15+ DIY Guinea Pig Cage Inspiration That is Easy to Make on Your Own

DIY Guinea Pig Cage – Cavies, or well-known as the guinea pig, is a lovely creature that you can have around and keep at home. The maintenance of this animal is quite easy, and you can even make your own DIY Guinea Pig Cage in your home.

The DIY concept is useful not only to explore your creativity but also to save a few bucks of your savings. If you have enough time, then these Guinea Pig Cage ideas are for you to obtain:

1. Basic Guinea Pig Cage

guinea pig cage


The idea features some basic materials to make a house for your guinea pig. The cage features a simple design and a little bit of nailing in some corners. No need to have a professional carpenter skill when you opt with this idea.

The DIY guinea pig house uses meshes and also repurposed the wood. To keep your guinea pig in good condition, the bottom of the cage features the plywood that is more affordable than wood as flooring. 

The shelter is simple and has no complicated accent. However, this still gives your guinea pig an ultimate comfort and protects them from the dangers outside.

2. Dresser Cage


When you are about to throw away some unused stuff in your room, do you ever think about recycling it? One of the things that you can reuse is the old dresser. Your broken dresser can be turned into a comfortable room for your cute little friends.

The recycling of old dresser starts from removing the drawers then, you can stick some additional materials such as woods or plywood.

A little bit of nailing here and there, painting in some corners, and here you have a huge guinea pig cage that is so relieving and can keep them from stress and cold outside.

3. Cardboard Guinea Pig House


Consider this DIY idea for the beginners who intend to make a wonderful guinea pig house by themselves. To execute this idea, you need some cardboard, glue, and a cutter. The project is low cost and can be accomplished during a short period of time

If you are looking upon the tutorial of cardboard guinea pig house, then you can search them easily on Youtube. Many tutorials are provided with instructions and illustrations. The craft is also kid-friendly and you can ask for your children to help you make this low-cost project.

4. PVC Guinea Pig House

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Looking for a durable guinea pig house? Those strong and durable houses usually come at a high price. To save much of your money, how about making it by yourself? You can use PVC pipes as a material that can build a strong case. 

You might need some sharp tools and pieces of equipment to make this cage happen, but definitely, the result is worth every second. For the bottom, use strand board or plywood covered with plastic pebbles.

The good point of PVC cage is, you can modify the size based on how many guinea pigs you have, their size, and space you have.

5. Plywood Guinea Pig Cage

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Besides the mesh cage, opt for the plywood guinea pig to make if you only have minimal woodworking skill and fewer budgets. The DIY cage needs only some cheap material – since plywood is more affordable compared to hardwood or PVC.

After nailing in four corners, there you have your basic cage guinea pig. The instructions and the details to make the cage are so simple that a kid can follow it easily. Not only easy to make and cheap, but the cage is also quite lightweight.

6. Guinea Pig Traditional House


Plywood is also a material that is worth it to use by those who own expertise in woodworking. But, instead of making that basic rectangular guinea pig cage. But first, you need to design the roof and the body first before start the carpentry. 

After that, you can paint the house in a basic color like blue and white, or red and white just like the traditional house belongs to your grandmother. When you are great at woodworking, you need less than a day to complete it.

This guinea pig cage is so lightweight that you can easily move it from one corner to another.

7. Minimalist Guinea Pig Cage

diy guinea pig cage


Another surprise comes from the plywood material. For some people these materials considered as a cheap material. But, with this thing, you can make a luxurious-look cage for your guinea pig, and the minimalist them is the best option.

The minimalist cage requires middle carpentry skill and you can accomplish this cage less than a half-day. The roof for the guinea pig cage uses the mesh, which is sturdy and can help you protect the guinea pig.

Meanwhile, the stairs can be made up of the plywood and it is strong enough to hold your guinea pig.

8. Simple Mesh and Wood

pig cage ideas



Those who are an expert at woodworking can give a shot to this idea. The guinea pig house features the mesh and the wood which are sturdy enough to keep your guinea pig inside and protect them from the danger outside.

Compare to those guinea pig cases in the market, the model will save your money for more than ¾ of it. Definitely the idea worth every second you have and your guinea pigs will be so contented to stay inside.

However, the cage is better to be placed outside, for example in your backyard, since it comes with no bottom.

9. A Cabinetry Cage

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Don’t throw away your broken cabinet, as you can use it for something that is more useful. As an example is a guinea pig cage.

The guinea pig cage made up of the cabinetry is a good thing and you must give it a shot, as long as you have a good skill at carpentry – or at least knowing someone who can handle it.

You can put off the cabinetry door and change it with the mesh and wood. Those materials are necessary to make a guinea cage because they won’t let them run away and they can keep them well inside.

To add more color, you can paint the old cabinetry with whatever colors you love. If you intend to have a traditional look, then you can opt for the neutral colors.

10. The Mansion 


Do you have more than one guinea pig? Let this idea comes to your mind. The guinea pig “mansion” is a cage that is made up of old playhouse. 

When your children are done using them because they have grown up, or it has been broken and cannot be fixed, you can use it to be a mansion for the guinea pig. Your pet will really love being inside that mansion.

The cage comes with more than one level and you just need a little bit of renovation in order to make it suitable as a cage. 

11. Cheap DIY Guinea Pig Cage


12. Cage Sweet Cage

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When you feel that you want to showcase your lovely guinea pig to other people, this is an option that is specially made for you. The house is made up of the cardboard, so, you don’t have to nail here and there to stick one cardboard to another.

What is special about this guinea pig house? Not only it is affordable and doesn’t require expert skill in carpentry and woodworking. The cage also so colorful and you just have to cover the cardboard with colorful paper or paint it.

Remember to fill the bottom of the house with the wood chips so it won’t easily get dirty and is easy to be cleaned up regularly.

13. Plastic Box Guinea Pig Cage

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Cannot afford the expensive and durable cage in the market, but don’t have too much time to do that DIY project that is complicated? Don’t worry because you can still provide a proper cage for your beloved pet.

The idea of this cage uses the plastic box as the main material. What is the great point of it? Not only it doesn’t need a single nail or glue, but it is also strong enough and can give ultimate comfort to the guinea pig that lives inside.

To make this plastic box more proper as a guinea pig cage, spread the wood chips in the bottom and put some playful stuff to entertain your guinea pig.

14. Coffee Table Cage

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Who said that the guinea pig needs to be placed in a rectangular cage or in a tiny playhouse? Showcase the collection of your guinea pigs to your colleagues with the coffee table. The cage is made up of the coffee tables.

To make this project looks more sophisticated, you need to add more lighting and decorations such as tiny plants, etc. You can see that it is so marvelous, but, it requires a high budget and expert woodworking level. You cannot make it in one night.

15. The Cabin Log Cage


Are you fond of the wooden house? Then you can opt for this magnificent design. Instead of using plywood or mesh as the wall, consider the tiny logs to surround the guinea pig. Add up some dim lighting.

The projects require expert skill and if you think you are not blessed to do that, consider to ask for help from other people who are so good at it.

So, you already have the idea required to make some marvelous DIY Guinea Pig Cage. And apart from the skill you own and the money you have, don’t forget to think about where you will put the cage, because it also influences the style you might choose in the first place.

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