I read on thinking, “and the point is?”

By the time I had arrived at the “Case of the Ritz Carlton” it all fell in place. Then, the book came to shift 2 and the topics were all about the team, culture and skill sets that each have a role in the company. The topics were increasingly more interesting when case study concerning thinkgeek.

The topics were increasingly more interesting after the Shift 4 section, but I won’t spoil the contents by delving in now. Y the time I had finished the third section or shift, I had a clearer understanding of where the authors Jay Baer and Amber Naslund were going with this.

The Now Revolution is not some handbook to making the best social media campaigns, but rather how the social media field is changing the business of today from the insides out. This is not just about humanizing a business, but humanizing the company that does business and to do this is to make the people feel like they are part of the company and working toward a common goal.

What I loved About the Book:

1. Information Flow

I thought he information flowed in a very intuitive and easy to follow. Jay and Amber provide a great pace as well as plenty of practical advice in easy to understand presentations. There are also plenty of tip boxes and concentrated capsules that can deliver the point of the book in easy to retain presentations.

2. Case studies

After tip boxes you will find case studies that allow the reader to see an actual example of this aspect in progress. This can provide a better idea of how ideas should be implemented.

3) Summary or little check box

The summary section is great because it allows the reader to see if they are truly getting the gist of the reading and moving in the right direction. There aren’t actually boxes to tick but you can still see the summary and make your own boxes as I did.

You should check out that video review as well, which I found on Youtube for you.