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Nautical Bedroom Ideas – Relaxing and calming are two words that perfectly portray a nautical-inspired room. If you’ve realized how amazing it may turn out to be, I’m sure you want to know the best nautical bedroom ideas to steal the look.

From coordinating blue and white palette to adding nautical decorations, there are actually a lot of ways to apply this style in your bedroom. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry!

Here, I’ve arranged a list of ideas to create a beautiful nautical bedroom or remodel one into this style. So, let’s check them out!

1. Paint It White

nautical bedroom ideas

classwidgets.comBring the idea of bright summer beach in your bedroom by incorporating plenty of white. Paint the wood paneling in white to create a charming beach-house atmosphere. Complement with charming coastal blue stripes for a calm and fresh look.

You can make the room less bland by displaying a decoration that contrasts the wood paneling like this framed ocean picture. Add warmth with soft accessories in woven textures or knitted. 

2. Infuse a Shade of Blue

ksassets.timeincuk.netMake your bedroom into something that you won’t want to leave with painting the walls in ocean blue. Combine marry steely blues with shingle grey to create a soothing rocky beach palette in your bedroom. 

Mingle oak furniture, lime-washed flooring and beach-hut style paneling to boast a peaceful look in the room. Plus, add a natural feel into the space with pebble-toned throws, tactile ceramics, and linens.

3. Opt for Nautical Bed

nautical decor ideas

decoteco.comNeed nautical bedroom ideas to build your junior’s room? Using a nautical bed can be a good choice. Not only gives uniqueness in the space, a nautical bed hints the style of the room too. Take a look at this idea to get inspired.

Everything in this bedroom has that rustic appeal. The walls and ceilings are painted in broken white while the wooden flooring boasts its natural grains. Adding a fresh and tranquil look is blue strips bedding.

4. Spread Out the Sail

nautical themed bedroom

kymrodger.comIt’s no secret that beach and nautical themes make a perfect choice for kids’ bedrooms since they’re fresh, pleasant, and timeless. If you have two kids in the same room, take this idea into account.

The pirate-like sail over the headboard complements the nautical bed very well, making it even more real. Not to mention the blue area rug under the beds, this hints a wide ocean. There’s no doubt that your kids will love this room very much.

5. Add Some Round Mirrors

nautical bedroom

flauminc.comThose hanging mirrors above the headboard remind us about boat windows. Then, the combination of white and blue palette on the bedding showcases the popular color scheme of a nautical room. 

The use of multiple mirrors in this bedroom is also beneficial if you have a small bedroom. They can help your small space to appear bigger. 

6. Introduce a Grown-up Charm

ksassets.timeincuk.netGet inspired by more striking shorelines and moody horizons and reinvent nautical style in your bedroom. Give your space depth by combining warm grey and stormy blue for a tonal scheme. 

To make it even more casual and cozy, add decorative items with spots, checks, and stripes. Complete the drama by adding a big photographic beach picture in black and white as shown here.

7. Take Advantage of Weathered Wood

ksassets.timeincuk.netGood news for you who want to remodel a Scandinavian bedroom into nautical style! You don’t need to change it too much to create a nautical-inspired scheme. Simply use textures and colors of natural coastal as your inspiration.

The rough warmth of weathered wood has become the focal point in this bedroom. Complement it with subtle pebble shades of light grey, stone, and sand to get a calming atmosphere. 

Finish the bed with wool cushions and blankets. All those natural and woven textures will stick out marvelously against pale grey walls. In case you like darker hues better, try incorporating red and navy in the color scheme.

8. Include Shabby Chic Style

nautical bedroom ideas

via pinterest.comInfuse shabby chic style in your nautical bedroom ideas to get this seriously calming space. This bedroom features loads of repurposed decorations including those vintage windows and door.

Instead of employing a brand new headboard, this bedroom uses an old door to reinforce the shabby chic style. Adding nautical touch in this bedroom is the coastal blue decoration on the bedside table and the dolphin over the headboard. 

9. Incorporate Life Preserver

via pinterest.comWith a nautical theme, you can incorporate touches from a wide variety of accent pieces. If you want to skip that usual piece like fish, sea glass, and sea shell, a life preserver can make a good point.

It is a unique piece that you can easily hand around your bedroom. Just like this nautical bedroom which looks so clean and modern with life preserver hanging above the headboard. Then, some shades of blue added here make it even more perfect.

10. Go with the Traditional

ksassets.timeincuk.netDress your bed with light crisp bedding in calming white and ocean blues to turn it into a serene retreat. Let the sea breeze blow into your bedroom through the whitewashed curtain. Then, finish the beach look with eye-catching postcard-style prints of sea world.

You can also install a floating shelf to display a wide range of beach-themed accent pieces. A framed photo of your last holiday on the beach can complete the decoration.

11. Bring in a Cool Wall Art 

homesfeed.comAdding a cool wall art in nautical or beach theme can make your bedroom looks fresh and beautiful. Steal the look of these nautical bedroom ideas to accomplish it.

In addition to the beachy wall art, this bedroom also has a lovely bed comforter which showcases rich ocean colors. To let you enjoy the ocean breeze, white lace window draperies are selected instead of a blackout curtain. 

For an airier appeal, opt for clear glass chandelier. If you happen to be a surfing lover, fit in your board to complete the bedroom decoration! 

12. Bring Mediterranean Memories to Mind

ksassets.timeincuk.netGet inspired from rustic Mediterranean villages for their idea of simple and natural beauty. Just like this cozy nautical bedroom which emphasizes raw beauty. 

The room is decorated in crisp white and marine blues, the traditional coastal combination to achieve that comforting island vibe. Giving a hint of sun-bleached sanctuary is the weathered door and driftwood accessories. 

13. Make It Inviting

ksassets.timeincuk.netWhat is the most important thing when building a bedroom? It is basically to make the space cozy and inviting. This seaside home makes a great example with its tempting window seat.

A joiner is able to make this window seat fit the window recess. You can also build a built-in storage with lift-off or hinged lid. 

The color palette plays a big role to make this room so much inviting as well. Mixing pale shades of blue and grey, this bedroom will become a welcoming retreat after a busy day.

14. Add Statement Curtains

prweb.comWhether you’re living close by the beach or just loving the initiative of bringing the beach to your home, this idea can be a good inspiration. 

This bedroom features classic sailor stripes on its curtains and throw pillows. To add a more beach vibe, hang an oil painting depicting a sea life. You can also add some subtle nautical element with a jute-wrapped basket or lamp.

15. Introduce Other Colors

nautical room decor

homesfeed.comIn addition to the classic white and blue, you can also include other colors in your nautical bedroom ideas. This kid’s bedroom makes a perfect example for you.

Blue, white, and red striped pattern can be seen on the rug and bedding. There’s also colorful bed cover that makes this bedroom even more fun. You shouldn’t miss the nautical-themed wallpaper as well.

16. Get Boat Bed for Kids

via pinterest.comNautical bedroom furniture is perfect for your kids’ bedroom. Not only offers a decorative value, it also allows your kids to improve their imagination and idea.

Get a unique boat bed like this to make his bedroom a fun place to play. You can decorate the bed like a real boat by adding a sail and including a life preserver throw pillow.

17. Bring the Right Furniture

homesfeed.comFurniture for nautical bedroom isn’t limited to those which come with special characters. You can also take advantage of modern white furniture like this.

This white furniture has simple and elegant design that allows you to incorporate nautical accessories easily. You can opt for beach-themed cover and throw pillows or add some glasses of sand to beautify your room.

18. Nautical Bedroom Ideas – Opt for Something New

hgtvhome.comWho says you can’t use other colors than white and blue to create a nautical bedroom? This idea proves that a coastal-inspired bedroom doesn’t always need to be in shades of blue.

This bedroom uses bold nautical stripes and mixes them with a soft color palette to give visual interest while maintaining its lighthearted look. Adding a beach-inspired look is the hanging lifesaver float on the wall.

Those are 18 ideas to make your nautical bedroom come true. If you’re remodeling, there’s no need to redesign the whole room. You can start with changing the bed cover or giving the bedroom some nautical accessories. 

Finally, you can steal the look of one or two Nautical Bedroom Ideas above. Hope you enjoy them and happy decorating!

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