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Types of Houses Pictures with Names – There are so many different types of houses you might not know about. Actually, you can categorize that in two ways, the unique architecture and the building structure. 

The house’s architectural style revolves around the style which has been planned while the house building is in progress. According to the depiction era or location, you will come across various styles such as modern, colonial, cottage, farmhouse, and more. 

What about building structures? It’s more about the house types rather than styles. It refers to townhomes, bungalow, castle, condominium, and many others. This page will provide you with 30 Types of Houses you need to know about.

Types of Houses Pictures with Names

1. House

different types of houses pictures with names

This is the ordinary types of property that are most people live in. It’s a popular choice as a house for a single-family. This type of building is built on a unique property where the other entire house is separated entirely from it. 

This simple modern house is located in Washington Pond Lake in Midcoast Maine. The vintage design of the exterior is symmetrically charming. The shiplap wall gives an outstanding character to the house. 

This house is a good example of an ideal house. When you have the property surrounded by a natural environment, this type of building with twin courtyard will work really well. 

2. Hut


This is a very simple one-story type of house. Originally, this kind of house is often built from cheap and natural materials like mud. A hut has been used for many years by our ancestors. 

Nowadays, many hotels or resorts use the style of a hut to their rooms. It gives an authentic feeling of the locals living inside a hut. As you can see, this modern Nipa Hut looks so traditionally unique. 

The real hut houses can be found in poor regions and places like Africa. They’re still living in huts to continue their tradition. 

3. Hotel

types of homes

Obviously, a hotel is not a house. It’s a building that offers rooms for everyone to stay with a daily charge. Usually, people stay in a hotel room for a short period of time when they’re on traveling for work or holiday. 

Each room in a hotel has its own bathroom and bedroom. Some famous hotels like Hyatt, Hilton, and Marriott have their own level of quality for their service. For higher quality service and facility, you need to visit the more expensive hotel. 

The typical hotel building is like this one. They tend to have many floors depending on the number of rooms. In order to be a hotel, it needs to pass many requirements and ratings.

4. Farmhouse

different types of homes

The term of farmhouse refers to the name of style, but rather to function and location of the house itself.

Originally, this kind of house was built on rural land with a family that runs an agrarian lifestyle. Many houses with farmhouse style were modeled after architectural styles of Colonial and Victorian.

People choose to have farmhouses because they need it rather than only a matter of design. This kind of building theme often features functional porches. It’s used as a transitional space for an inviting exterior. 

5. Dormitory

house types

The purpose of dormitory or dorm is quite similar to an apartment which is mostly used by students. Dormitories are specially built for students of college and university campuses. Some campuses have their own dormitories for a student who wants to get close to school. 

A dormitory is a large building that has many individual rooms which are usually called as dorm rooms. Most dorm rooms are shared with another student. The kitchens and bathroom are also used by everyone who lives in the dormitory. 

6. Log Cabin

different styles of houses

Originally, log cabins were built as one room without nails. Nowadays, log cabins or log houses are functioned as a luxurious getaway. This kind of building can be built in any location. But, it’s recommended and mostly found in a rural setting. 

The type of use can affect the beautiful look of log houses. Many log cabins are built with the type of wood that can handle the climate of the surrounding area. 

7. Bungalow


The term “bungalow” comes from the Bengali houses in India. It’s quite similar to the cottage style houses which had thick walls. 

Nowadays, people define a bungalow as a square-shaped small house that has a front porch which is slightly raised. Often, you can find a bungalow with a pitched attic roof that has a single dormer built-in window.

This building concept started being made in the early 1900s. Nowadays, the bungalow house can be seen all over the country. Many people don’t choose this house concept because they aim to have a larger type of houses. 

8. Castle

list of house

It’s the type of house that everyone wants to live in. It’s like a dreamy place to live. Castle holds great historical importance. Any ancient castle in the world has its own historical story. People would get easily fascinated when it comes to visiting some historic castles. 

Originally, the purpose of castles was not only to house but also to defend. Nowadays, castles become a part of the national historical site or museum. 

In the picture, you can see the ancient beauty of Craigdarroch castle. It took place in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. According to history, this castle was constructed in 1890. It’s a Scottish Baronial mansion in the Victorian era. 

9. Cottage 

types of houses with names

Cottage house refers to a small home that has stone or wood siding. The word cottage originally comes from “cotters”. It was a house where European peasant farmers live in. Cottage-style houses had thick walls and a high thatched roof. 

This white cottage-style house was built to be used as an extra room you can stay in. Many people use cottages as their vacation homes. This single-room small cottage is quite hard to deny. It offers such a comforting atmosphere.

10. Townhouse 


It’s one type of house that’s mostly found in urban areas. It’s commonly known as the row house. It becomes so famous in the early 19th century. It’s because of the financial benefits and limited space of the builder or architect of the past. 

The townhouse has this concept to allow the building to go up fast in a smaller area of land. Typically, townhouse consists of two stories buildings with its traditional layout. It’s completed with minimal lawn space and side hallways. 

11. Treehouse


There are a few people that might think of living in a treehouse. That’s the reason why this kind of house exists, although many homeowners decide to build a treehouse in the outdoor space of the house. It’s built as one of the backyard’s entertainment for the family.

Indeed, it’s a house that is built in trees. However, it’s not nailed into the trees. Treehouses are being built around the trees and then got elevated. It’s a fun idea to spend time inside this house. Your kids will love that. It offers a different experience of house living.

12. Mobile Home

different tyoes of houses

This is some kind of mobile structures that you can tow, although a mobile home is not designed to be frequently towed. It’s not the same as recreational vehicles we already know about. It’s an affordable choice of a house type.

Many owners placed their mobile homes on the rented lot or pad. So, they need to pay the lot regularly. It’s better for mobile homeowners to have their own property before acquiring a mobile home. 

13. Apartment


In America, an apartment means a home where you live in a separate home within a big building in which other people also have their own living space or home. In British English, it’s called a flat. It’s also often called an apartment block or a skyscraper if the building is so large and high. 

This cluster of housing units is different from a condominium. All units in the apartment are owned by one entity. Then, the units are given to the tenants as rented properties. On the other hand, the units are owned by individuals for a condo. 

14. Tiny House

types of homes


The word tiny refers to the size of the house. The tiny house has a very limited space which only lies within the range of 100 to 400 square foot. This type of house is very popular since people are now looking for a more affordable place to live. 

The cost of a tiny house is very cheap but it depends on whether you build it yourself or have professionals build it for you. It also depends on the materials of the constructions. There are tricks you can apply in order to make a comfortable living space in a very limited space. 

15. Igloo


Igloo is a shelter made out of snow and ice. The round dome-like shape is the special character of Igloo house. Originally, an igloo is built for people to stay warm and dry during the winter or in places surrounded by snow. 

Mostly, Igloos are built by Eskimos or native Inuit people. They build the igloos together for their home. They tend to build larger igloos that would hold more people and last longer. Igloos are also known as a snow hut or snow hut. 

16. Villa

types of houses in usa

This type of house was originally an ancient Roman country house for the upper class. According to history, the function of the villa has evolved considerably along with the fall of the Roman Republic. After that, it becomes a small farming compound.

Nowadays, the villa is considered as homes located in vacation properties or retirement communities. In most villas, you can find patios, terraces, or front gardens. A swimming pool is like the must-have element of a villa. 

Usually, the size of a villa is suitable for one family or more. It’s an individual unit of residence which has a fixed floor plan. Many people know the villa as the luxurious counterpart of a row house. People own a villa to be used as a vacation getaway rather than a home.

17. Terraced House

native american houses

It’s a tall but narrow house. On both sides, this type of house is attached to another house. It’s very common in European countries such as Germany, England, and Holland. You can find whole streets of the house that are connected to each other in one long row. 

As a matter of fact, terraced houses were built like that in order to share heat during the cold weather or winter season.

A terraced house is the option to save money for the homeowner because it’s usually more affordable. You don’t need to install a heater because this house can keep you warm. 

18. Palace


Many people would agree to a statement that palaces are used as a synonym to castles. However, there’s a quite obvious difference between the places and castles. Palaces are built as merely a residence. There’s no purpose of defending in building a palace. 

On the other hand, castles are built for both residence and defender. Palaces are luxurious pieces of property which are served to royalty and nobility. Sometimes, this kind of building is also used for government functions. 

Palaces are quite similar to castles but they are in no way less when it comes to the grandeur. Until now, there are still many royal families live in palaces. 

19. Mansion


The term “mansion” is used to describe a luxurious and large house. However, there’s no exact size that a house needs to be called a mansion. In fact, the real estate industry can’t give you any fixed detail about this. That’s why people have their own idea regarding how large a mansion should be. 

Mostly, mansions are owned by rich people like celebrities, successful businessmen, and royal families. A luxurious house needs to have a complete luxury facility in order to be called a mansion. 

It needs to be built on lavish grounds, entertainment facilities, dedicated leisure space, and superlative finishes.

20. Condominium

house america

A Condominium is just the same as an apartment. The only difference between a condo and an apartment is the owner. The unit in a condominium is individually owned. On the other hand, individuals or companies own the entire units of apartments. 

One other type of condo is called duplex. It’s a two-story condo unit that can either be formed by the joined two units or be built in the same way at the beginning. Another type of condo is called triplex. It comprises of three levels. 

The term triplex and duplex are mostly used in New York City. The definition of that term may vary as per the areas. 

21. Carriage House

houses around the world

The carriage house is also known as coach houses. They refer to houses that are built to the horse-drawn carriages. That’s according to history. Nowadays, carriage houses have evolved into those separate living units.

Usually, this kind of house is reserved for guests to stay or rental. For rich people, a carriage house was originally built as a private stable. One special feature of this house is the ceilings heights. On the ground floor, the ceilings are high which around 20 feet.

On the upper floor, the ceilings are lower. This type of households a similar appeal as lofts that provides large open spaces that usually have stunning architectures and decors. 

22. Victorian Architecture


Having a house with Victorian architecture will be so special for the homeowner. This architectural style has captured our hearts for more than 200 years now. The dollhouse-like feature on the exterior is what makes people fall in love with this style. 

There is some variance in types of homes with Victorian architecture. However, there are only a few defining features that tie them together. You will know when you see ones. One of the features is its exterior design. It tends to have the steep, gabled roofs and decorative woodwork. 

23. Detached House


A detached house is a stand-alone house for a single-family. This free-standing residential house is not designed for a multi-family residential dwelling. Most detached houses are built on lots of properties that are larger than the house itself. 

It gives more yard area surrounding the house. Most lots are used by the homeowners as garages. According to the real estate industry, a detached house is a single-family house that sits on their own property. It doesn’t share any walls with another building or house. 

24. Semi Detached


Compared to the detached house, what’s the difference with a semi-detached house? It’s also called semi-attached house. Detached means it’s not attached or joined.

So, a semi-detached house means it’s touching another building on one side of the house. Basically, a semi-detached house doesn’t have a property as large as the detached house.

25. Underground Living


This term refers to living below the ground. In this case, it’s a house that’s built into the ground. It’s an alternative to ordinary dwellings that are above the ground.

The structure you need to build for this type of house would be more complicated than an above-ground house. You should consider the structure of the soil and the surroundings. The electricity and plumbing would be another complicated problem to solve. 

You need to hire professionals and architects to do the calculation and design. So, it will cost you much more money to build this.

26. Contemporary Architecture


Many people would say that contemporary is essentially the same as modern architecture. However, the term contemporary only refers to the building styles of today which have various appearance and design. 

With contemporary architecture, it emphasizes energy efficiency, natural light, sustainable materials, and recycled materials. That’s what contemporary all about.

27. American Craftsman


Basically, the style of Craftsman is similar to Bungalow. American Craftsman style homes emphasize natural materials such as brick, stone, and wood. It features low-pitched roofs and wide front porches. 

Inside a craftsman house, you will find an open-floor interior concept that features some built-in furniture, exposed beams, and large fireplaces.

28. Types of Houses – Barn


These types of homes are the relic of American history and culture. The house design brings you to the country’s earliest days in the past. Obviously, barn house can be defined as a house with barn style or a barn that’s converted into a house. 

Barn house has a variety of styles. The modern barn houses have elegant structures that are suitable really wall for everyone with luxurious tastes. It’s a great long-term investment because it’s designed and constructed with great details. 

29. Prefabricated Home


Prefabricated home prefab home refers to those homes that are built in factories. This type of house is built in pieces which are shipped to on-site for assembling. Some prefab homes have a fully-finished interior and exterior. Some other homes have the final finishing on-site. 

Mostly, this type of house is built temporarily because it’s designed usually for people in the factories. It’s like the dormitory of a factory employee. 

30. Colonial Revival Architecture


There are many house styles that refer to colonial revival architecture. The Dutch Colonial, Georgian Colonial, and Federal Colonial are among the most common styles of a colonial house.

The colonial home contains a lot of vintage vibes you can enjoy. It’s pretty similar to the Victorian house that will bring you to the past eras of world war. 

This type of house was originated back in the 1600s. It is best known for its symmetry and it’s often characterized by evenly spaced shuttered windows. 

31. Multi-Family Residential

different types of houses pictures with names

We already know about the single-family home above. How about a residential that has many families living in? Generally, this kind of property is generally purchased for investment purposes. Condo, apartment, duplex, and triplex are some of the examples of multi-family residential.

All of those 30 +1 types of house pictures with names don’t cover the entire universe of living space. There are still some types of houses you might need to know about this page doesn’t compile based on the styles. Dealing with styles, there are a lot of types still remain. 

Finally, you now understand many types of houses. So, there will be no more confusion saying the wrong name of house types. So, which one deserves your style of living?

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