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Kayak Storage Ideas – If you have a kayak at home, you probably ever find that storage is somewhat a problem when it’s not on an operation. It’s because most kayaks are rather big and require lots of space to store. Unless you live in a house with plenty of space, you’ll need to know some smart tricks to keep it.

Fortunately, I have arranged 17 kayak storage ideas that allow you to make the most of your existing space. Not only is practical to save your Kayak, but some of the ideas below can also make it a part of your home decoration as well.

1. Kayak Storage Rack

kayak storage ideas

amazon.comThis kind of garage storage organizer is ideal for storing things away without having any difficulty to discover them again when needed. You can get this storage rack to keep your kayak collection in one place.

Since the rack is mounted on the wall, you don’t need to spare lots of space to keep your kayak away when isn’t in use. Plus, you can use the rack to save a number of kayaks at once. 

2. DIY Wooden Kayak Storage

kayak hanger

startkayakingblog.comIf you’re a creative type, you’ll sure love this idea. Creating kayak storage in the garage shouldn’t be difficult. This simple garage rack can be easily made from wood planks and bolts. 

Install the rack on the wall and you’ll get the best area to keep your kayak safe. This way, your collection of kayaks won’t hurt your eyes and take so much of your garage room. 

3. Outdoor Wooden Kayak Racks

blsc.on.caIf you can’t give up your garage space to store your selection of kayaks, consider creating outdoor wooden racks like shown here. You can use vacant space in your backyard to make these dependable wooden racks. 

But, you may need to consider using a tarp to protect your kayaks against animals, insects, and other things. 

4. DIY Kayak Wall Hanger

kayak wall mount

via pinterest.comFor kayak owner who has a lot of wall space, this idea is a pretty convenient choice. You can create the wall hanger by using tubing which is bent into the accurate shape to mount on the wall. Interestingly, you don’t need too many materials to create a functional wall hanger.

With one piece of pipe only, you can make two wall hangers. That’s why it becomes one of the kayak storage ideas which are affordable and easy. It’s also a custom solution which can be pulled together very fast. 

5. Smart Home Kayak Storage

kayak hanger ideas

via pinterest.comAre you looking for a smart way to put your kayak out of sight when it isn’t in use? You’ll surely love this idea. Instead of installing some hangers on the wall, you can get this kind of kayak ceiling rack to save your favorite item. 

This way, you don’t need to give up a lot of flooring space to keep the kayak when you don’t use it. The room in between is enough to store other kayaking basics as well. 

6. Wood Beam Ceiling Storage

beeyoutifullife.comThis is another creative way to store your kayak in the living room. This canoe is hung on the wood beam ceiling, adding a unique appeal in this space. Swap the canoe with your vibrant colored kayak to splash color on a white ceiling.

Since you’ll need to hang the kayak on a ceiling, make sure that it is sturdy enough. You probably need to avoid hanging your kayak from plywood or wobbly ceiling. 

7. Outdoor Kayak Storage with Shade

outdoor kayak storage ideas

via pinterest.comIf you have no choice but to store your collection of kayaks outside, consider this one of smart outdoor kayak storage ideas. This outdoor storage solution comes with a shade, so you can keep your kayak from direct sunlight or rain.

But, you may need to take additional cover to protect the kayak body from all sorts of weather or from animals and insects which probably want to use it as a shelter. 

8. Kayak Ceiling Hoist

barriersdirect.co.ukWhether you’re looking for a way to store your kayak smartly or easily, this idea will certainly interest you. This kayak ceiling hoist allows you to easily put and take it. You just need to pull the rope when you don’t use the kayak.

Interestingly, you can install this storage solution in a place where you can access it easily. You can fit it on your garage ceiling or other rooms you like.

9. Bedroom Kayak Storage

barriersdirect.co.ukGet a kayak on your bedroom wall? What an interesting idea for kayak lovers. If you’re a big fan of kayaking and want to include it in your bedroom decoration, you’ll sure love this inspiration. 

You can do mount your kayak on the wall over the headboard. Just make sure that it is strapping enough. But, never try to hanging a kayak from drywalls or plywood since this material may not sturdy enough to hold it. 

10. DIY PVC Pipe Kayak Storage

diy kayak storage ideas

sitons.comWith this kind of DIY kayak storage ideas, you’ll need plenty of electrical PVC pipes, duct tape, and tee joints. This storage idea can be easily assembled and hold up to four kayaks. 

Thanks to the design of this DIY rack, it’s very easy to take it apart when you no longer need it. Plus, it’s a relatively simple project to store your kayak properly both indoor and outdoor. 

11. DIY Portable Kayak Rack 

kayak storage rack ideas pvc

via pinterest.comThis DIY kayak rack is also made from PVC. It can store up to four kayaks, paddles, and other accessories you need for kayaking. Not only provides a practical storage solution, it offers good mobility as well.

With its wheels, the rack can be moved to wherever you want. You can save it in the garage or get it outside the room when it’s time to use the kayak. It also makes it easier to load or unload your kayaks when they’re transported on the back of a truck.

12. Homemade Kayak Stand

via pinterest.comDo you need a kayak stand for temporary storage solution? This homemade wooden kayak stand can be a good option for you. It’s not only easy to build, but is also affordable. 

To create this kayak stand, you will need some wooden pallets or planks. Then, you don’t need a professional carpentry skill as well to make this simple stand. For more stylish finishing, you can consider staining or painting this wooden stand.

13. Kayak Storage Ideas 

via pinterest.comThis is another simple yet unique storage idea for laying up your kayaks. Instead of creating the usual rack with rectangular frame, make this simple A-frame kayak holder.

You don’t need to spend so much money to create this kayak rack at home. With a few wooden pallets, you can make this storage without any difficulty. You just need to add rubber protection on the holders to protect your kayak elements. 

14. Enormous Kayak Storage

via pinterest.comIf you have a huge collection of kayaks, you’ll need a big storage to keep them. When your budget allows you to create an individual kayak house like this, it would be a great idea.

Among the other kayak storage ideas mentioned above, this one is the biggest. It is made from wood and has plenty space to store more than 20 kayaks at once. It would be perfect to display your collection as well.

15. Kayak Storage Shed

via pinterest.comEven though you don’t have any enough space inside your home to keep your kayak, you can always still find a way to protect it outside. Instead of leaving it hung on outdoor storage without any protection, why don’t you try this kayak shed?

This small storage shed can accommodate two kayaks. The materials used are very easy to find as well since you may only need some wooden pallets or plywood and a bunch of nails or bolts to put it together.

16. Kayak Rack Stacks Up

floridasportsman.comThis storage rack is meant to keep your kayaks off of the floor. It is pretty simple and able to hold up to three kayaks. If you’re looking to a kayak rack, I strongly recommend this design for its simplicity.

Besides, you can select whether to put the rack outside or inside your home. If you have enough flooring space in your garage, bring it inside for the best protection.  

17. DIY Kayak Holder

via google imagesThis wooden holder can keep the form of your kayak and work as a natural dampness defender. This idea shows you that heavy-duty rack isn’t always necessary because kayaks are usually lightweight. More interestingly, you can easily create it yourself in the garage. 

Those are some of the Best Kayak Storage Ideas to save your beloved tools properly. Remember to always clean your kayak first before putting in storage to avoid any mold or mildew growing on it. Hope these ideas helpful and good luck!

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