37+ DIY Computer Desk Ideas for Your Home Office (Small, Long, Cheap)

If you are planning to design a working space, you’re going to need a lot of DIY computer desk ideas to help you. You can explore all the 37 inspirational ideas on this page and copy them all you want. These computer desk plans are easy and inexpensive to build. 

An ideal computer desk should be the one that has enough space for your office tools, decoration, folders, books, and of course a computer set. The amount and size of the stuff depending on the desk design and size too.  Let’s explore these amazing ideas and get to work!

1. DIY Double Desk for Office Design

diy computer desk
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To work with partner effectively in your office, you need to have the partner by your side. This would be an ideal setup of an office desk. This double desk design is pretty simple. It’s got an oak wood top placed on some white metal drawers as the legs. 

The wooden top plays an important role to add character to the office room. Above the double desk, you can see the rustic decoration that connects with the feeling that the wooden top spreads. 

2. Corner Wall Mount Computer Desk Ideas

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It’s one of the space-saving DIY computer desk ideas that you should have in your small house. The desk has no legs. It’s mounted on the corner wall next to the windows. It’s a perfect spot to amp up the mood of working in front of your computer.

It will be such a relief to your eyes looking on the monitor while occasionally looking outside the windows. The work can be so much relaxing. During the day, the large windows would also provide you with such a bright light.

3. Simple DIY Desk with Cinder Blocks

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If you’re looking for a simple desk PC idea, this one could be a good example. This one is made using cinder blocks. Those pink-painted blocks make some solid base for the entire desk form. The pink color is used to make the blocks more decorative.

Since the rest of the desk elements are black, the cinder blocks are exposed in a nice way. It gives some texture and character to the desk design.

4. Scandinavian Computer Desk for Study

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This computer desk looks so stylish from this point of view. As you see, the seating spot is arranged right in front of a window. The window is placed precisely in the center of the wall. The symmetrical look of this arrangement could affect the good mood of your working.

In fact, the Scandinavian style never fails to bring such a pleasing atmosphere to the interior. The typical color combination of the style adds value to the area. 

5. Computer Desk Design for Narrow Space

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Some desk doesn’t need a lot of space to take. It can even be placed in such a narrow space like this one. This narrow room is full of decor. It’s like the entire wall is taken over by decorative items. The shelves are perfectly fit for this narrow room. It’s only 5.5 inches deep. 

One thing you should concern about this computer desk that it’s got no drawers or any kinds of storage. So, make sure you add some to minimize the clutter on the desk.

6. Cool Modern Computer Desk

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The dark wooden top looks so cool from up here. The unique texture of the wood adds a nice elegant feeling to your work area. The sense of rustic comes out of the table and it’s supported by the antique retro sconce table lamp on the left.

The two monitors sit perfectly in the center of the table. The size of the two pieces is not wasting space on the table. So, it’s also important to consider the design of the computer set to maximize the surroundings.

7. Repurposed Door Computer Desk Idea

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The idea of this desk is quite extreme and that’s great for a DIY. The value of DIY furniture depends on how much money you spend on the material. It’s perfect to have the material comes from the unused items you have in your house.

So, you don’t have to spend more money to buy new materials. A desk out of a door is a great idea for your DIY project. You can paint the whole desk to make it looks new. Or, you can just leave it rustic just like the one in the picture. 

8. Creative Workspace Ideas for Two

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It’s a computer desk idea that’s designed for more than one user. This workspace accommodates all the space that it needs. The long shelves are ready to accommodate all your books and folders. The location of the shelves makes you easy to reach the items anytime during the work. 

The modern light fixture on the ceiling lights up clearly the whole room. Day or night, the workspace would have enough lighting support. At the end of the room, the cushion is ready to receive you for your relaxing time off. 

9. Small Rustic Computer Desk Design

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The simple and rustic design of this desk is suitable for any room inside the house. You will need a sconce to light up the spot you need on top of the table. You’d better leave the table unpainted to maximize the rustic charm of the wood material. 

If you think it looks dirty, you can varnish the entire desk to make it glossier. It would clean up the dirty looks and turn into fancy.

10. Elegant Wooden Computer Desk

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If you’re asking me, how an ideal workspace should look like, I would say this one. As you can see, all the elements inside this workspace support the ambiance you need. First, the high quality of wood material is used for the whole furniture including the shelves. 

Second, the recessed lighting on the ceiling is supported by the spotlights under the shelf. Those fixtures help to build up the mood. Third, the size of the computer desk is ideal to accommodate all your office stuff. There are a lot more to explain, but you can analyze it for yourself. 

11. Hidden Computer Desk for Tiny House

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For a house which has very limited space, this desk idea is all you need. Every time you want to work on the desk, you can just pull it out just like drawers. After you’ve done with your work, just slide it back inside the cabinet. 

Such a tiny space is enough for your laptop and some tiny stuff related to your work. When the desk is hidden, it looks like an ordinary yet stunning cabinet.

12. IKEA ALEX Drawer Computer Desk Ideas

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This office desk is designed from a combination of ALEX drawer units from IKEA and dark wood. The contrast color of the drawers and the wood top give an interesting impression to the room. 

As you can see, this room itself is filled with black and white colors. You can even call this room style as monochromatic. That’s why this computer desk design looks perfect in this room. Add a natural touch on the desktop to make it less strict.

13. Metal Tubing Desk for Minimalist Flair

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If minimalist style is part of your computer desk plans, this metal tubing desk could be a great idea to have. The thin shape of this metal desk is very supportive of the minimalist interior. The desktop has a charcoal color that seamlessly connects to the wall. 

This one looks DIY but you don’t have to make it yourself. It’s exclusively made for Urban Outfitters online store that’s sold with an affordable price. 

14. DIY Computer Desk with Glass Top

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The glass top is common to be used for office desks. But, it’s mostly used as the cover of a wooden desktop. This idea offers a different approach for a glass top. As you can see, the thickness of the glass is the key to the solidity of this desk. It’s supported by two colored-blue metal desks as the base. 

You have to opt for the high-quality glass material with a perfect thickness as the desktop. Do not put a lot of weight on top of the desk.

15. Modern Computer Desk with Metal Filing Cabinets

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It’s another type of urban furniture for your home office. This kind of furniture offers a stylish look and a space-saving design. That’s why it’s liked by a lot of people.

This modern desk is a combination of a solid wood butcher block and 2 metal filing cabinets. The wood top looks solid as a computer desk. The interesting texture of the wood makes the workspace a talking point. 

16. DIY Cinder Block Computer Desk

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This is another DIY desk out of cinder blocks. It’s a very thoughtful idea for your workspace. You just need a board and some cinder blocks. You don’t need any other tools to combine them together. Just put one thing on top of the other.

The cinder blocks offer some storage space you can use to keep the board top out of the clutter. The desktop space may be limited but it’s enough for your laptop and a bit of decor. As a whole, it looks rustic and tidy. 

17. Wall Mount Computer Desk with Wire

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If you don’t want any furniture to waste the floor space, you can opt to waste the space on the wall. As you can see, this wood board is mounted on the wall using hooked wires. It gives some kind of industrial vibes around the area. 

The black wall offers a standout contrast to the wood board and wire. That makes this unique desk more obvious. Even the natural decoration on the wall is dimmed to give space for the mounted desk. 

18. Industrial Desk with Black Pipes

diy computer desk
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The combination of plywood and black pipes make an outstanding charm for your interior. The pipes installment adds some industrial vibe to the entire desk set. The wooden shelves are part of the desk set which is connected by the pipes. 

The shelves are really useful to accommodate all of your office stuff. You could either put it inside boxes or let it be showcased on the shelves.

19. Small Rustic DIY Corner Desk

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This small desk could be a nice writing spot located inside the bedroom. It’s something you can make by yourself. You don’t need to have an advanced woodworking skill to make this small desk. It makes use any corner space you have left in your room.

It will make sure that space is used properly and effectively. Since the desktop space is limited, don’t put too much stuff on it. 

20. DIY Computer Desk Idea Using Wood Pallet

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This wood-palette desk would be the coolest thing you have for your workspace. It offers a nice farmhouse vibe that adds character to the entire room where you install the desk. As you can see, it’s not the kind of computer desk that has legs or base. It’s mounted on the wall. 

You can copy the design of this desk to make one using the wood pallets you have in your warehouse. This wood pallet desk has a shelf under the wood top for the printer and another shelf above the table for any decor. 

21. Sleek Computer Desk for Home Office

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This sleek design of a desk looks fancy to accommodate your need of working. Facing a nice big glass window, this modern desk has everything you need. It’s got an extensive amount of drawer. It’s ready to hide all of your office clutter.

The white classy color of the cabinet and wall gives a nice contrast to the natural brown wood top. As a result, the open window lets the natural light comes inside the workspace. 

22. DIY Industrial Computer Desk

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Just by looking at this desk design, you can feel the industrial vibe spreads all over the space. The metal black pipes create a solid structure for the desk. As you can see, the wooden top has a nice natural wood pattern. 

The pipes structure can be used as some kind of post for books to lean on. Above the table, there’s a connected shelve for any kinds of decoration. One thing that will catch your attention immediately is that industrial pipe desk lamp. It becomes the center of the DIY concept of this computer desk. 

23. Double Study Desk for Kids Bedroom

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It’s a great computer desk design to be placed inside your kid’s bedroom. They can even study with their sibling at the same time. Or, the two workspaces can be used by one person. Each workspace will have a different purpose. 

One space is to study with a computer and another space without it. In front of the space, the cork wall is ready to be attached by all-important notes you need. 

24. White Minimalist Desk with Scandinavian Style

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The structure of desks is basically the same. The design of each desk is the key to make it different and stylish. As you can see, this white desk has a unique curvy desk that is filled with storages. The office clutter will be unseen because of the storage. 

The minimalist, Scandinavian style is just perfect for your small room. It won’t make space look crowded. It blends well with the neutral color scheme of the room. 

25. Computer Desk with Open Cabinet

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This modern workspace is part of a house located in Japan. You can feel the Japanese vibe around the space that amps up the mood. This room consists of much open storage for your book showcase. The chair looks stylish with its Scandinavian legs. 

Under the desk, your feet can move freely without bumping the wall because the position of the desk is away from the wall. It’s facing directly to the open balcony. 

26. Tiny Computer Desk for Small Apartment

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If you’re living in a small apartment, but you need a little bit of a workspace, make use of your corner with this computer desk. This tiny desk works well inside a limited space like yours. Even though it’s tiny but it offers a complete set of workspace with shelves.

You can use any kinds of chair for working. Make sure the chair design doesn’t waste more space that you’ve tried to avoid. 

27. DIY Storage Desk for Home Office

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The design of this computer desk is suitable for home office. The style of the desk and chair is chosen to make the owner feel homey. The chair has its own charm beside the white desk. 

As you can see, it’s not an ordinary desk. It’s a storage desk designed for the home office. All the drawers are ready for storing all of the necessity. It looks traditional and perfect for corner space. 

28. Simple DIY Pallet Desk

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It’s a great idea for you who are in desperate need of a place to write, work, and do many creative things. You can make your own workspace out of a wood pallet. You’re going to need two pallets. You can take the wood pieces from one pallet, and use the full pallet for another one.

With some simple woodworking steps, you can build your own desk easily. Add a glass top to complete the step. You can choose any color you want for the paint to cover the wood rust. 

29. DIY Computer Desk for Narrow Space

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Even in the narrowest space of the house, you can turn it into a cozy workspace like this one. You don’t need a lot of space to build a proper home office in your house. Any size would be possible. 

As you can see, this room doesn’t have a desk before. With just a single wood board, this narrow space suddenly has a desk. Just add a computer and a comfortable office chair. There you have it, a complete set of an office desk. 

30. A Desk Idea in A Walk-in Office

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This home office was once a walk-in closet or wardrobe. Now, it’s turning into a cozy small office with a complete set of an office desk. This very small home office has all you need for working. It even has a stylish light fixture on the ceiling.

31. Small Hideaway Desk on the Wall

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It’s another interesting idea of a desk you can hide. It’s a very functional item on the wall. This kind of desk won’t take any space on the floor. Basically, the concept of this wall hideaway desk is genius. With some greenery decors spreading around the space, space becomes naturally pleasing. 

32. Standing Desk with Bookshelf Base

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This computer desk is made out of two small bookshelves and a wood board. The yellow top really emphasizes the main element of this desk. If you want to have a lot of stuff on your desk, this computer desk won’t be enough for you.

It’s only able to accommodate some essential stuff to support your work such as the computer and its printer. Don’t worry, there are many storage spaces left under the desk with that bookshelves.

33. Wood Butcher Top with Hairpin Legs

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It’s a custom computer desk you can have as your working desk. It allows you to work like a professional. The hairpin legs and butcher top makes a splendid combination for an office desk. Have a minimalist thin PC set and a minimal centerpiece. 

As a result, you will have more space for your hands to move freely and working without the computer.

34. Wood Slab Table as Computer Desk

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A wood slab table is a perfect option for people who admire nature’s creation. This natural style of furniture has its own unique charm. It’s attached with hairpin legs to maximize the charm of the wood slab texture. It’s a multi-functional item that can be a perfect computer desk.

35. Metal-Wood Computer Desk

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This computer desk has an industrial feeling that’s ready to take control of the whole atmosphere. Its reclaimed wood top has a dark color that blends well with black pieces. For a nice cozy workspace, you can add some potted plants on the corner and decorative painting. 

36. Small Workspace In Between Walls

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This home office uses a very narrow space between walls. This kind of space is mostly used for built-in cabinets or shelves. Having this narrow space as working is could be a good idea. You’ll only need to attach some boards to the wall to make a desk and shelves.

37. Tropical Corner Space with Minimalist Desk

diy computer desk
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The tropical style is quite popular these days. It could be a good one for your workspace too. The desk doesn’t take a lot of space in your tropical corner. The corner edge is used by a standing lamp. The small desk can take your laptop and its speakers. 

All of those DIY computer desk ideas will inspire you to make one at home. Some of them are easy to make even for beginners. So, choose one stylish idea that matches your skill in woodworking. 


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