37+ DIY Hat Rack Ideas to Help You Stay Organized

Hat Rack Ideas – Hats are such functional and trendy fashion items. They save you from a bad hair day. Furthermore, wearing a hat is an easy way to protect your head from the harsh sun. It is no surprise that you love them and become a hat collector.

However, hats can create a mess if you have no place to stow them. That’s the reason you must incorporate a hat rack into your home.

Hat Rack Ideas

We have gathered some hat rack ideas that won’t break your bank. Most importantly, they are easy to do. Without further ado, let’s dive into these!

1. Dinosaur Wall Hat Racks

hat rack ideas

Your son’s hats start occupying the space. Why not hang them on cute hat racks. Take a cue from his favorite thing. If he likes watching dinosaur cartoon, you can steal this brilliant idea. We promise the hat racks let his imagination run wild.

All you need are dinosaur toys, saw, spray paint, poplar wood strips, band saw, wood screw, and drill. The band saw is for cutting the mini dinosaurs into halves. Do not forget to paint the poplar strips lime green to grab his attention.

2. Wall Mounted Hat Organizer

calesnyd via pinterest.com

This idea is great for you who only have a few hats. As you can see, the design of the hat organizer is simple yet stylish. It would be a nice addition to modern and minimalist homes for sure.

The hat rack gives your room a sense of rustic and homey atmosphere. It contrasts nicely with the white wall. Meanwhile, thick wooden hooks work to support the hats. You can install it near your front door to make the hats within reach.

3. Cowboy Hat Rack Ideas

cowboy hat rack ideas
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You are extremely in love with cowboy hats. Instead of allowing the hats to take over your space, you must build a proper organizer. Not only does it keep your cowboy hats neat, but also doubles as a classic decor.

In this example, the hat hanger is made from reclaimed barn wood board and planks. The antique metal bull, starfish, and hooks bring you back to the 19th century. Plus, the cowhide on hat rack evokes a farmhouse feel.

4. Golf Club Hat Hanger

unique hat rack ideas

Are you a true golf lover? Give this idea a chance. You can transform your golf club into an unusual hat organizer. It keeps the clutter out of your sight and produces a luxurious touch at the same time.

Simply fix your golf club on to the wall. After that, add metal hooks to it. They pair perfectly with the golf club. Now, you’ve got a fabulous rack to display your golf caps.

5. Monochrome Hat Stand


If wall-mounted hat hangers are not right up your alley, this hat stand is going to fascinate you. Even though the stand is quite outdated, it could be a delightful addition to your dead corner.

For the color, we recommend you to choose black. It works really well with any design and shade. The blackened metal hat stand and white walls set a traditional appeal with a modern twist. Black and grey hats rest elegantly on the stand.

6. Coat and Hat Rack

hat rack

This hat organizer is multipurpose. You can put your hats and big coats away. Moreover, the hat rack is sturdy because it is made of mahogany wood. For easier access, place it in your mudroom or hallway.

Here, the multi-functional hanger features nine black steel hooks to hold the coats. Even, it is able to handle other things like handbags, umbrellas, and jackets. Meanwhile, the open shelves are homes for your hats.

7. Cake Stand as Hat Holder


Take a look at those racks! They are so unique and appealing. For you who have a few hats, this idea is a go-to option. The old wooden two-tier cake stands serve as hat racks.

Furthermore, they provide understated beauty and rustic edginess. You can put the hat racks on a timeworn wooden table. Both the table and hat holders inject coziness into your home.

8. Pallet Hat Organizer

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The entryway should express your personal taste. If you can’t decide between vintage and rustic styles, give this idea a try. As shown in the picture, the wood pallets make for a stunning hat rack and wall ornament.

There are antique iron hooks on wood pallet hat organizer. The pallets themselves contrast mesmerizingly with the white wall. Once the rack gets attached to the wall, you can hang your beach hats on it.

9. Hat Hanger for Small Space

hat hanging ideas
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Are you short on space, but long on accessories? Do not worry. These two-layer racks help you organize your hats without taking up much space. You can either mount the hangers on the wall or place them inside the wardrobe.

The long thin steel rods lend your room an industrial aesthetic. Meanwhile, the plastic rings manage all your hats. Be sure you paint the wall cream. This shade prevents the area from feeling cold and uninviting.

10. Hanging Hat Rack with Clothespins

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If conventional hat racks do not win your heart, you can try this idea at home. The grey, dusty pink, cream, black, beige, and woven sun hats pop against the white backdrop in a gorgeous way.

To create these lovely hat racks, you need metal wires and clothespins. Stretch the wires on the wall. Use the clothespins to hang your sun hat collection. Lastly, spruce up your room with potted indoor palm trees.

11. Horseshoe Hat Rack

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This is another outstanding cowboy hat rack. As the name suggests, the hat holder consists of fully welded horseshoes. Since the organizer is powder coated, it has long durability. It fits nicely in a modern farmhouse or traditional home.

In this case, the horseshoes are pre-drilled, so you can attach them on the wall using screws. The hanger offers ranch style, while the natural stone bricked wall allows the cowboy hats to steal the show. Don’t you want this hat rack?

12. Hipster Hat Organizer

hat organizer
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Sometimes, chic comes from simplicity. That’s why you must integrate these hat holders into your room. All you have to do is just nail the hooks to the wall. The project couldn’t be easier.

Make sure you secure the hooks to your wall orderly. This aims to produce a neat-looking rack. Do not forget to measure the gap between each hook as well. Unexpectedly, your hats turn into wall decorations.

13. Pegboard as Hat Wall Display

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If you are swooning over this hat rack, we are as well. It is such a great fit for your hallway. Not only does it keep the mess at bay, but also showcases your hat collection in a super chic way.

First of all, mount the pegboard on the wall. After that, install the hooks to its surface. Choose neutral-colored display board as it lets your hats take the center stage. Every time you come home, you can leave the hats there.

14. Wooden Wall Hat Rack

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Love doing a DIY project? You could craft this hat hanger on the weekend. The base is made of wooden board. Then, there are wooden hooks and antique metal horseshoes that complement the hat rack’s base.

This simple wall-mounted hat organizer holds up to three cowboy hats. It carves a rustic character and homey atmosphere at once. Meanwhile, the ivory wall promotes a calm environment.

15. Brass Hat Holder

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Undeniably, this brass hat rack is drool-worthy. It lends your space a glamorous air and an industrial edge. Other than that, your cowboy hats look enchanting, stylish, and organized.

The metal c-shaped hooks work to support cowboy hats as well as magnify a rustic-industrial feel. Exposed wooden beams give the area rustic character and warmth. Both the ivory wall and cream floral-patterned curtains complete the look.

16. Mirror as Key Hanger

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Dreaming of a beach vacation? This idea is definitely for you. Here, woven straw sun hats cling to the hooks that are on the wooden mirror’s border. Those beauties exude a coastal vibe.

The full-length mirror itself leans against the white wall. When you look at yourself in the mirror, it always reminds you of fun summertime. Lastly, the potted big leafy plant brings a breath of fresh air to the whole scene.

17. Single Hat Rack

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Dwell in an apartment? You must apply this idea to your living space for sure. Unlike the other ideas, it focuses on organizing your hats horizontally. Since you only use one rack, it does not take a lot of wall’s space.

The hat rack contributes to a classic appeal. Installing this hat holder offers an inviting ambiance too. However, you only see the front hat; the rest of your collection is invisible. The area seems so elegant. Thanks to salmon pink wall.

18. Hat Rack with Wooden Dowel

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Having a pocket-sized room means every inch is at a premium. To minimize your expense and maximize the space, you can attach a practical hat rack to the wall in the tiny designated area.

In this picture, the dowel pairs perfectly with frames of the door. The round metal rings support your hats. This unpretentious hat rack keeps your hanging hats in the same spot and helps you live a clutter-free life.

19. Entryway Hat Rack

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If you are a great rustic fan, include this hat organizer into your home. It features edge-live wood slab and five metal hooks. You can display hats and the other small accessories on the hooks tidily.

Since the hat holder is rugged, you need to put your environment into consideration. That means it goes magnificently with rustic-style room. On the other hand, it does not belong to modern and minimalist homes.

20. How to Make Twig Hat Hanger

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The one pictured here is an aesthetically pleasing hat rack. The hat organizer brings the outdoors indoors. It is made of affordable materials. You can find tree twigs on the ground and buy wooden planks at dollar store.

First thing first, create a frame from the planks. Fix the twigs inside the wooden frame using glue gun. You’ve got one-of-a-kind rack to hold your denim jacket, hat, and necklace. Plus, pale coral wall adds a sweet oomph to the zone.

21. Baseball Hat Rack Ideas

baseball hat rack ideas
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Your teenage boy likes playing baseball. Why not craft a baseball hat rack? Seven reclaimed wooden planks lead to a rustic base. Instead of using regular hooks, you should attach a bunch of baseballs to the wooden base.

The hanger keeps his snapbacks and baseball caps from cluttering the area. The bottom half of the wall is painted navy blue. The top half is coated in white paint. We promise he feels so lucky having the uber-cool hat rack and bedroom.

22. Vertical Hat Holders

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You have so many hats. They start taking up your floor space. There is nothing better than fastening the unfinished wooden hat racks vertically. Thanks to them, your ceiling seems higher than it is.

The hat holders also promote a rustic flair. They team splendidly with the white wall. Moreover, they feature 24 hooks in total to handle your hats. Not to mention, they let the bold hats be the center of attention.

23. Hat and Coat Rails

hat storage ideas
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A huge collection of your hats could be the real trouble if you don’t organize them properly. Instead of storing the hats inside your drawers, we suggest you display them in the open hat racks.

This hat hanger idea employs pastel grey toy rails. The hooks on the rails are the homes for your colorful hats. Duck egg green wall serves as the perfect background. Plus, it gives the area a welcoming aura.

24. DIY Hat Rack Ideas

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Looking for easy-to-do hat rack project? This one is the best way to go. Here, the hat organizer is unique and impressive. It would be a wonderful fit for your rustic home. In addition, it does not seem overly crowded.

Despite its minimal look, the hat rack is beyond marvelous. It doubles as the wall embellishment. First of all, you must tie four ropes to a thin metal stick. Then, hang your hats on the ropes using clothespins.

25. Baseball Bat Peg Hat Organizers

baseball hat rack
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This idea calls all baseball freaks. If you are one of them, make sure you give it a glance. All you need to do is turn your baseball bats into the hat racks. They are both functional and captivating.

Bear in mind that the hat organizers must employ wooden peg hooks. They work to manage your favorite caps. The hat racks fit amazingly in a baseball-themed bedroom. Do not forget to hang baseball bunting flags on the wall.

26. License Plate Hat Rack

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Most of the time, your hats are thrown here and there. But when you want to wear hats, you should search them out in the entire house. Mitigate the clutter by having hat holders made out of vintage license plates from different states.

As seen in the picture, colorful license plate hat racks feature steel hooks to put on the hats. They are such tasteful addition to a man cave. Other than that, they offer an automotive touch and rustic charm.

27. Framed Hat Hanger

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Are you a baseball lover? If yes, look no further than this creative idea. The framed hat organizer is a good friend of a small wall. We believe you can create it with ease due to its simplicity.

This hat holder certainly personalizes your room. The hats hang on the camel-colored base. Meanwhile, red frame pops against the white wall. There are also hangers on the wall that display your baseball outfits. What a superb space!

28. Wall of Hooks

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This is a true no-brainer idea. You just buy the hooks. The number of hooks depends on your hat collection. Then, nail the hooks to your wall’s surface in an ordered way. These super simple racks make your hat organization much easier.

Moreover, we recommend you to include them in your entryway. Your hats double as home decorations. We are sure that they will catch everybody’s attention. Place plush toys on a wooden table to add a little extra cuteness.

29. Nautical-Themed Hat Rack

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If summer is your favorite season, this hat organizer definitely will attract you. It seemingly welcomes the summer. The blue-and-white fabric hat rack keeps the clutter and monotony at bay.

Furthermore, ivory wall lets the nautical hat holder steal the show. The wooden dowel and woven wicker sun hat complement hat rack. They inject a beach vibe into the area too.

30. Family Hat Holders

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Do not get stuck with boring hat hangers. Here, we have an ingenious idea for your family. Instead of displaying all your hats on a rack, you could keep them separated by attaching three hat holders with name signs to the wall.

Definitely, they are so funky and terrific. For male family members, you can choose black hat racks. Meanwhile, the female ones opt for maroon hangers. We promise you and your children can distinguish the hats quickly.

31. Stackable Hat Rack

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Your teenage boy’s hats can cause an unwanted mess. You can clear up the clutter with this practical and charming hanging hat rack. As the picture shows, it is made up of 12 hooks. Plus, it does not eat a lot of wall space.

You have to stack up his hats and hang them on the black wall-mounted rack. The white wall works as the perfect backdrop for the colorful hats. Every time he arrives home, he knows where to store them.

32. Industrial Hat Hanger

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Love industrial design? This idea is going to tug at your heart. To craft the stylish hat holder, you need some requirements such as metal rod, round loops, and support brackets. They promote an industrial chic.

The wall is painted cream. It takes the chill off metallic hat rack. Since the project is not time-consuming, you should apply the idea to your living space soon.

33. Kids Hat Rack

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Simplicity is king. The picture is the real proof. As shown in the image, white hat organizers keep the area from looking cluttered. They also expand the area and convey openness.

First of all, install hooks on the surfaces of white-painted wooden boards. The next step is securing the boards to the wall using screws. Now, your kids have got hat racks to organize their satchel bags and hats.

34. Traditional Hat Rack

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If modern-style hat hanger is not your cup of tea, this idea could be your option. The project is not complicated at all because it only requires iron rod and steel hooks. They produce a vintage ambiance.

The hats are tidily dangled from the hooks. Moreover, the black iron hat rack matches awesomely with pastel grey wall and the whole atmosphere.

35. Coca-Cola Crate as Homemade Hat Rack

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This idea is unusual yet awe-inspiring. The hat rack is crafted out of an old barn wood Coca Cola crate. Not only does it evoke a classic vibe, but also makes a bold statement in your room.

You can leave the crate unpainted to heighten a sense of rustic. The script logo teams really well with red antique hooks and imperial red hat. Meanwhile, pale yellow wall depicts a sunny environment.

36. Hanging Wall Cubbies

wall hat rack ideas
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Do you own so many hats? If yes, you must implement this idea at home. A huge collection of snapbacks can be stashed in the wall cubbies. They keep your space welcoming and clutter-free.

For the color, we suggest you purchase the neutral cubbies because they do not overwhelm your space. Here, the black hat racks pair fabulously with wooden walls.

37. Ruler Hat Rack

hat hanging ideas
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When it comes to the hat organization, you should think out of the box. In this example, the hat rack is made from vintage rulers that give your space a rustic aesthetic. You can get them at traditional flea markets.

Additionally, you have to prepare glue, hanging equipment, and of course classic iron hooks. A set of old rulers serves as an alluring backdrop for your sweater and hat.

In conclusion, hat racks are such a crucial feature in any home. They do not only organize the clutter of your hats, but also jackets, coats, bags, scarves, and ties. Anyway, which hat rack ideas you like the most?

Hats have become a fashion item for most of us, and with these hat racks hat lovers can better store their lovely hats. When you have different styles of hats, we will want to match them with different styles of accessories. Custom belt buckle are also a great fashion item. If you are a cowboy hat lover, you can customize a cowboy-style belt buckle to create a cowboy-style matching style. You can customize any style of belt buckle you like, and good accessories can make our overall clothing more perfect.

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