15+ Creative Garden Edging Ideas for Any Budget

Garden Edging Ideas – There are lots of good reasons why a garden edging should be part of your outdoor landscape. If you’ve realized how important it is, you’ll surely want to know some of the best garden edging ideas to follow.

Well, a garden edging serves to beautify your lawn, and it keeps animals away from your plants too! It can be created from nearly anything as well. 

From the most traditional alternatives to more creative choices, you actually have a lot of options to choose from. Check out these 15 edging ideas to get you inspired.

1. Traditional Brick Edging 

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Let’s start from one of the most traditional garden edgings. Well, brick has been a popular garden edging since many years ago. If you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to border your landscape, this idea can be perfect.

You don’t need to have an advanced skill to create this garden edging yourself. Start with using clay pavers to make a tidy border to separate your garden from the grass. After that, you can simply arrange the bricks creatively.

If you don’t make a proper dry bed, you may need to set the pavers in concrete. It means digging down past the loamy topsoil to put off frost from disturbing the bricks when winter comes. 

2. Glass Bottle Edging

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Glass bottles are highly durable and they can be visually pleasing as well. More importantly, you can get them for free!

If you need a durable yet affordable garden edging, bring in a bunch of glass bottles to the yard. And, get ready to do this creative project. You don’t need to use the same bottles. It will be better if they come in some different hues.

But, since glass takes centuries to decay naturally, you should use it with caution. Never let any broken glass lost in the process!

3. Scrap Wood Garden Edging

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If you’re looking for garden edging ideas which are easy and cheap, using scrap wood can be a good choice. You can never go wrong when emphasizing your garden by employing scrap wood.

For saving your budget, you can collect leftover or abandoned planks in your neighborhood. Then, cut them into a designated size to create the garden edging.

Even though the natural look of wood simply works, you can consider painting them on a range of colors to obtain a more epic effect. Use your exterior scheme as a guide to choose the colors. 

4. Living Edging Design

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If you’re going to separate your lawn from a concrete pathway instead of grass, try this living edging design! This design includes planted pots which are incompletely buried in the soil. The area around the pots itself is coated with red mulch.

And the edging of this garden is a line of herbs or plants. You can consider something like ornamental grass, rosemary, or thyme to be used as the edging. These plant types will make a perfect option for garden edging. 

5. Iron Fence Garden Edging

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This iron fence edging has that modern vibe. If you don’t have much time for DIY and budget isn’t an issue, this idea makes a good choice.

You just need to find the best iron fence edging on the market and install it in the garden easily. There will be a lot of options available on the market. And each iron fence edging isn’t created equal.

When it comes to style and shape, you can simply choose it based on your taste. For the size, you probably like the shorter one like shown above.

6. Seashell Garden Edging

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This is indeed one of the most unique garden edging ideas out there. Instead of the usual material like bricks and stones, it uses some large seashells to create exceptional garden edging.

The contrast between earthy greens and seaside appeal offers a unique charm that will envy other gardeners around. 

While some people like to crush up smaller seashells to use larger shells for walls on their own, you’ll surely have something different from this idea. 

7. Wooden Block Garden Edging

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If you like the appearance of natural wood, then this edging idea is probably perfect for your garden. This interesting looking edging is basically wooden blocks which are cut in two different lengths and arranged alternately.

This edging design is perfect for short plants and blooms which have one or two feet high foliage. When they’re positioned correctly, the edging will look perfectly fine in your garden. 

8. River Edging Design

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This edging design might remind you of the piled of stones at a river’s edge. Rather than being used as the garden edging, here the stones are used as the bed itself. To keep the stones organized, a long, flexible plastic edging like this is necessary.

This black plastic edging has grains of wood, making it a bit more natural to be used as a garden edging. Separating stones and green grasses, this edging offers an interesting contrast in the garden. 

You can find this kind of plastic edging on the market. So, make sure to find one is durable and has good quality. 

9. Orderly Stone Garden Edging

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This garden edging design is ideal for creating a symmetrical garden which follows the sides of a walkway. The garden is overflowing with greeneries. But, adding some flawlessly trimmed plants right next to the edging will make this idea even more perfect. 

The edging is using medium-sized stones which are arranged carefully to make a clean line between the pathway and the mulch. You can use white or light-colored stones to create an elegant contrast to the brownie pathway and the red mulch. 

10. Wood and Metal Edging

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Do you want your garden edging ideas to have this clean and elegant appearance? Then, you need to get some woods in the same color and size. After that, combine them with metal as shown in the picture.

What I like the most about this edging design is its light-colored wood which adds a beautiful contrast to the garden bed as well as the green grass. Plus, this idea allows you to have a unique garden shape as well.

11. Log Garden Edging 

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Whether laid out vertically like this or horizontally, employing cut logs to edge your lawn is an easy, environmentally friendly project. Plus, it offers a good result in the end.

You can get some cut wood easily either from your own property or retail. They don’t need to have an identical shape and size. You just need to cut them in the same height to create a tidy look like this.

If you don’t have enough wooden logs to create a railway design like shown in the picture, you can consider laying them horizontally. The natural look of the logs will create a completely epic-rustic appearance!

12. Upcycled Bicycle Wheels Edging

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This idea is truly exceptional. You might never think to employ bicycle wheels as a garden edging like this. So, if you want to have an edging idea which is not often seen, it’s just the thing.

This unique edging is designed from a range of bicycle wheels, creating a sophisticated border between the road and the garden. 

Get it done in your front yard, and this edging design is enough to bring up a great conversation amongst your guests. Include some large plants in your garden to make this edging design even more standout!

13. Manufactured Plastic Garden Edging

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This edging design isn’t only separating two but three! The edging probably doesn’t appear that much on the surface, but it does help to separate the grass and the garden bed. 

This fabricated plastic edge material offers a simple, minimalist look in your garden. It’s ideal for a quick fix and barely visible in any garden. For those looking to garden edging ideas that won’t take much time and effort, this idea is just right. 

14. Natural Stone Edging

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Using stones is actually a common edging idea for any garden. But, mixing a range of stone types is quite unique. This idea shows you a unique way to incorporate stones in garden edging.

This edge is made from two layers of big stones and smaller stones in between. The inside and the outer layer are made from the big stones while the middle is filled up with smaller stones. 

What makes this idea more fascination is the choice of stones which has different colors. In the end, the edge does a great job in delivering a natural beauty in this garden. 

15. Fascinating Flat Stones Edging

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It’s no secret that stone edging is one of the most popular choices out there. They are low in cost and can be designed and shaped to whatever you want. If you’re planning to use this popular material, this edging idea can be a good choice. 

The arrangement of these flat stones can draw attention to the selection of plants in this front yard. Plus, the stones are large enough to deliver more flavors to your landscape. 

That’s all the 15 garden edging ideas that you can use as inspiration. Use your imagination to create your own unique garden edge. Remember that there’s no specific rule on how you do it. So, be creative and good luck!


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