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Key Holder for Wall – In many cases, people were ready to go out but they lost their keys. Of course, they had real trouble. If you experienced the same thing, make sure there is a little designated space to be some creative key holders.

When it comes to key holders, you should determine the right spot for them. You must also decide between conventional key holders and multi-purpose ones.

Moreover, you won’t forget to hang the keys if the storage is unusual and attractive. We have featured key holders that are far from boring and will spark your imagination.

1. Wall Mounted Key Holder

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Looking for a unique key holder? Give this idea a chance. As the image shows, the key holder comes in the shape of the hand. The key is neatly hung from the index finger. Since it is long enough, you can put several keys.

Not only does it keep your key, but the holder also serves as the wall decor. It is so aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the key holder matches perfectly with the wall. Both key holder and wall offer a modern vibe.

2. Key Ring Holder

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If you fancy something cute and cool, this Lego key holder tugs at your heart for sure. It is made out of colorful Lego pieces. Undoubtedly, it creates a bold statement in no time.

You have to assemble the Lego and secure it to the wall. Unlike the store-bought key holders, it can be customized. Not to mention, it brings out your inner child and promotes a playful ambiance.

3. Key Hook Ideas

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This idea truly stimulates your creativity. It may be simple, but it seems super chic and elegant. If you dwell in an apartment, it could be a great addition to your living space because of its streamlined look.

The magnets are hidden behind thunderbolt-shaped wooden boards. Let your keys cling to the magnetic hooks. Finding the keys is not a hard job anymore. We also like the contrast between dark brown key hooks and white wall.

4. DIY Key Holder

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Are you crafty enough? If yes, make a key holder out of the unwanted materials in your home. For instance, you could use the blue vintage door hinge. A dash of creativity will lead to a shabby chic and functional key holder.

Here, the holder is securely attached to the white wall. An old key itself works as the hook. It supports and showcases your keys in an outstanding way. Needless to say, this key holder is budget-friendly as well. What else could you ask for?

5. Key Holder for Wall

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This key holder looks sumptuous. Perhaps, people won’t think that it is crafted from simple elements such as wooden blocks, sign letters, and hooks. Those pieces can be easily found at dollar stores.

Glue the wooden blocks together. After that, coat the hooks, letters and wooden blocks in gold spray paint. It adds a finishing touch to your key holder. This key hanger obviously will wow all your family members and guests.

6. Ingenious Key Hanger Ideas

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Are you a big fan of farmhouse design? You should try this idea at home. As seen in the picture above, an oversized wooden key grabs the attention. The key hanger lends the space a warm and cozy atmosphere.

It holds the keys and adorns the stark white wall at the same time. Be sure you drill holes first. They will accommodate the black hooks as well as the screws. Then, attach the hanger to the wall. This key organizer is ideal for your entryway.

7. Key Holder with Eating Utensils

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This is another brilliant DIY key holder. The inspiration undeniably comes from the kitchen. Instead of ditching your old forks and spoons, you can turn them into a one-of-a-kind key hanger. Replace regular hooks with those bent eating utensils.

To make your wall more enchanting, paint blocks of wood mustard yellow and teal blue. Mount them on white wall. The next step is glue on spoons and forks. You have got a stunning key hanger to keep the mess at bay.

8. Horseshoe Key Holder

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Prevent your keys from getting lost by making the organizational system from a horseshoe. This U-shaped key holder is not only magnificent but also adds a barn ambiance to your home. Plus, it spices up the bare wall effortlessly.

If you love high contrast, opt for black horseshoe. For the material, we recommend you to buy to the rubber one. It is more lightweight and affordable. You must secure key ring holder to the wall and hang your keys on its hooks.

9. Lovely Key Organizer

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This idea calls all animal lovers. The adorable key ring holder features a grey plastic toy elephant. You can get the stuff from the dollar store. It takes your key organizer to the whole new level. Most importantly, it saves a lot of money.

The miniature house offers whimsical vibes. A combination of pastel grey elephant and tiny white house is ravishing. This key holder surely seems excellent near the entryway of your home. It is too cute to resist, right?

10. Molding Key Holder

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You have the old wooden molding. Why not turn the junk into a key hanger? You can put your keys on it. This key holder creates visual interest and keeps the items organized. It produces a shabby chic look as well.

First of all, whitewash the molding. After that, decorate it with colorful miniature houses and tree. Stamp the name of your street on the key holder. Lastly, hammer rusty nails on the key rack. We bet you can hardly say no to this divine organizer.

11. Corner Key Shelves

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Short on space? No worries. Maximize your limited space with the help of triangle wooden key shelves. This is such a clever way to add storage in awkward and difficult corners. Your room also won’t feel cramped.

To get a modern flair, look no further than light-toned wooden shelves. They will hold your keys, sunglasses, bags, and wallets. Not only are they multi-functional, but also keep the clutter out of your sight. What a marvelous storage solution!

12. Wood and Lego

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This idea is exactly for a grownup with a kid at heart. The pieces of Lego work as a key ring holder. They come in as blue, white, red, green, taupe, and yellow. These colors breathe some life into the entire area.

Flat wooden boards develop a sense of rustic. Their grains are insanely striking. Meanwhile, the white-painted wall performs as the backdrop. This key holder definitely makes your life much easier.

13. Umbrella Key Holders

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These wall hooks are not monotonous at all. Thanks to the mini rainbow umbrellas. They inject a festive atmosphere into your home. Due to their appealing looks, we are sure that you won’t misplace your keys again.

Just hang them up on the wall and display your belongings like eyeglasses, keys, and headbands. The umbrella key hangers do not leave any trace because they adhesively stick to the wall. If you turn them over, they serve as the mini storages.

14. Mail and Key Holder

key and mail holder
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This organizer is made from wooden boards and planks. It teams nicely with the beige wall. Both key storage and wall lend the room rich textures. They emanate a soothing aura as well.

The initial letter stamp gives the wall holder a personalized touch. A trio of golden hooks keeps car and door keys in place, while a large slot houses your mails. Don’t you love this all-in-one storage?

15. Captivating Key Organizer

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In this version, the key holder employs a coral-painted wooden board embellished with a potted plant. It brightens up the space and brings an organic feel to the hallway.

The base of key hanger contrasts gorgeously with white backdrop. Meanwhile, the metal hooks allow you to hang the keys on. With or without your keys, this key holder remains as a showstopper of the home.

16. Hand Key Holder

unique key holder
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Searching for a mind-blowing key holder? This could be an inspiration. Here, the hand key storage is like a piece of art. Your keys and personal items will nestle in it neatly.

Moreover, the hand hook can be mounted to the wall and the other surfaces with ease. If the space at your dwelling is at a premium, paint your walls white. Pair them with white cast concrete hand key holder. They will open up the room.

17. Light Switch with Antler Key Organizer

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Do you want something rustic and aesthetic? You must steal this idea for certain. In the image above, the cast iron key holder looks like the actual deer antler. We suggest you coat it in white paint. It will lead to color coordination.

Eight antler branches on mounting base help organize the keys, sunglasses and the other tiny accessories. They gracefully develop a touch of country charm too.

18. Classic Key Rack Ideas

diy key holder
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This wall key holder is absolutely fabulous. The monochromatic mirror frame matches awesomely with vintage license plates and rusty screwdriver. They remind you of old memories.

As you can see, the keys are dangled from the screwdriver. Meanwhile, the license plates support mails, books, and magazines. Tidying up the things does not sound challenging, right?

19. Wooden Slice Key Rack

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Adore rustic design? Chances are this idea wins your heart. In this example, the practical key holder is made from a wooden slice. It exhibits rugged beauty and adds texture to the space. Plus, it would be a nice feature in a modern farmhouse.

You can also notice the etched initial letters and love sign. They personalize your key rack for sure. A set of wooden hooks complement the key holder. They are perfect for putting on the door and car keys.

20. Owl Key Ring Rack

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If you want to save your money, craft a key holder that doubles as the wall ornament. Here, the rustic organizer does not only prevent you from misplacing your keys but also titivates the hallway.

Three owls on the wooden slab key rack take the cuteness to the next level. Meanwhile, old metal hooks go really well with the wooden organizer. Despite its unpretentious style, this key rack can change the way your room looks.

21. Lego Key Holder

key holders
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There are a whole bunch of keys in your home. You can tackle the clutter by building a Lego key organizer. Aside from letting you have fun, this key rack will channel your inner youth.

Grey base allows blue, yellow, and red Lego pieces to catch the eye. Moreover, the keys sign is also made out of Lego. You must be so proud of hanging the Lego key holder on your wall.

22. Gorilla Key Hook

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If you love multipurpose stuff, go for a gorilla key holder. This magnetic key keeper can cling to any metal surfaces like your refrigerator. Besides, it serves as a handy bottle opener.  

In this picture, the black gorilla seems like it climbs the refrigerator and steals the keys. The hand of gorilla holds nearly all sizes of your keys. We guarantee every time you arrive home, you know where to store them.

23. Cool Key Holder

key holder
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Sometimes, you forget to place your keys because the holder is uninteresting. That’s the reason you must give this genius idea a shot. All you need to make the funny key storage are a tennis ball, box cutter, screw, scissors, and eyeball brads.

Insert your keys into the mouth of tennis ball holder. You can hang small accessories too. Well, we can’t deny that this key keeper is super adorable.

24. Wooden Fence Key Rack

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The reused wooden fences bring a touch of nature to the key organizer. They also offer the rustic splendor, warmth, and homey atmosphere. Here, the key organizer is totally handcrafted to perfection.

As seen in the picture, the sunglasses, name tags, and keys are suspended from the hooks of wooden fence rack. Meanwhile, the blue wall evokes a cozy cottage feel.  

25. Key Hanger with Wooden Beads

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This Scandinavian-inspired key holder is girly and fashionable at the same time. Thanks to the stringing wooden beads. Not only are they cute, but also carve the modern aesthetic.

A combination of black decorations and light-toned wooden pieces is beyond divine. The pastel grey wall allows the key hanger to steal the spotlight.

26. Woodland-Themed Key Organizer

key holder for wall
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If you are a nature lover, this idea is a must-try. Since the key hanger features colorful woodland, it helps rejuvenate your space. Other than that, it turns the entryway into an artsy zone.

You can also spot four white hooks. Here, the rule is one hook for every key ring. The wide space between one hook to another helps you find the keys easier.  Additionally, the camel-painted wall pairs splendidly with key holder.

27. 3D Key Hook

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As the picture shows, the wall-mounted key holder is shaped like a real human palm. This cast concrete key keeper gives your area definition, visual effect, and modern charm. It doubles as intriguing home decor too.

Light-toned wooden base and grey key hanger make a delightful pair. The finger is the holder of your keys. Say goodbye to frantic moments!

28. Plug Key Holder

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This idea is easy yet remarkable. As the name suggests, the key rack is crafted out of faux power outlet. It comes with wooden key chains. To store your keys, you must plug them into the outlet.

You just need to fix the key holder on the wall before using it. Once the storage gets mounted, it keeps your door keys intact. Organizing the keys couldn’t be quicker.

29. Axe Key Hanger

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Whether you are a firefighter or not, this axe key holder is a powerful way to show your pride. It successfully defeats dullness. Moreover, this homemade key rack is also a perfect addition to the fire department’s office.

Here, the key storage is securely attached to the wall. Not to mention, it promotes a masculine character and an industrial chic. Metal hooks on the axe holder manage the keys tidily.

30. Engineer and Rock Climber

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If your close friends are an engineer and rock climbing enthusiast, these two key holders would be an impressive gift. For certain, you will see wide smiles on their faces as you give them unique key organizers.

Furthermore, the hangers make your tiny accessories and keys standout. They also keep your white wall from looking lifeless. When you put the keys on holders, they transport you to the mountainous area and great outdoors.

31. Cat Key Holder

cool key holder
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Are you and your family cat people? This idea is obviously for you. The lazy endearing cat will sleep all day. But when you get home, it takes the keys away from you. It is such a functional key organizer and sweet wall decor.

The dark brown cat key holder goes well with the whitewashed wall. It also emanates an intimate ambiance throughout the entryway. Mount the cat key hanger on the wall and leave your keys there. Now, you won’t misplace them again.  

32. Key Cabinet

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The wooden key cabinet is an ideal home for keys and the other items. In this case, the holder features 18 key hooks to make the organization more convenient. Plus, there is one slot to store your money.

Unlike the other key holders, this one is lockable. That means you can lock it up to ensure your property remains in one place. Besides, it gives your interiors added textural contrast and a rustic appeal.

33. His and Hers

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All key hangers are functional and practical. However, you cannot distinguish your own keys from your spouse’s. On most occasions, you take the wrong keys. This key organizer helps you overcome the problem with ease.

The dark grey key holder fits in both a modern farmhouse and cottage-style home. White text and dog paws on it bring an extra cuteness to the whole room. Just secure it to the wall near your front door and put key rings on the hooks.

34. Vintage Frame as Key Holder

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Old is gold. We couldn’t agree more with this saying. As you can see, the distressed wooden picture frame serves as a striking key organizer and wall art. It employs small metal hooks to support the key rings.

You can also paint your vintage rectangular photo frame in your favorite shade. Feel free to decorate it with beautiful artificial flowers if you desire.

Here, the contrast between white antique key holders with the maroon wall is incredibly terrific. All keys also look elegant and classy on the wall.

35. Family Key Hanger

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This wooden log slice key holder is not just lovely, but also stylishly rustic. It keeps your family’s keys in one place with endless love. The golden metal hooks on it lend the room a sense of luxury.

Moreover, the rose pink wall is such an exquisite backdrop for the key hanger. It really softens the room’s look and produces a feminine feel.

Put the name of your family on the log slice key holder. In addition, you can personalize the key organizer with a quote about family or whatever you want to write on it.

36. Unique Key Holder

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If gardening is in your blood, this idea surely fascinates you. Garden rake is normally for gathering fallen leaves. But, you can transform your rusty rake into a useful key organizer. It makes the keys neat and accessible.

The rake head key holder stands out against the pale yellow wall. Car and door keys are tastefully dangled from blackened metal hooks. When you are running late, you can spot the keys in a split second.

37. Wooden Mountain Key Hanger

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You often miss your keys. Solve the problem by creating a mountain key rack from short wooden planks. No matter where you live in, this two-tone key holder allows you to see beautiful ridgeline.

Furthermore, it doubles as trendy home decor and accentuates the wall. It is such an exciting way to organize your smartphone, sunglasses, and keys. We promise it will impress your guests as they step into the hallway.

The creative key holders ideas are almost limitless. If you feel a bit overwhelmed after reading this article, choose the one that suits your hobby, personal taste, and budget. Just make the key rack uniquely you.

With these creative keychains at home, you don’t have to worry about finding your keys again. We can also customize exquisite key chains, which are perfect decorations to prevent keys from being lost when you take them out. Custom keychains can customize any elements and patterns you like. Also makes a perfect little gift to your friends

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