15+ Landscaping Around Trees with Rocks, Stones & Flowers

Landscaping Around Trees – Mature trees may bring beauty and shade to a residential landscape, but the ground underneath and surrounding their trunks can make an issue sometimes. It can result in it exposed tree roots, a few unwanted plants growing, and bare dirt. 

That’s why landscaping around trees can be a good idea to prevent any unnecessary problem. Plus, it can upgrade the overall beauty of your landscape too!

Landscaping Around Trees

If you don’t know where to start, here I’ve arranged 15 ideas to landscape under and around a tree. With these ideas, you can make your yard the envy of the neighborhood!

1. Landscaping Around Tree with Flowers

landscaping around trees

Creating a raised border around a tree has become one of the most popular ways to deal with this dead space. This idea makes a good example with its circular raised flower bed.

Here, rock pavers are used as the border, creating an interesting transition between the grass and the flower bed. Pavers make an ideal material since they are fairly inexpensive and very easy to work with. 

The bed has plenty of space to add flowers and small shrubs. Get a hanging flower to extend the beauty of the flowers under the tree.

2. Plenty of Stone Bed

landscaping ideas around trees with stone

Instead of the usual garden bed which may still expose the soil under the tree, this idea completely covers it. As a result, there’s no need to worry about bare dirt anymore. 

Remember that not all landscaping requires plants. This raised stone bed makes a nice example for you. It’s definitely perfect for those who wish to fully conceal the soil under the tree.  

The best part about this landscaping idea under the tree is that you can easily create the edge yourself. Then pour in plenty of stones afterward. 

3. A Tree with a Deck

landscaping ideas around trees pictures

A mature tree in the backyard makes a perfect space to get relaxed. Instead of leaving the area under the tree bare, build a deck around it like shown in this picture.

This idea gives extra space for the owners to enjoy their backyard. You can add outdoor furniture like this table bench and make the space under the tree a peaceful gateway. 

But, is building a wood deck healthy for the tree? Landscaping around trees like this actually offers some benefits. One of the advantages is reduced soil compaction. It’s because raised wood deck allow you to get rid of food traffic which can be a stressor.

4. Overflowing Ornamental Grass

how to landscape a tree
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Ornamental grasses are known for its easy to care and durability. They can last for a long time and often called as plants for all seasons. More importantly, they can even grow under the shade of tree.

This landscaping idea is taking advantage of an ornamental grass variety for an easy-to-grow border. It adds a real touch of beauty and creates an eye-catching focal point in your backyard.

If there are more than one trees in your backyard, do the same landscaping design in another tree-like shown in this picture. 

5. Enchanting Purple Tulip Bed 

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rewrite this best version: What an enchanting landscaping idea! This under-the-tree landscaping design is highly beautiful with its purple blooms. There’s no need to create a raised border around the tree. Just maintaining the existing soil level at the trunk is enough for this beauty.

Purple tulips are selected to extend the loveliness of the purple flowering trees here. They deliver a dramatic look in this yard. When they’re not in season, you can swap them with other flowers as well.
Wow, what a captivating landscaping concept! This enchanting design beneath the tree showcases the utmost beauty with its mesmerizing purple blossoms. No raised border is necessary around the tree; simply maintaining the existing soil level at the trunk is sufficient to showcase this exquisite sight.

To enhance the splendor of the purple flowering trees, delightful purple tulips have been carefully chosen. They add a striking touch to this yard, creating a truly dramatic atmosphere. During off-seasons, you can easily replace them with other flowers, ensuring continuous charm throughout the year.

6. Unique Stone and Plant Garden

landscaping ideas around trees with rocks
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What is the first thing that comes in your mind when seeing this landscaping idea? Well, it’s unique, isn’t it? Rather than arranged traditionally, these variety kind of stones are assembled into an exceptional spiral border.

This idea of landscaping around trees also includes some plants in different types, delivering lovely variety in the design. The good news is that you can create this beautiful landscaping without too much trouble. 

7. Flower Bed with Wooden Border

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There’s a bunch to be said for symmetry when you own a big yard filled with rows of trees. Instead of keeping them into a row of boring trees, turn them into something attractive by adding a rectangular garden under each tree. 

This landscaping idea is simple enough to try. By creating a rectangular wooden edging, there’s enough space under the tree to grow some flowers together. 

Consider filling each garden with the same flowers all the way along the tree rows. Choose flowers with some different colors to make an interesting garden under the tree. 

8. Annual Flower Bed with Border

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You don’t need to own a very big garden to have lovely flowers in your shady place. This idea of landscaping under the tree makes a simple example for you.

With heart-shaped circular border, this flower bed under the tree can deliver its own charm. You can plant annuals like this yellow flowering plant to add a bright touch under the tree. 

Instead of following this idea completely, you can consider filling up every free space of dirt by planting perennials, bulbs, vines, and other ornaments. 

9. Beauty under the Palm Tree

landscape around tree flowers
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A heat-loving palm tree is surrounded by pink and red petunias in this yard. The abundant petunias surrounding this tree have created a natural, charming look that no one can resist. 

Since palm tree allows more sunlight to go through the space under it, you can actually grow a variety of plants here. You don’t need to limit yourself with plants which love shade only. 

Petunias are one of the flowers which typically require sunny conditions. That’s why they make a good choice in this case. Plus, they are also easy to grow and care. 

10. Space Filled with Elegance

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Located beside the road, this front yard is probably not the best place for a garden. But with a flowering tree and brimming blooms under it, this space makes a nice outdoor gateway.

If you’re looking to an elegant idea for landscaping around trees, this picture shows you the way. Just imagine sitting on the bench with blooms underneath. You might feel like you’re in wonderful flower garden rather than in your front yard. 

11. Under the Tree Flower Box

trees lawn
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A temporary flower box is perfect for landscaping under a small tree. Since it’s supposed to grow anytime soon, a wooden flower box like this will make it easier for you to swap it with the new one when needed.

You can easily build the box with some wooden pallets. They are easy to find and very affordable as well, so you don’t need to break the bank.

Consider planting a few different types of flowers that work well together. Opt for some small lavender plants and petunias to fill up the box.

12. Bench Surrounding the Tree

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A shade under the tree has always been a cozy spot to get relaxed. For this reason, building a bench surrounding the tree will be a good choice. 

You can use some wooden planks to create the bench. Once you want to update the look, you can easily refinish the bench by painting or staining. 

To enliven the space, you can also add some plants around the bench. You can also add some mulch to cover the areas where the grass won’t grow. 

13. Landscaping Around Tree with Stones

landscaping ideas around trees with rocks
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Adding enough stones to cover the area under the tree can be one of the simplest ways to decorate this space. Instead of covering all the dirt area with stones, this idea only employs small space for them.

To cover the leftover soil, you can grow some plants surrounding the stones. Consider spreading other plants as well around the area. Bugleweed can be a good option for the edging. You can also get some dead nettle for the inner layer.

14. Eye-Catching Rock Pavers Edging

Rock Pavers Edging
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Not all rock pavers look boring and flat. At least this landscaping around trees idea proves it. These rock pavers create a lovely circular raised bed around the trees.

The rustic touch from the rock pavers works well in this classic-style home. They also offer plenty of space to grow flowers and small shrubs. 

More importantly, they’re relatively easy to find and won’t require so much budget. You can consider adding other garden decoration like this frog sculpture and wire flowers. 

15. Raised Deck with Cushions

landscaping around tree with raised deck
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This is another idea that involves building a deck around a tree. It’s no doubt that creating a space for calming down is the best approach to decorate an area under the tree. 

Instead of creating a garden bed, you can make a comfy spot for taking a nap under the tree. Simply bring some cushions out and you can enjoy the breeze conveniently. 

Moreover, there’s no need to worry about the tree’s life as well. Building a wooden deck or even patio around a tree won’t harm it. Instead, this idea can reduce foot traffic on soil under the trees.

Flowering ground cover

This landscaping idea involves planting low-growing flowers like creeping phlox or vinca minor around the base of the tree. These flowers create a vibrant and colorful carpet-like effect, adding beauty and visual interest to the area while helping to suppress weed growth.

Mulch ring

Creating a mulch ring around the tree involves spreading a layer of mulch in a circular shape around the base of the tree. Mulch not only defines the space around the tree but also helps retain moisture in the soil, regulates soil temperature, and provides a neat and tidy appearance to the landscape.

Rock garden

A rock garden around the tree incorporates a selection of rocks, pebbles, and boulders arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This landscaping design adds texture, depth, and a natural element to the area around the tree. It can be further enhanced by incorporating drought-tolerant plants or resilient ground covers amidst the rocks.

Ferns and moss

Utilizing shade-loving plants like ferns and moss creates a lush and green undergrowth around the tree. These plants thrive in the cool and moist conditions often found in the shade, adding a touch of tranquility and a natural woodland feel to the landscape.

Wood chips

Spreading wood chips around the tree provides both a practical and visually appealing solution. Wood chips help conserve soil moisture, reduce weed growth, and insulate the soil, promoting a healthier environment for the tree. Additionally, they offer a rustic and natural aesthetic, blending well with various landscaping styles.

Perennial border

This landscaping idea involves planting a mix of perennial flowers and plants around the tree. Perennials come back year after year, providing ongoing beauty and interest. By carefully selecting a variety of plants with different bloom times, you can ensure a continuous display of colors and textures throughout the seasons.

Herb garden

Creating a small herb garden around the tree allows you to combine practicality with aesthetics. You can plant herbs like rosemary, thyme, and mint, which not only add visual appeal with their foliage and flowers but also offer the convenience of fresh herbs for culinary purposes.

Japanese garden

Incorporating elements of a Japanese garden around the tree creates a serene and peaceful ambiance. You can include Zen stones, bamboo, moss, lanterns, and carefully arranged plants to evoke a sense of balance, tranquility, and natural beauty.

Native wildflowers

Planting native wildflowers around the tree helps support local ecosystems and attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies. Native species are well-adapted to the region’s climate and require less maintenance. They offer a natural and vibrant touch to the landscape, enhancing biodiversity and providing habitat for wildlife.

Ornamental grasses

Adding ornamental grasses around the tree introduces texture, movement, and architectural interest to the landscape. Grasses like fountain grass or miscanthus are known for their graceful foliage and plume-like flowers. They create a dynamic and low-maintenance backdrop for the tree while adding visual appeal throughout the seasons.

Shade-tolerant perennials

Selecting shade-tolerant perennials like hostas or astilbes adds pops of color and foliage interest to the area around the tree. These plants thrive in shady conditions and provide a lush and vibrant display, even in areas with limited sunlight.

Groundcover shrubs

Planting low-growing shrubs like dwarf euonymus or juniper creates a neat and compact landscape around the tree. These groundcover shrubs offer year-round greenery, serve as a natural weed barrier, and create a well-defined border, enhancing the overall appearance of the tree’s surroundings.

Potted plants

Placing decorative pots with colorful flowers or foliage plants around the base of the tree offers versatility and mobility in your landscaping. You can easily change and rearrange the potted plants to suit your preferences or seasonal variations, providing a flexible and customizable design option.

Pebble mosaic

Creating an intricate mosaic pattern using different colored pebbles or stones around the tree adds a unique and artistic touch to your landscape. The mosaic can be designed in various shapes or patterns, turning the ground into a visually captivating feature.

Fairy Garden

Designing a whimsical fairy garden around the tree creates a magical and enchanting scene. You can incorporate miniature accessories like fairy houses, tiny furniture, and winding pathways amidst delicate plants and flowers. This imaginative and charming display adds a touch of wonder and creates a focal point in your landscape.

Water feature

Installing a small water feature like a birdbath or a mini pond near the tree adds a tranquil element to the landscape. The soothing sound of flowing water and the presence of birds or other wildlife attracted to the water feature create a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

Scented herbs

Planting aromatic herbs like lavender or thyme around the tree releases pleasant fragrances and creates a sensory experience in your landscape. These scented herbs not only add beauty but also offer the opportunity to enjoy their delightful aromas as you stroll by.

Groundcover roses

Choosing low-growing roses as ground covers around the tree adds continuous blooms and a touch of elegance to the landscape. Groundcover roses offer beautiful flowers, dense foliage, and sometimes a lovely fragrance, creating a stunning carpet of color beneath the tree.

Fern and Hosta combo

Combining ferns and hostas creates a lush and textured display with contrasting foliage shapes and colors. Ferns add a delicate, feathery appearance, while hostas offer bold, broad leaves. This combination brings depth and visual interest to the tree’s surroundings.

Evergreen shrubs

Planting evergreen shrubs like boxwood or yew around the tree ensures year-round greenery and structure in the landscape. These shrubs provide a consistent backdrop and add a sense of permanence and visual appeal to the tree’s surroundings, even during the winter months.

Wildflower meadow

Allowing wildflowers to grow naturally in a meadow-like style around the tree creates a vibrant and carefree landscape. The mix of native wildflowers adds color, attracts pollinators, and creates a whimsical and naturalistic setting.

Hanging baskets

Hanging colorful baskets from the branches of the tree adds a vertical dimension and a burst of color to the landscape. You can choose a variety of trailing flowers or foliage plants to create an eye-catching display that complements the tree’s surroundings.

Stepping stones

Laying stepping stones in a winding pattern around the tree provides a pathway and adds visual interest. These stones can be made of various materials like natural stone, concrete, or pavers, offering functionality while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space.

Bulb garden

Planting spring-flowering bulbs like daffodils or tulips around the tree adds a burst of color and a sense of renewal to the landscape. These bulbs can be planted in clusters or scattered throughout the area, creating a vibrant and welcoming display in early spring.

Fern wall

Creating a wall of ferns by planting different varieties along the base of the tree adds a lush and textured backdrop. The ferns provide a dense and vibrant greenery that brings a touch of elegance and a sense of privacy to the tree’s surroundings.

Cacti and succulents

Creating a desert-inspired landscape by planting drought-tolerant cacti and succulents around the tree offers a unique and low-maintenance option. These plants come in various shapes and sizes and provide an interesting and sculptural element to the landscape.

Moss garden

Encouraging the growth of moss around the tree creates a natural and serene ground cover. Moss adds a lush, velvety texture and a vibrant green color to the landscape, transforming the area into a peaceful and enchanting space.

Edible garden: Planting edible plants like vegetables, herbs, or fruit-bearing shrubs around the tree creates a functional and visually appealing landscape. Not only do you get to enjoy the beauty of the tree, but you also have the added benefit of fresh produce or herbs for your culinary endeavors.

Butterfly Garden

Selecting flowers that attract butterflies, such as milkweed, butterfly bush, and zinnias, creates a colorful and pollinator-friendly landscape. The vibrant blooms and nectar-rich flowers attract butterflies, bringing movement, beauty, and a touch of wildlife to the tree’s surroundings.

Zen garden

Designing a Zen garden around the tree creates a tranquil and meditative space. Incorporate elements like raked sand or gravel, rocks, and minimalistic plantings to create a minimalist and harmonious landscape that promotes relaxation and introspection.

That’s all my favorite ideas for Landscaping Around Trees. After all the hard work, don’t let them being invisible after the sun goes down. Consider adding some well-placed accent lights around it. This way, you can make the most of your landscaping ideas!

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