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Plant Stands – Plants have never failed to give good vibes to the space. No wonder many homeowners incorporate plants into the decorative items for their home. They also apply DIY plant stand ideas to accentuate the beauty of the plants displayed.

Plant stands play an important role in boosting the charm of decorative plants. Some plants like greenery or succulent are so small that they can be overlooked if put on the floor.

Therefore, they need something that can raise them a few inches of the ground so that their charm can be noticeable. Keep on reading to find 37 stunning DIY plant stand ideas.

1. Indoor Plant Stands

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This plant stand is a great combination of modern look and a little bit of industrial look. Instead of peg legs that are usually used to support a modern plant stand, three square dowels are used. They work like a charm and offer some semblance of modern style.

The plant stand is painted white to match the decor so they will flow into one being. A few tints of orange add nuance to the plant stand, enriching its look well.

2. Multi-Level Plant Stand

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Keeping many plants in the living room can add a lively lift immensely. Unfortunately, more plants mean more space, which is a little bit challenging for a living room with limited space.

The best way to tackle this problem is by making a multilevel plant stand. This plant stand, for example, is inspired by the design of a ladder. It consists of three shelves that allow you to display more plants without taking up lots of space.

3. Stairway to Luxury

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If your home implements vintage or Victorian style, this plant stand might what you are looking for to embellish your home decor. The design that looks like wrought-iron stairway will add an upscale look to the space.

Since it is a multilevel plant stand, you can put several plants on it without gobbling up the space. Just place this stand in one of the corners of your living room and let the plants awe your guests.

4. Corner Plant Stand Idea

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Do not let the corner of your living room or deck become stark. Perking it up with some beautiful and colorful flowers would be nice. To make the flowers become more exquisite, try arranging them on a corner plant stand.

This plant stand incorporates luxurious look into the space. It is made of wrought iron. The ceramic tiles add more colors and style to the plant stand.

5. Simple Indoor Flower Rack

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If you are not a DIY expert, but you want to have a stylish plant stand without making you short on cash, you can try making this simple flower rack.

You only need some boards, screws or nails, square dowels, and a little bit of your elbow grease to make this rack. You will only need to assemble the pieces to form a shoe rack. You will not use it to store your shoes, though. You will display your greenery, instead.

6. Small Round Plant Stand with Peg Legs

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Greenery is a must-have item when it comes to a Bohemian style. The more greenery you have as the décor, the better. To make the greenery look more fabulous, you can raise it a little bit using this round wooden plant stand.

This plant stand is quite short. Therefore, it will make a great adornment for your coffee table or side table. The small peg legs bring a little bit of mid-century modern style to the space.

7. Square Plant Stand


This is another simple plant stand that you can make yourself. The simple design makes it a perfect accessory for modern home like modern farmhouse style.

To make this plant stand, you will need some square wooden dowels, screws, paint or stain, and a tile. Since this plant stand is quite tall, you can use it to display succulent or dwarf sansevieria.

8. Crisp White Plant Stand

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Matching is a common way to make the home décor flow into one being. That is what you can see here. The DIY plant stands look great and bring harmony to the space because the legs match the white trims well while the tops complement the wooden floor and shade.

The three plant stands are thoroughly designed to create an artistic look. They are made in different height, but they are not arranged in a row which would make them look like a stairway.

9. Plant Shelf Ideas

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Growing some herbs in your kitchen is possible. It allows you to grab the herbs you need when cooking in a jiffy, not to mention the fragrance produced by the herbs that permeate throughout your kitchen.

You just need to make sure that the herbs get sufficient natural light. Therefore, placing them by the window is your safe bet.

However, the window sill cannot hold many herbs due to the limited space. Thus, you will need to make a stylish plant stand that can accommodate more herbs like this one.

10. Cheap Plant Stands

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These plant stands are on trend now. Luckily, making these plant stands is merely a breeze. You will need to get a flowerpot, poplar boards, and wooden dowels.

First, you have to measure the diameter of the flower pot so that you can cut the poplar boards the same width as the flowerpots. Then create two notches on the two pieces of boards so they can slide together to make an X.

After that, you need to make two holes on each dowel and poplar board. You are going to use these holes to assemble the pieces using dowel pins and wood glue. It is easy, isn’t it?

11. Bench Plant Stand

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Making a plant stand does not have to be arduous. If carpentry is not your thing, you can up-cycle a used bench to transform it into your go-to plant stand. If it looks worn, you can apply some coats of paint to renew its look and give it a second life.

This bench can make a great indoor and outdoor plant stand. Its design allows it to host more flowerpots.

12. DIY Outdoor Plant Stand

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Dress up your porch with this stylish yet easy-to-make plant stand. To make this plant stand, you will need four concrete blocks, two boards, and a tray.

Stack the concrete blocks and slide the boards through the holes of concrete blocks. Then, lay a tray on the boards. Finally, you can display your plants on this plant stand.

13. Sloping Plant Stand

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This unusual plant stand will perk your living room up. You can place it in the corner of your living room to make it less stark. If you like the design of this plant stand, you are welcomed to make it.

Making this plant stand is super easy. You can even save more bucks if you make it out of the leftover that you find in the storage room. Then, paint the plant stand the same color as the wall and baseboard to make them flow into one being.

14. Wooden Cubby Stand


This cactus fits snugly into the minimalist plant stand, making it stunning in simplicity. You will need some poplar boards and wood glue to make this cubby stand.

Before making the plant stand, you will need to measure the flowerpot thoroughly and cut the boards to size. Make sure you do the measurement precisely, so the flowerpot will float.

15. Wood Pallet Stand

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Wood pallet is versatile. You can make many pieces of furniture such as a chair, storage rack, coffee table, and even a plant stand out of wood pallets. More importantly, a wood pallet plant stand will not cost you a fortune.

All you need to do is just getting an old wood pallet, add a little bit of twist, and paint or stain it as you pleased.

16. Metal Multilevel Stand

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If you are looking for something sturdy and long-lasting, metals will be your greatest bet. Besides, they can bring modern, classic, or even industrial style to the space depending on the design of the metals. 

This metal plant stand is quite spacious with three levels that allow you to display more plants at once. With more plants adorning your home, you will get better air circulation. Besides, certain plants help you get rid of the odor. 

17. Multilevel Stand with Copper Trays

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This plant stand is not really fancy, yet it is functional. It consists of three tiers that you can use to display small decorative plants like cactus, boxwood, snapdragon, or sweet pea. 

The metal construction makes it a sturdy plant stand that you can use either outdoor or indoor. Each tier features a copper tray that will make your plants look more elegant and lavish. 

18. Upside down Pyramid

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This wooden plant stand will dress up your porch instantly. It fits snugly into the corner of your porch because you make it yourself. 

This plant stand is made of wood planks. It would be better if you can find some in your storage room so you can save more money. 

You only need to assemble the pieces to make a pyramid-like plant stand where you can put the smallest flowerpot at the bottom and the biggest ones on top. 

19. Black Matte Wooden Stands

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If you are a big fan of a modern look that features simplicity without compromising the elegant look, you can try making these three-tier plant stands. 

To make these plant-stands, you are going to need some boards and wooden trays. Assemble those using nails so they will be quite sturdy to host your favorite plants. And for the finishing touch, apply a couple of coats of black chalk paint. 

20. Classic Plant Stand

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This plant stand would look great in your Victorian or vintage home since it will accentuate the classic ambiance in your home. Even though your home adopts a modern style, this plant stand will incorporate a little bit of classic flair into the space.

This plant stand is made out of metal which makes it durable. The curvy accents add the touch of elegance to it. The boards are stained and distressed thoroughly to present a well-worn look.

21. Modern Plant Stand Ideas

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Many people are dying for mid-century modern due to its elegant and minimalist look. One of the most common adornments that you can find in a mid-century modern home is these plant stands.

Mid-century modern plant stands usually feature simple geometric design, just like these wire plant stands. The clean-lined design forms a geometric shape that makes them look bold. Combine these plant stands with simple white flowerpots to highlight the modern flair.

22. Mid-Century Modern Plant Stands

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These are other types of mid-century modern plant stands. Although they are not made of wire, they can still bring the modern look into the space, thanks to the simple design that denotes the style.

If you can notice the ubiquitous design, wooden dowels are the key because they can make a slim and simple plant stand legs that complement the peg legs of the remaining furniture in the room.

23. Beauty in Diversity

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The elephant ear plants, cactus, ivy, and Aloe Vera live together in harmony. The top parts of these plants peek through the wooden planter, creating a dramatic look.

This plant stand is actually easy to make. You just need to get some materials like some boards and wooden dowels for the sexy skinny legs. The boards have to be higher than the flowerpots that are put inside the box so the dramatic look becomes tangible.

24. Pops of Colors

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You have learned how to make a sturdy outdoor plant stand out of concrete blocks. Now, let’s take this idea to next level by adding pops of colors that will beef your porch or deck up.

You only need to stack the concrete blocks just like when you make the usual concrete block plant stand. What makes it different is you need to paint the blocks the color of your choice before stacking them and sliding the boards into the holes.

25. Plant Stand for Succulent

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This plant stand resembles a cactus standing in the desert. Therefore, it would be great if you use this plant stand to host your favorite succulent.

This plant stand has several branches with round tops that hold your plants in place. To create a dramatic backdrop, you can place a vine-like Ivy or jasmine on top so it can dangle a little bit.

26. Multipurpose Plant Stand

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Putting a vase with some beautiful flowers to adorn your stark coffee table is such a good idea. But if you are into a more minimalist look, you can go with a tiny planter with a Sempervivum or Burro’s Tail.

However, those tiny adornments may look awkward somehow. Therefore, you will need this multilevel wooden plant stand that will not only hold your planters but also your phone in place.

27. Repurpose Bar Stools

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Who says that to make a great plant stand, you have to be a carpentry expert? The best way to make a plant stand without breaking sweat is by repurposing the existing furniture, just like these stools.

They used to be cozy seats in your kitchen. Since you have replaced them with some new ones, you do not need them anymore.

Instead of storing them in the storage room, you can use them as nice industrial-style plant stands. You only need to repaint them if necessary and place some planters on them.

28. Rattan Plant Stands

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Add a little bit of traditional and Asian look to the space by incorporating in these rattan plant stands. You can find these rattan plant stands in the stores near you easily. You only need to get four plant stands with different height and add a twist to the design.

The first thing you need to do is arranging them in a zigzag style, then connect their legs using hinges. It will make them look like the miniature of a room divider.

29. Wire Plant Stand

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Wire plant stands are on trend among the homeowners that apply modern interior design to their home, especially mid-century modern homes. You can actually find these plant-stands easily. But, you can always make a cheaper one by up-cycling a lampshade.

The first thing you need to do is cutting the centerpiece that goes around the light bulb. You can do this with wire cutters. You might find some sticky adhesive on the surface of the wire. Don’t worry! You can remove it with Goo Gone.

Finally, spray paint your lampshade as you like. Then, place a flowerpot in it.

30. Minimalist Plant Stand

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If you like the concept of less is more; you should include this plant stand into your home decor list. There are not any sophisticated details that you can find here. All you can see is just four skinny wooden legs that support two round boards. 

This two-tier plant stand enables you to display two different plants at once. It is suitable for a modern home and Boho style.

31. Fancy Wrought-Iron Plant Stand

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This plant-stand will definitely amp your garden up. The curvy design incorporates elegant look to your garden. Since it is made of wrought iron, it is eminently sturdy and durable. 

To get a more fabulous look that can awe everyone who sees it, try growing colorful vines like roses or Bougainville on the top bowl so it can dangle dramatically. 

32. Modern Copper Plant Stand

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This no-fuss plant stand would look great if you put it in your modern living room. Just like any other modern plant stands; it features simple design with geometric shape. 

You can find it in a home-improvement store or nursery store. However, you will need to hack it by applying copper spray paint to make it look lavish and chic. 

33. Wooden Crate Plant Stand

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Wooden crates are as versatile as wood pallets. Therefore, they tend to be the favorite items for DIY addicts. You can up-cycle and transform them into various kinds of things including plant stands. 

To make plant stands out of wooden crates is just a cinch. You only need to sand them down, paint or stain if desired, and screw them to the wall to make them sturdier. You can apply distress technique to create a well-worn look. 

34. Classic Plant Stand Ideas

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Add the charm of classic ambiance to your home with this plant stand. It features a unique design that looks like a scooter with two classic wheels at the back. 

Instead of spokes that connect the center of the wheel with the outer edge, this plant stand features heart-shaped wires. It also features four trays that you can use to set down your planters. 

35. Outdoor Plant Stand

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If you think that the wall in your garden or doorway is too stark, you can decorate it with this stylish wall-mounted plant stand. 

The wrought-iron material would complement the sconces that flank your door. The curvy design will highlight the classic look of the porch. It is also your greatest bet when it comes to limited space. 

36. Geometric and Stylish

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A stylish plant stand does not always have to cost you a fortune. This one has proven that being stylish can be easy and affordable. 

This plant stand is extremely DIY friendly. You only need to make a round base supported with some legs. You can save more time by up-cycling a round cutting board. Then arrange some pieces of wood to hide the flowerpot away. 

37. Rustic Plant Stand

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This is another brilliant idea to get a plant stand on the cheap because you are going to up-cycle a wood log that is usually used as exposed beam. 

If you can get one in your storage room, you are lucky. Then, the next thing you need to do is getting two wire legs. Then, install them on each of the edges of the log. And, you are good to go. 

Incorporating plants into your home decor will add a lively lift to the space. You can take this positive idea to the next level by making these DIY plant stand ideas. Since they are DIY-friendly, your home will look better without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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