√ What Are Some Animals That Have 4 Letters in Their Name?

Four Letter Animals – There are several animals which are named with four letters in English. Do you know them? Some of them might not be pretty familiar names, but there is nothing wrong to know those animals better. 

4 Letter Animals 

  • Bear
  • Lion
  • Duck
  • Crab
  • Bull
  • Lynx
  • Wolf
  • Oryx
  • Anoa
  • Kudu

1. Bear

4 letter animals

Bears are considered as part of the family Ursidae. At the same time, it is also included in the doglike carnivorans or caniforms classification. There are eight species of bears which can be found. The habitats of the bears can be found in North America, Europe, South America, as well as Asia.

There are some common characteristics which can be found in the modern species of bears. The large body is included along with the long snout, stocky legs, shaggy hair, small ears which are rounded, short tail, and paws which have plantigrade types.

2. Lion


In the Felidae family, there is a species Panthera leo and people commonly recognize it as the lion. It is a type of big cat which has a deep chest and muscular body. The head is short and rounded. The neck is reduced while the ears are round.

The end of the tail has the hairy tuft. The male lion has a larger size than the female. Recognizing a male lion is pretty easy because it has a large mane. The lion usually lives in a pride which includes a few adult males along with the related females as well as cubs. The wild lion habitat can be found in Sub-Saharan Africa.

3. Duck


The word of duck is used for calling the animals which are included in the family Anatidae. The waterfowl family also includes the geese and the swans. There are several subfamilies which include the ducks.

The ducks which are known are mostly the birds that are living in the water. The size is mostly smaller than the geese and the swans. The ducks can be found not only in the freshwater but also in the sea water. Nevertheless, sometimes people have confusion between the ducks and some other water birds which are not related from coots to loons.

4. Crab


The crabs basically are the crustaceans with decapods which are part of the infraorder Brachyura. Typically, the crabs have the projecting tail which is very short and it is hidden under its thorax. People can find the crabs in the oceans all around the world.

It can also be found in the freshwater or even on the land. The exoskeleton which is thick usually covers the crabs. This animal also comes with a pair of claws. People might e familiar with some names of the animal which use crab within from the hermit crab to the crab lice. Actually, those animals are not included as the true crabs.

5. Bull


The term of bull is used for calling the species the Bos Taurus adult male. Compared to the female one which is called the cow, the bull is more aggressive and also muscular. Many cultures used the bull as an important symbol.

One thing for sure, there are various roles of the bull which can be found. It is not only about the dairy farming but also about the beef ranching. Various cultural activities also include the bull.

6. Lynx


The word lynx is commonly used for calling the animals from four species including the Bobcat, Eurasian lynx, Iberian lynx, as well as Canada lynx. They are included in the genus Lynx which is considered as the wildcat with a medium size.

However, there are two other wild cats which are also called lynx sometimes including the jungle lynx and the desert lynx although they are not included in the genus Lynx. Lynx basically has a short tail and it has characteristics of the black hair tufts on the ear tips.

7. Wolf


The scientific name of the wolf is Canis lupus. Nevertheless, people also recognize the wolf with other names such as western wolf, timber wolf, and gray wolf. It is a member of the canine which is living in the wilderness. This animal can be found in the remote North America and Eurasia.

The gray wolf has the largest size in the family. Besides, it also has the features which are less pointed so people can distinguish it easily from other members of Canis species. The mottled gray color is the predominant tone of its winter fur.

8. Oryx


When people talk about oryx, it means that they can refer to the genus which consists of the four antelope species which has a large size. The three of the species become the native animal of Africa. The fourth species can be found in the Arabian Peninsula.

Basically, the oryx has the pale fur but it is contrasted with the dark markings which can be found in its face as well as legs. It has a pair of nearly straight longhorns. A different characteristic can be found from the scimitar oryx after all. Nowadays, the survival of Arabian oryx in the wild depended on the captive breeding program.

9. Anoa

Anoa is an endemic species which can be found in Celebes island of Indonesia. There are actually two species of anoa which is also known as sapiutan or midget buffalo. There are the mountain anoa and lowland one which both living in the rainforest.

Although it looks like a mini version of water buffalo, the appearance of this animal is pretty similar to a deer. It is considered an endangered species with a decreasing population in the wild.

10. Kudu

4 letter animals

The kudu actually is the member of antelope, especially from the genus Tragelaphus. There are two species which can be called kudu after all. Tragelaphus imberbis can be found in eastern Africa and it is more known as lesser kudu.

There is also a greater one from species Tragelaphus strepsiceros which can be found in eastern as well as southern Africa. The shoots and the leaves become the source of food for the kudus.

When it is difficult to find water in the dry seasons, the fruits which have liquid and sugars like the wild watermelons is eaten by the kudus. In fact, the greater kudu is more dependent on the water than the lesser one.

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