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DIY Swing Set – To be happy is simple. Gathering with your beloved family while playing and doing outdoor activity in the backyard can refresh your mind in no time. If you had a DIY swing set in your backyard, it would be a bonus.

One of every kid’s favorite games is swinging. They like swinging under the tree while enjoying the breeze. You can make one yourself. These DIY swing set designs will help you to get the ideas of the swing set that meets your needs and skills.

1. A Simple Swing Made of a Tire

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You might have found various designs of swings – from a simple to a fancy one. A fancy swing looks comfortable and can enhance the curb appeal. However, it usually costs an arm and a leg.

You do not have to splurge out on a fancy swing just because you want to make your kid smile happily. A simple one like a tire swing will do. It packs more fun for those who like a challenge.

To make this swing, you will just need an underused tire and a rope. Paint the tire, if necessary, tie it to a huge tree, and it’s done! Make sure the tree is sturdy enough to hold your kid when he/she is swinging.

2. Swings for Everyone 

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Do you have no gigantic tree in your backyard? No problem! You can still carve the fun for your kids.

Modern houses tend to be minimalist. Everything is kept down to a minimum, including the backyard landscaping. It tends to be a low-maintenance backyard with lawn or even gravel, pebbles, shrubs, and dwarfs. Hardly will you find hefty trees here.

But, it does not mean you cannot make swings in your backyard. Try making the posts first in place of the huge tree that you do not have. Make sure the posts are sturdy for your kids’ safety.

Adjust the length of the board from which the swings are suspended as necessary. You can even make more swings for more fun. Your kids will love this idea, and they will not squabble over the swing anymore.

3. Let’s Swing Together

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Having two children means you need to be fair and patient. They tend to bicker with each other about unimportant things like a swing. Although you have made two swings for them in the backyard, they will still bicker because the swings they get are different.

You need to end this endless squabble soon by making this two-in-one swing. This is just like the common swing, but it is as twice as long as it can accommodate two kids at the same time. Now, your kids can swing together peacefully without creating dramas.

4. A Single Rope and a Piece of Log

wooden swing sets
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This is a very simple swing everyone can make without taking up a lot of time. Even if you are not a DIY expert, you can make it with ease.

To make this swing, you will only need a rope and a piece of log. It would be better if you use a nautical rope as it is usually sturdier and thicker. Make sure the log is quite thick and can support the weight of your kid.

You simply need to tie the rope to a big tree and then thread the rope through the log that has been drilled in the center. Tie a knot to secure the log in place, and you are good to go.

5. Woven Swing

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This swing is a bit different from the ones that have been mentioned previously. Most swings feature wooden seating and nautical rope that adds rustic flair to the backyard. But this swing looks feminine and elegant.

This swing features crisp white seating and ropes that will suit a romantic backyard. The seating is made of flexible and comfortable woven fabric. Decorative knots are found in the ropes that hold the swing, accentuating its feminine look.

6. Rustic Swing

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Why do you have to splurge out on new lumber to make the posts of your swings if you can save more bucks? Yep! Making use of leftover is the key to cut down expense. But, make sure that the lumber you will use is strong and in its A1 condition.

These swings are suspended from old lumber. The seating is like the bench that you usually come across in a park. The wrought iron accents on both sides of each swing accentuate the classic and rustic look.

7. Repurpose Stools

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Do you have stools or high chairs that are no longer used? Do not throw them away in the trash can as you can turn them into fun swings.

Before turning them into swings, you need to tweak them a little bit by removing all the legs. Then, install screw eyes and chains that will keep them a few inches off the ground.

8. Let’s Become a Rider

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Most kids adore their parents and want to grow up soon so that they can be like them. They often imitate what adults like or do. Therefore, most boys dream of having their motorbike and riding it like a big guy.

Well, you know that it will not happen soon. But, you can make your son dream comes true by making this swing. 

This swing looks like a motorbike. It utilizes some used tires that are cut and transformed into a motorbike. Although it is not a real one, your son will beam with a smile.

9. Upcycle Old Wooden Pallet

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As one of the most versatile materials, a wooden pallet can also be turned into a swing for sure. You only need to get a wooden pallet, remove the planks, and cut them into sizes. Paint them, if necessary.

Once the paint is dry, assemble the pieces using nails, and drill four holes to thread the ropes. Tie a knot on each hole to secure the swing.

10. A Tire and Blue Ropes

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This is another great idea of making a swing out of an old tire and ropes. The previous tire swing is installed vertically while this one horizontally.

Since it lies horizontally, you will need to thread the ropes in both sides of the tire to balance it. Thread more ropes in the middle to form a web, so your kids can sit comfortably.

11. Sit Down and Relax under the Tree

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If you have a gigantic tree in your backyard, congratulations! You can do many things with that tree which give you lots of fun. You can make a treehouse that will satisfy any adventurer, or you can simply make some swings, so you can play together with your kids.

All you need to do is screwing eye hooks to the branches of the tree to hold the swings. Once you have hung the swings, relax with your family right under the tree.

12. Pops of Colors

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Most swings are made of wooden boards and nautical ropes, and they are just like that to maintain the natural or even the rustic look.

But, if you want to add a splash of color to your backyard, go ahead! This swing, for example, is made of a Frisbee flying disc which has been drilled a hole at the center. A rope is threaded through the hole to hold the flying disc in lace.

The vivacious red of the flying disc and the rope enrich the backyard landscaping.

13. Cheerful Yellow

swing set plans
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Kids love colorful things. Besides, they are good for kids’ eyes. The more vibrant the color is, the better. Therefore, these yellow swings will cheer up your kids’ day.

It is like the ubiquitous swings – a seating that is suspended to a post. The chains are painted vibrant yellow to match the swing seats perfectly.

14. Safety First

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Swings do offer your kids lots of fun. They will feel happy if you make one in the backyard. But that happiness will soon fade away if they are injured. Since you don’t want it to happen, think about safety in the first place.

This DIY swing set will be suitable for toddlers, because it holds your toddler from all sides, making him/her stay in the seating. You can copy this idea by upcycling a rocking horse. Remove its legs and hang it to a tree or post.

Now, your toddler can have fun like his older brother or sister.

15. A Row of Swings

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Why do you have to swing by yourself if you can do it with your friends? It is not pie in the sky. Make it tangible if you hang lots of tire swings on a long bamboo you use as a rod.

Doesn’t it feel so good to have fun with friends?

Those are the DIY swing set designs that worth copying. Some of them are so easy that you can put them together yourself, while some others are a little bit complicated. Feel free to seek some assistance from the expert to make a safe, durable, and comfortable swing.

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