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Mailbox Post Ideas – The mailbox is more than just a box that keeps your mails safe. It is a part of your front yard landscaping which complements the flowerbed, shrubs, and pathway nicely. Thus, finding unique mailbox ideas can enhance the curb appeal.

Like the other element of your front yard landscaping, your mailbox has to be striking and able to refresh your home exterior. 

Are you seeking the best and unique mailbox ideas? Read on to find 15 unique mailbox ideas that will steal anyone’s focus. Even passersby will stop by to adore your mailbox.

1. Cute Cat

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The cat is one of the cutest pets in the world. They are adorable and intelligent. No wonder many people keep it as their pet at home. If you are really into cats, this mailbox idea will be suitable to greet your guests and passers-by.

This cat mailbox can be put together without taking up a lot of time. You only need to get a mailbox in a home-improvement store and tweak it a little bit. Paint the mailbox yellow with orange strips like Garfield.

After painting the mailbox, now it is time for you to explore your imagination to make the head, legs, and tail. You can make them from Styrofoam boards for an easier project, but wooden boards have always been your go-to material due to their durability.

2. Get Stuck on Tree Branches

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Dressing up your mailbox using a certain theme to suit the upcoming event is a common way to better the curb appeal. One of the events that many people have been looking forward to is Halloween.

When you hear the word “Halloween”, creepy décor might pop into your mind. Jack-o’-lanterns are the common decorative items to beef up the front yard landscaping. Besides, these lanterns, try incorporating a bizarre look to your mailbox, just like this one.

This mailbox looks as if it were stuck on a creepy old tree. It is not a real tree, though. If you think making this tree yourself is pie in the sky, you can always have it made.

3. A Mailbox on a Bike

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Mailboxes are usually mounted near the front door. However, some others are attached to a post by the street which makes them look like a loner. These mailboxes may look a little bit awkward, so you will need to soften its look.

This yellow mailbox looks great as it perches on the bike. Some old wood planks are used to highlight the old bike as well as creating a raised bed. The combination of flowers like daisy and cosmos and the mailbox improves the front yard landscaping. 

4. Let’s Go Fishing

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This mailbox idea is the safe bet for a busy person who has no time to trim the shrubs and water the flowers that spruce up the mailbox. With this cute bear, you will get a conspicuous landmark for your home.

It shows the figure of a bear that is fishing by the riverbank. Instead of a river, the bear is fishing next to the street. Furthermore, it does not get fish. It gets a mailbox that matches its fur, instead.

5. A Tiny Mailbox

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When looking at this mailbox, you might think that this is the smallest mailbox in the world. Well, visual trick plays a big role here. It is not the tiniest mailbox. The gigantic hand makes this mailbox look undersized.

This is another unique mailbox idea that can awe everyone who sees it. Unfortunately, it is not DIY friendly. You can’t make it yourself unless you are an artist.

6. Simple Mailbox

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Unique mailboxes can enhance curb appeal, but if you have no time to dress up your mailbox, a simple one will do in a pinch.

This mailbox is practical rather than aesthetical. You cannot find a certain figure or flowerbed here. But the regular maintenance is needed to keep it at its top-notch condition. 

To maintain its look, you will need to repaint the post and mailbox regularly because the weather can discolor both the mailbox and the post.

7. A Smart Owl

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When looking at this mailbox, what pops into your mind? Maybe some of you recall some scenes of Harry Potter since this giant owl looks like Hedwig – the white owl of Harry Potter.

A mailbox that looks like a small house perched on the owl’s head, collecting important letters and bills every single day and keeping them safe until it is time for you to pick them up.

What makes it unique is the owl is wearing glasses that make it look smart. Well, it is smart to some extent because it will stay awesome although you do not do regular maintenance.

8. Dive into the Sea

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The spectacular scenery offered by the life under the sea is exceptionally cool and mesmerizing. You can find beautiful fish dancing among the corals. 

Bring this spectacular nautical theme to your front yard landscaping by dressing up your mailbox like this one. It is just a regular mailbox that you can always find in a home-improvement store.

With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can turn a humdrum box into a skillful diver. You only need to paint the mailbox and make the hands and legs from boards. Attach a few figures of crabs on the post, and you are done!

9. Minimalist Mailbox

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If you are a big fan of the minimalist look, you know that less is more – the fewer details you have in the décor without losing its function, the better.

A mailbox for a modern house should be kept down to a minimum. Sticking to a limited color palette is the key. It would be better if you paint it a neutral color.

This mailbox is simple yet elegant. The post features clean-lined edges that match the gray wall immensely. The mailbox is extremely simple in a black square. One of the sides is painted turquoise, adding a splash of color.

10. Rustic Mailbox

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This mailbox is a perfect combination of modern and industrial flair. These two styles blend without creating an awkward look to your front yard landscaping.

Instead of a single post that supports the mailbox, some planks assembled like a wooden pallet is used. The planks are not painted. They are just stained to enhance the natural color of wood, making it look rustic.

No trim or carving is found here. The planks provide clean-lined edges that embody the significant characteristic of modern flair. The mailbox finish adds the touch of an industrial look.

11. Green Tractor

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You might be amazed by this mailbox when you see it at the very first time. You will ask inquisitively whether it is a tractor that is stuck on a wooden post.

Yep! It is a green tractor that you usually find on a farm. It is not a real tractor, though. It is just a mailbox that has been turned into a small tractor.

Making this tractor entails advanced skills. Every single detail should be considered to make the mailbox look the same as a tractor. It may take a while, but the result will impress passersby as well as adding a personality boost to the landscaping.

12. Cute Snoopy on a Red House

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This mailbox is so simple that everyone can make it without breaking a sweat. It is just a wooden mailbox that you can make through a DIY project. You just need to get some boards, cut them into size, and assemble the pieces to form a small house.

Once you have got your mailbox, paint it the color of your choice. Painting it red would be the best as red is a vivacious color that can draw the eyes instantly. The postmen will not miss it.

To make it look cute, add a small Snoopy and Woodstock on the “roof” of the mailbox.

13. A Friendly Mailbox

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Cheer up your day – and passers by’s – by having this friendly mailbox jazz up your tedious trek. This mailbox is not supported with a wooden post. It is supported with an unusual post, instead.

The post is made of stainless steel that is designed like a smiling person that is waving his hand while carrying a red mailbox. It will always greet everyone with a friendly smile.

14. The Lighthouse

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Have you ever seen a lighthouse in the front yard of a house? It may sound weird, but it is real. This lighthouse stands conspicuously in the front yard along with the lawn. 

It is much smaller than the ubiquitous lighthouse because it is not used to warn ships. It is used to tell the postmen to put the bills and letters here.

15. A Courageous Horse

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This courageous horse is ready to pick up the bills and letters. To copy this idea, you just need to paint your existing mailbox. Then, make the head, legs, and tail of the horse from wooden boards. You can save more bucks by using some leftover.

These mailbox ideas will awe your guests and passers-by. They are unique and creative. So, which one will suit your style well?

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