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Baby Girl Nursery Ideas – Searching for some baby girl bedroom ideas is a part of things to do before welcoming the baby girl. So, you will set everything ready in time. 

The nursery for her should be styled and personalized. It will offer a warm, welcome room. There are a lot of styles and colors to choose from. It’s much more than just pinks and yellows. 

To help provide you with a beginning point, you can explore many adorable baby girls’ bedroom ideas that we’ve compiled. Each of the room has its own charm and special features. Feel free to pick the perfect nursery design for your loved ones. 

1. Baby Bedroom Ideas with Lavender Decor

baby girl bedroom
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Forget about Pink, Lavender has a way better looks for baby girl bedroom decoration. This nursery room is filled with ornaments that looks beautifully combined. The lavender pompoms on the ceiling will be a scene the baby sees every time. 

On the wall, there are some other simple matching decors that festive the decor of the upper part. On the lower part, there’s a purple rug that connects with the color of the bed drapery. 

2. Owl Nursery Bedding for Baby Girl

baby girl bedroom
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The character of a cute owl is quite popular as a decoration theme for kids and babies. The cuteness of the animal character aims to represent the cuteness of the babies. The wall decal design is just what every baby room needs. It’s full of color and matched with the furniture. 

Pink and green is not a popular combination. But, it sure looks great together.

3. Baby Girl Nursery – Ocean Theme 

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Obviously, this baby nursery is not specially designed for girls. The color scheme is a little bit more feminine than masculine. The color of the ocean like blue, orange, and green are in one place. On the ceiling, it’s painted with light blue just like the clear sky.

The chevron pattern on the blue curtains is matched with the winner of the bed. The flooring got covered by the orange carpet that looks in line with the wooden color.

4. Baby Girl Nursery Purple

baby girl bedroom themes
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It may be one of the best purple baby girl bedrooms. The stunning color of purple in this bedroom dominates the whole ambiance. The crisp white keeps the bold color for not being too loud in this baby room. 

The wood accent also plays a significant part as the baby girl nursery decoration of this bedroom. The purple wall is not left empty because a minimal amount of colorful decor already takes control of the situation. 

5. Bedroom Ideas Designed for the Princess

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The majestic design of this bedroom is full of magical decoration. It’s like the bedtime story comes alive. On the ceiling, there are so many butterflies flying around. Your baby girl will have a good time looking at those beautiful butterflies surrounding that vintage chandelier.

There are so many things happen in this room. It’s full of decorative elements. The concept of a princess bedroom is just what a lot of kids have dreamed of. 

6. Minnie Mouse Theme Baby Bedroom

baby girl bedroom theme
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The first time baby girl see this cartoon character, they will fall in love with immediately. This legendary Disney character is loved by many kids and adults. Having it to be the main ideas of the bedroom concept is the right thing to have. 

The soft blue wall that resembles the color of Minnie shirt makes the character and the scheme connects to each other.

7. Peach-Colored Nursery Room

baby girl rooms decorating ideas
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The color of peach is slightly similar to an orange. But, it’s not as strong as orange color. The big window in the middle of the room allows a lot of light comes inside the bedroom. That makes the peach wall shines perfectly.

Apparently, the name of the baby girl in this bedroom is Savannah. You can copy the design of this baby girl bedroom and change the letters for the name. A nice curtain on each side of the baby crib and the green decorative pompoms above it makes the space become so special. 

8. Coral and Teal Baby Girl Bedroom

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The color choice also makes a big impact on the mood of the room. For the baby room, designers tend to go with softer hues as the main paint color. Using pompoms is very common for minimal decoration of the room. It doesn’t give too much festivity to the room. 

It colorizes the upper side of this bedroom and it’s placed right above the crib that has a matching pattern to the pompoms’ color. Connections are somewhat important in achieving the best atmosphere.

9. Baby Girl Decor for autumn

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If the mothers are a fan of a certain season, they can just apply it as the theme of their girl’s bedroom. It doesn’t have to match the current season. Just have it to be what you love and make sure it’s baby’s friendly. 

In this bedroom, the representation of autumn is in wall paint and its wallpaper. There’s a sofa right on the corner for breastfeeding. It keeps both mom and baby comfortable. 

10. Simple Nursery with Coral Rug and Curtain

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Even though that coral rug and curtain are just the additional pieces of decor. They manage to become the main event of this room. The bright bold color really stands out in this grey bedroom. As you can see, the grey crib is still connecting to the wall’s softer hue.

The other furniture such as those drawers stays basic. The coral hue becomes a sudden attention stealer in this nursery. 

11. Baby Bedroom Design That Blossoms

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The main theme of this bedroom decoration is sweet flowers. The flowery pattern of the curtains is in line with the artworks on the wall. They both use the same color scheme. That’s the point of the artworks. They are there to balance the sweet pattern. 

Something about this room is just hard to ignore. The crib, chandelier, and the curtain hooks are using brass material. It immediately amps up the value of this bedroom design. The crib looks so expensive and luxurious. It’s sure to become the perfect focal point of this room. 

12. Shabby Chic Girl Bedroom

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When it comes to adjusting the styles, you have to attend to the detail. Consider every element placed in the room such as the crib, drawers, sofa, bed sheets, curtain, and a lot more. The key items for the shabby chic style are the color scheme, pattern, and decor items.

The lower shelf has two woven baskets that offer a shabby impact to this room. Other brown-colored pieces are the one that balances the basket. The vintage design of the sofa also made significant support to the shabby chic style.

13. Nursery with Navy Star Wallpaper

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The bold wallpaper will easily catch the attention of everyone. It has a simple but impressive design that will catch the eyes. As you can see, the wall is covered with navy star wallpaper that represents the night sky full of stars. 

The crib stands next to the wall. It’s designed to amaze the kids with its charm. The curtain color matches the navy wallpaper on purpose. It’s the way to spread the beauty of dark color.  

14. Cozy Baby Bedroom with Sakura Flowers

baby girl nursery ideas
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It’s one of the great baby girl room ideas you may find in this page. Instead of the common decors like pompoms, this nursery has cherry blossom flowers above the crib. Isn’t it amazing? It matches the wall scheme that’s emphasized by the dramatic lighting from the lamp. 

One more thing to mention is the gold crib itself. It looks so fancy. It’s well decorated with white sheets, drapes, and ribbons. 

15. Monochromatic Baby Room Ideas

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This bedroom design is very simple and common. What makes it so special is the lines and furniture design. Every important element of this bedroom for babies is outstandingly powerful. They have such classy design that makes this ordinary nursery become valuable.

It’s one of the baby girl ideas not pink you may go with. There’s no drapery, festive decoration, and even colorful items. All of them are kept simple and monochromatic. Probably, that’s what the mother wanted it to be. 

16. Gold and Black Baby Girl Room Ideas

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The black and gold combination needs to be accommodated by the white base. This bedroom has a unique combo of colors. The main scheme is black and white. Then, the furniture color so contrasts with the main scheme. 

The main furniture, like the crib and storage cabinet, are colored blue. That describes the inconsistency of the room. But, it’s probably just a unique touch from the designer in order to make the main furniture standout the most. That gold and black decor is something else. 

17. Soft Pinky Nursery Scheme

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This is exactly what every girl wants, Pink. The soft hues of pink are loved by kids and adults female. The hue makes an extraordinary feeling of calm and soothing. The small version of a chandelier is right above the baby crib. 

The crib stands at the place it should be. It’s the main furniture in the room. Having it in the center of the room would be very special. 

18. Animal Theme Decor for Nursery

If you are concerned about your kids to learn about animal since a little baby, you can turn the bedroom into this one. It’s a fancy bedroom designed that’s decorated by natural plants, animal dolls, and pictures. 

It will encourage the sense of adventure to your kids. They will learn a little bit about living creatures. This nursery is quite small and there’s a wall mirror that creates an illusion of space. That’s really clever.

19. Girl Nursery Bedding with Impressive Pink Decor

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The first time you see this bedroom, you will be amazed by how impressive does it looks. It’s filled with a pink scheme with a white base and black accent. Pink will always be stunning with white color because it really gave pink a great chance to shine. 

The pink flower pattern of the wallpaper makes the bedroom feel so alive. In addition, the pompoms cover the color used in the scheme. 

20. Simple Bedroom Neutral and Minimal Decor

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Even though the decoration item is minimal, the room is still looking fantastically charming. The pompoms are set high on the ceiling and the wall decor is decoratively simple. The rest of the items are in place to make this neutral room more impressive. 

21. Nursery with Extraordinary Ceiling Decor

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So many things happen on the ceiling of this bedroom. It’s done to amaze the girls while they are lying on the bed. Can’t you believe that it’s all light fixtures? There’s so many of them to dominate the ceiling. 

The middle part of the wall is filled with some artwork and wallpaper. A few cherry blossom flowers can make the day. 

22. Modern Decoration of Baby Girl Room

baby girl nursery ideas
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Making the bedroom design for babies so trendy and interesting is quite important. The design has to be friendly with babies and toddlers. The soft hues in this bedroom are accompanied by some textured items to keep the energy of the space. 

The rocking chair design is pretty unique ad minimalist. Two woven baskets with its original brown color in the shelf add some accents to the mix.

23. Wall of Drawings as Decoration

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When your kids are not using the crib anymore, you can switch it with this small bed. It’s specially designed for toddlers and older girls. The room has a wall of creation. If your kids love drawing, they can showcase their works on the wall like this.

You can fill the wall with all of their best drawings with pink frames. The drawings make a perfect personal decoration that makes your kids feel that it’s their own bedroom. 

24. Pink and Yellow Bedroom Scheme

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Pink is a lovely color for the kids. When it’s paired with yellow, it turns into an energetic combination. With the additional lighting from the outside, the room looks stunning and a lot brighter. Yellow is the color that can reflect the sunlight.

So, it’s ideal to have yellow in a room with a large window. The exciting combination of this bedroom’s color is separated by white. That’s the right thing to do because if there’s no neutral basic color the combination has a big chance to look weird. 

25. Contemporary Nursery with Pink and Black Accents

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The modern decoration style of this nursery is beautiful. The cherry blossom items, images, and colors are the main attractions of this room. The pink items accentuate the neutral color scheme and the black color is there to support pink.

This small room has a complete set of furniture and it contains some standout decors. The arrangement and size of the furniture wouldn’t waste a lot of space. With that much furniture, you can still feel comfortable about it.

26. Baby Nursery Ideas for Small Rooms

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Wall decor is quite essential when it comes to designing a bedroom for a baby girl. You have picked the right amount of decor that the room needs. It could be based on the color of the wall, style of the room, and the number of colorful items. 

For this bedroom, there is no other wall decor except the word “Maddie” on the wall with the first letter filled with flowers. On the lower area of this room, there are so many colorful items such as the red rug, blue crib, and another piece with a chevron pattern.

27. Nature Themed Baby Girl Room

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Adding plant into the nursery is a bit extreme and uncommon. Making the room using the tropical theme as baby girl decorating ideas may feel weird but it can be a safer option combined with other decors. 

It doesn’t have to the real living plant. You can have the fake tropical plant as a nursery decoration. In fact, the real one could be trouble inside the room. You have to take care of it almost every day. Also, the real plant will absorb oxygen in the evening; it could affect the respiration of the baby. 

28. Grayish Baby Girl Bedroom

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The color of grey is typically associated with meanings of sophisticated, formal, and conservative. It is actually a cool and balanced color. Compared to dark grey, light grey is the feminine choice in nature. 

In this baby bedroom, it uses light soft grey as the main color. The geometric pattern grey surely decides the stylish atmosphere in this room. 

29. Purple Butterfly on All Accessories

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The Purple butterfly seems to be one of the unique baby girl bedroom themes you can steal. All of them is products from Pam Grace Creations. From blanket to towel and bed sheets to curtain, all of them are in the same direction of the theme. 

Soft yellow can play along well with purple hues. So, it’s going to be an outstanding purple butterfly nursery. 

30. Yellow-Green Baby Room

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Want to have a baby bedroom that looks energetically natural? This is probably a great idea to suggest. Both green and yellow are taking advantage of each other. In fact, yellow is part of green color. As we know, green is a mix of yellow and blue. 

So, combining yellow and green is an easy task. Adding that large paper flower will emphasize the existence of this combination.

31. Nursery Full of Green

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Almost all of the decor items in this nursery are in green color. It offers a nice relaxing atmosphere all over the room. It represents the sense of nature right inside the room. It’s not an ideal bedroom for the baby. You can let the infant and toddles play inside the room. 

32. Baby Girl Bedroom Theme – Urban Design 

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With some cactuses, feathers, and brown cape, it will be enough to take you to somewhere with the hot weather and desert area. 

That traditional woven rug is in a perfect place that connects with the brown color of the cape, and log piece. The decoration on the wall successfully manages the perfect amount of the decor. 

33. Simple Baby Girl Room Ideas

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The bold green paint on the wall is the main attraction of this bedroom. The crisp white is the one that can light up the room that’s dominated by the bold wall. The orange pattern of the bed sheet turns the mid-century style into something more tropical. 

There’s a nice round mirror that reflects the light and it just colorizes the stunning charm of the green wall. 

34. Cute Baby Girl Room

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When entering this nursery, it’s like coming into the house with a different season. It already winters inside this room. With that big dandelion lighting and pastel flowery patterns, the whole atmosphere is so soft and calming. 

The furniture design is pretty basic the accessories and wallpaper that turn the bedroom into something else. 

35. Softer Pastel Blue for Baby Girl Room

baby girl nursery ideas
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This nursery is not specially designed for boys or girls only. This room is more universal than many ideas above. The softer pastel color will give a more soothing atmosphere for the children. The designer adds a nostalgic vibe into the room with that low hung chandelier. 

This soothing bedroom is filled with baby blue accents that could make the baby feel more personal. 

36. Purple Animal Accents Baby Girl Nursery

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This cute bedroom is definitely for baby girl. Choosing some cute animals and flowers combination as the main theme of the room is just perfect. The softer purple color offers a soothing environment for the babies. Keep the nursery scheme for not being too crowded. 

37. Unique Baby Girl Nursery – Glow in the Dark

baby girl nursery ideas
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It’s a very uncommon idea for a nursery. But, it’s worth having. It will really amaze the children seeing all of those stars on the wall and ceiling when the lights turned off. The kids won’t be afraid of the dark anymore. 

It’s not that hard to find some glow-in-the-dark accessories in the stores. You can also find it online with the desired shapes according to the theme of the room. 

All of those 37 baby girl bedroom ideas are more than enough to cover all you need in welcoming the baby. Make sure the idea you choose can accommodate the mother and baby’s needs. 

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