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Firewood Rack Storage – For a house with a wood-burning fireplace, these DIY firewood rack ideas would be very useful. Racks will be needed to store the firewood supply. A firewood rack should be placed outside of the house since it can bring some bugs around. 

With the DIY ideas on this page, you can build your own firewood rack easily. An outside rack for the firewood supply needs to be well-built. You have to make sure that the supply doesn’t trap moisture in between. 

In this page, you can explore plenty of DIY firewood rack ideas to store the firewood and keep it dry.

1. Simple Concrete Firewood Rack Stacked Vertically

firewood rack
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This concrete rack is actually just a stack of four big concrete blocks. Each hole is filled with firewood supply as fit as possible. The blocks protect the firewood from any moisture that can ruin the wood quality. 

Place it nearby the outdoor garden space to get it seamlessly blended with the outdoor’s atmosphere. 

2. FrontGate Steel Firewood Rack

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It’s one of the popular products from Frontgate store. It will store your firewood supply with style. The unique design with a pointy top is the special feature of this steel rack. When it’s full of logs, the rack looks like a Christmas tree. 

This is the kind of firewood rack that you don’t have to hide at the back of your house. It’s the one that can be standout in any location of the house. It can be a part of the decoration of the house inside and outside. 

3. Wooden Storage Shed with Firewood Storage

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This wooden shed is quite multifunctional. It’s used to store some tools or other stuff relating to the outdoor activity. This shed will protect them from rain and heat. The wood material of the shed can control the temperature of the storage.

A space for firewood supply serves as an extra of the shed. The wooden roof will protect the supply from the rain. 

4. Indoor Wall Metal Rack for Firewood

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A firewood rack can actually make great decor for the wall. It’s designed to be ideal for any interior design. It can be attached to any wall you want in your house. The clean and symmetrical lines allow it to shine indoor. 

This black metal rack looks stunning on a white wall. It’s just a stylish way to store the firewood supply. It should be attached on the wall that’s close to the fireplace. This firewood holder would only go well in the modern style of a house.

5. DIY Firewood Rack Out Of Bed Frame

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This corrugated metal rack is actually a frame raised bed that’s turned on its side. It will keep all the firewood together safe and neat. But, it’s not guaranteed to be safe from rain especially when it’s heavy. So, it’s best to place the rack in an area with a shed. Or, you can add a cover to protect the firewood. 

Just place it in the patio or porch as part of the functional decoration of the house. It’s a great way to repurpose your unused furniture. 

6. Hexagonal Outdoor Firewood Storage Ideas

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It’s a smart idea to store the firewood. The storage is attached to the wall and it’s got a large space to fill up all the supplies for the entire season. Because of its position, the house roof still covers the rain and heat. It makes an ideal space to store your dry firewood. 

The hexagonal rack concept is what makes this storage space so special. It doesn’t blend with the wall because it has its own charm to impress. You can neatly store the firewood and it becomes more impressive as a result. 

7. Stylish Shed for Garden Tools and Firewood

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The garden tools are placed openly inside the wooden shed. It’s attached to the wall and lighted properly. On its left, you can see the stacks of firewood inside the same but smaller shed. The firewood almost fulfills the storage space.

The lights are installed on each shed in order to create a dramatic character to the storage. It will definitely make an impressive scene for your outdoor area. 

8. Metal Cage Rack for Firewood

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Keeping the firewood all together in one spot is the right thing to do. This metal cage rack doesn’t protect the log from the rain; it’s only used to store the firewood. You have to locate this rack in an outdoor spot where there’s a roof on it.

As you see, this rack structure allows you to take the firewood from any side you want. One side is open wide an effective stacking up. 

9. Wall Mount Circular Rack from Breuer Cabin

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This firewood rack is placed inside the Breuer cabin that’s entirely made of wood. The industrial feeling is offered by the fireplace design and its firewood rack. That unique circular rack is perfect indoor storage for fireplace’s stuff.

Beside firewood rack, that storage can also accommodate other things like books and magazines on a separate space inside the rack. 

10. Wall Hanging Firewood Storage

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It’s creative indoor storage for your firewood. These hanging racks are made of steel. Each rack allows you to store the wood somewhere near the fireplace easily. You don’t have to go outside and get the firewood you need. 

Obviously, it makes an outstanding piece of wall decoration. The rack is mounted on the wall neatly. From afar, it will look like a framed painting that’s pictured a stack of firewood. 

11. Wood Rack of Timber Fruit Boxes

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Wooden wood storage seems to be an ideal choice for your outdoor garden. This storage is made out of timber storage of fruit boxes. This DIY rack consists of six boxes that you can fill with any kinds of firewood.

You can even categorize each box with different types of firewood from small to large size. 

12. Simple DIY Shelf for Outdoor Firewood Rack

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With some simple woodworking steps, you can definitely build this on your own. This simple rack allows you to neatly arrange the firewood supply for your fireplace. It’s placed outdoor right next to the exterior wall. 

The upper shelf should be filled with thinner logs like twigs and the lower part is for the larger size of logs.

13. Wood Rack with Steel Top

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Firewood is not only used during the winter season, but it’s now also useful for the other seasons like summer. During the summer, the fire pit will be enjoyed by your dear and near ones while having some quality fun time together. 

In the picture, the wood rack is used to store all the things you need for an outdoor fire pit. That includes camping equipment and outdoor cooking tools. 

14. Large Octagon Firewood Storages

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For a house that needs a large supply of firewood for the entire season, this is a great idea to apply. It requires a large room like this open garage for the storages. 

Even though those storages are large in size, they don’t take a lot of floor space. They’re stacked neatly on top of each other. From this point of view, it looks like a huge beehive because of the octagonal shapes.

15. Simple DIY Firewood Holder

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It’s probably the most affordable DIY project on this list. It’s simple and quick to build. You don’t have to do many woodworking steps, just as simple as hammering the nails. You will make your piles of firewood well-organized in a blink of an eye. 

Prepare the wood planks, cinder blocks, and some fence rails. Then, you’re ready to go. 

16. Firewood Storage under the Patio Bench

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Having a multifunctional element in the patio will add value to your outdoor room. This patio has a special area for fire pit party. The firewood stocks are stored nearby the pit for an easy reaching every time you want to light the fire. 

17. Portable Standing Tower Rack for Firewood

diy firewood rack
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There’s nothing more pleasing than having a firewood rack that you can move anywhere you want. The four wheels attached to its base allow the rack to move around. It’s made using the combination of steel and wood structure. 

The structure is open, so you have to be careful in stacking the logs. Make sure it’s in proper dimension to make it fit well and sturdy enough to be moved. S

18. Easy Firewood Holder without Any Woodworking

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Just attach them together in the shape of V letter. To build one V holder, you need two pieces of board and one cinder block for the base. Form the board pieces into a V form by attaching the edge together using the blocks. 

You may start to fill the holder up with the firewood stocks as soon as it’s formed in order to keep it sturdy and neat. 

19. Artistic Wagon Wheel Firewood Garden

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Instead of being just an ordinary rack, you can make a decorative one like this artistic firewood storage. It has its special charm that would attract people to come and see this beautiful scene in front of your house.

This one can only be used as a firewood outdoor decoration. Because, when some of the logs are taken out, it will ruin the scene. It’s not a firewood rack; it’s more like a firewood garden.

20. Painted Wood Pallet Firewood Rack

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This indoor firewood rack is made out of wood pallets. Just by looking at this image, we know that the rack belongs to the outside world. It doesn’t fit the indoor atmosphere. This house should use a smaller rack for piling up the firewood. 

Even though it’s well-painted with white color, it’s still looking weird for an indoor. But, it would be an affordable idea for your outdoor element.

21. Log Storage for Living Room

This firewood rack is specially designed for your indoor. It can complete the interior element of the living room. If you have a farmhouse or rustic living room, this is something you need nearby the fireplace. 

Above the rack, you can have some kind of mini herbs garden. It will provide your need for healthy spices. If you plan to have that herbs mini garden, this rack should be placed outside. 

22. Mini Warehouse for Firewood

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The concept of a tiny warehouse seems perfect for a house that doesn’t really need a lot of firewood. Since it’s a house, the firewood will be well-protected inside this storage. You can fill the main room with logs and the attic space with twigs.

It’s like a dog house in the garden. Having those potted flowers next to the storage making it well-decorated.

23. Galvanized Tub as Firewood Holder

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It’s a clever way to repurpose the old galvanized tub you have. Or, you can buy it on purpose to be used as a holder for firewood supply. It’s mounted to the wall in the walkway area. This farmhouse style has just been completed. 

Mounting the tub to the wall can be a challenge. You have to find the right way to mount it firmly. 

24. Long Firewood Storage Shed

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This backyard garden is filled with beautiful flowers that are ready to amaze people with its beauty. At the end of the garden, you can see the long wooden shed that filled with plenty of logs. The shed offers a nice background for the garden scene. It makes the flower garden feels more natural. 

It can also be used as a fence that separates the garden with another outdoor space in the area. This long shed features a roof that will keep the supply dry and away from moss. It could be the ideal DIY firewood rack with roof ideas. 

25. Open White Cabinet for Storing Logs

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This farmhouse indoor room has an ordinary open cabinet you often see in many houses. In this case, it’s used differently. The owner decided to pile up the logs inside some of the storage space.

Some people might think that firewood is not supposed to be there. It’s supposed to be a clean storage space for kitchen utensils, memorabilia, or other types of decorations. Well, it’s probably a good idea for this house since it is white and the logs add character and natural color to the mix.

26. Large-Scale Wood Storage with Steel Divider

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Getting your ready for cold season, this firewood storage will accommodate plenty of wood supply you need for the entire season. It’s packed with steel divider that maintains the sturdiness of the storage. 

It is open storage attached to the house’s wall, so it’s protective enough for your supply of firewood. You don’t have to look for more logs because you already store a lot. 

27. Simple Steel Frame for Logs

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This rectangular steel frame is somewhat perfectly matched with the minimalist fireplace for indoor. As we know, the piles of wood would give a nice character and texture that makes an ideal wall decor. The cutting style of the wood should also be considered since it can set a different scene.

This indoor logs storage doesn’t take a lot of space in your room. It’s placed next to the fireplace for an easy refill of the fireplace. 

28. Log Holder in Square-Shaped Metal

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This holder can only accommodate some of your logs that are ready to be burned. For a large number of logs, you should keep it in another larger holder or rack outside the house. This black steel holder can sit comfortably both indoor and outdoor space. 

When you place it next to the fireplace inside the house, you have to make sure that your logs don’t produce some kinds of dirt while you’re taking it out one by one. 

29. Steel Round Wall Holder for Firewood

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This creative spin of storage is perfect as indoor firewood rack. This wall-mount holder is a great way to repurpose the underused space on the wall. All elements of the tree have their own space on the holder.

This firewood rack offers a nice scene to your white wall, It looks ideally matched with that bricked fireplace mantel on the left side of the wall. It offers some kind of character to the bright plain wall beside the fireplace. 

30. Firewood Storage with Shelter

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This shed is more than just storage for firewood. It also has a room for cutting the logs. As you can see from the outside, it has seating space for a comfortable wood cutting. The firewood holder on each side of the shed looks like a gate to the inside. 

However, this kind of storage won’t give you a lot of space to store the firewood even though this shed size is pretty large. 

31. House Shaped Firewood Holder

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This holder will perfectly fit in your modern house. You should place it right next to your minimalist fireplace. The black-painted metal seems to be the ideal material for an indoor firewood holder because it offers some industrial vibes to the atmosphere. 

Standing next to the potted plants really defines the character of the holder in a good way. Having an indoor log holder could cause some fiber cluttering the floor. You may need to clean the flooring space regularly. 

32. Firewood Rack and Botanical Garden

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In this idea, the rack is used for both logs holder and botanical garden shelf. It’s going to be a perfect decoration for your outdoor garden on the front yard or backyard. First of all, you should put all of the firewood you need.

Then, you can fill up the empty space with potted plants and flowers to make it more decorative. The plants inside the shelf connect the entire rack with the garden next to it.

33. Glamorous Fireplace with Its Exclusive Storage

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This highly glamorous and modern fireplace is surrounded by glass walls that see through the inside clearly. You will see the firewood burning right in front of your eyes. 

Unfortunately, it’s only an exhibition. It’s not the real fireplace; the designer just wants to have an impression in the middle of the room. As you see, it features a pile of wood on its storage which is all real wood. It’s all built only for the sake of glamorous decoration.

34. Black Shed Firewood Rack

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This shed building structure is typical. It’s almost the same as the previous firewood rack ideas. What makes it so different is obviously black paint. When the whole shed is painted with such bold color. The shed will turn into the center of attention in the middle of your outdoor area. 

The contrast color that this shed gives to the pile of woods really matters to the outdoor scheme. It’s an easy way to make the shed so special. 

35. Inspirational Miniature Firewood Holder

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This teeny-tiny firewood holder is part of a miniature house doll. Even though it’s only an element in a dollhouse, It could be a great design idea to copy for the real holder. It’s able to help you in organizing the firewood stock near the fireplace. 

The circular shape of this steel-structured holder would look stylish side by side with your traditional fireplace. 

36. Rustic Fireplace Set from The Past

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The concept of this fireplace set is like something that magically comes from the past. The all-white surroundings make the fireplace the center of attention especially when it’s on fire. The log storage is also built inside the fireplace’s mantle part.

This rustic and vintage fireplace looks perfectly fit inside this white beach style house. As we know, a clean white scheme is not friendly with the rustic element because it makes that kind of element looks dirty. Well, that’s the beauty of it. 

37. Black Steel Pipes Holder for Firewood

firewood rack
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It’s the second portable storage for the firewood. You can move it anywhere you want, indoor and outdoor. Whenever you need to warm up the indoor with your fireplace, you can easily move it nearby.

Then, when the family wants to enjoy their time in front of the outdoor fire pit, you can just roll it to the outside to get the firewood supply in touch. The industrial vibe that’s brought to the atmosphere by the structure of the pipe is truly pleasing. 

After all of those DIY firewood rack ideas, hopefully, you know what to do with your cluttered firewood stocks. Most of the ideas you’ve already explored are easy to make and DIY friendly. The size and design of the rack or storage depending on how much firewood you need to store. 



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