15+ Simple Mailbox Landscaping Ideas with Rocks & Flowers

Your Mailbox Landscaping can add an attractive appeal to the front yard and overall home exterior. With the right idea, you can even turn your mailbox into a fun and fascinating instrument to welcome your guests!

Now the question is: which idea should be applied to make the most of your mailbox? Luckily, you’ve come to the right site to find these top 19 mailbox landscaping designs and ideas. With these ideas, I’m sure it’s not only your postal worker will be pausing in admiration. 

1. Opt for Colorful Zinnia Beds

mailbox landscaping

greengardenista.comZinnia flowers can generate a massive burst of color around your mailbox. Just like this landscaping idea, these colorful flowers just make the simple mailbox becomes a new statement in the front yard.

This idea is very simple since you just need to create a small bed for the flowers. Plus, zinnias are one of the easiest annuals to grow, so you don’t need to have the advanced skill to plant them.

2. Grow Clematis on a Mailbox

fthmb.tqn.comIf you’re a kind of person who visits your mailbox frequently, you’ll want it to be interesting. Growing sweet clematis on your mailbox can be a good idea.

You can use a wrap of bird netting or wire trellis to help the clematis scramble up your mailbox post. This way, your mailbox will turn into a fascinating destination in your landscape instead of a tedious site to collect everyday bills. 

3. Add a Low-Maintenance Mailbox Garden

greengardenista.comYou probably wonder whether it’s a mailbox garden or a garden which has a mailbox in it. Whatever it is, if you’re searching for a low-maintenance mailbox landscaping, you’ll surely need to check this idea. 

All the flowers and greeneries included in this bed is a type that you can maintain easily. You can plant them without too much trouble as well.

4. Bring a Tropical Appeal

hgtvhome.comIf you have a front yard garden with a mailbox in it, you can try to introduce a simple bed of colorful annuals to make this area even more interesting. You can also consider going for a lush like shown in the picture above.

You can include some roses, cleome, black-eyed Susan vines, monkey grass, cornflowers, and Echinacea to make a small garden looks colorful. Large annuals like canna lilies are able to boast momentary drama while other plants are not in season. 

5. Introduce Mailbox in Flower Pot

via pinterest.comUnique and beautiful are two words that describe this mailbox very well. Instead of creating a flowerbed under your mailbox post, consider using an old wooden barrel to make a unique piece like this. 

You can plant a variety of spring flowers which has some different colors to make your mailbox post even more beautiful. 

6. Add the Classic Charm

via pinterest.comYour mailbox is likely placed right up against the street. That’s why you’ll need some plants which are tough enough to do the hard work.

Search for varieties which have the ability to hold up to summer heat or much snow, if you live in an area like this. Consider some flowers like zinnias and lantanas to outlining your mailbox like this. They’re bright and very easy to grow. 

7. Include a Small Flower Box

via pinterst.comThe art of mailbox landscaping isn’t limited to adding a variety of flowers and plants under the post. You can also take advantage of an additional box on the post to plant some colorful flowers like this.

In addition to a mailbox and newspaper holder, this white post has a flower box as well. Even a small flower box like this can make it an eye-catching statement in your front yard.

8. Surround It with Enchanting Flowers

via pinterest.comSurrounding your simple mailbox with flowers can instantly make your front yard even more inviting and good-natured. Get an easy-growing variety as this beautiful pink shrub to make your mailbox welcoming. 

You can also add other varieties like shrub rose and sedum to create a lush and relaxed look which hints cottage garden style. Or simply steal the look of this beautiful mailbox garden to amaze your neighbors. 

9. Add a Potted Climbing Plant

via pinterest.comThe post of your mailbox makes a perfect place to let a beautiful flowering vine to grow. Just like this potted pink mandevilla which adds an interesting flair on your mailbox. 

You can also consider other small vines like clematis which can live long in your mailbox garden. Then, accent it with a range of no-fuss perennials like lavender, salvia, yarrow, and ornamental grasses for styling. 

10. Fit Your Personal Style

jeuxdecoiffure.infoJust like planting a garden, you have to fit your personal style when planting around your mailbox. Don’t be scared to add any plants and flowers if you like a lot of colors. 

Plus, a front yard overflowing by flowers like this won’t take much of your time to maintain it over the year. Just make sure to choose varieties which are suitable to your climate. Then, spread a few inches of mulch over the ground to eliminate weeds.

11. Repurpose an Old Bicycle

homebnc.comNeed something exceptional to wow your visitors? This idea includes an old bicycle which makes your mailbox landscaping idea even more extraordinary.

This old bicycle not only works as the mailbox holder, but also functions as a planter. You can include a selection of colorful flowers and some greenery to complete this unique idea. 

12. Go with Annuals

via pinterest.comThe mailbox itself is attention-grabbing, especially because it has the shape of a home. And you have a chance to make it more charming by adding a planter at the mailbox.

You can go with annual flowers which offer the opportunity to change out the look of your mailbox every year. Plus, most of them bloom nonstop all over the summer. Be creative with your mailbox garden by incorporating pots and stones too.

13. Add a Garden Path

gardencreator.netOver the years, a mailbox garden is probably going to grow in scope and size to let all of your favorite flowers in. 

To accommodate this trend, you may need to have a garden path to provide easy access for pruning and weeding. Plus, it can ensure that your postal worker can reach the mailbox without difficulty.

14. Go with Ornamental Grass

iveyleaguelandscapes.comA bright ornamental grass can highlight your mailbox too. When the flowers have gone by, an ornamental grass like this can keep the interest and style of your mailbox garden.

More interestingly, ornamental grass also comes in a variety of choices. You can go with tall ornamental grasses like frost grass, maiden grass, or pampas grass to add vertical interest in your landscape. 

15. Combine Beautiful Flower and Grass

knechts.netInstead of including either flowers or ornamental grass only, why don’t you combine both to make your mailbox post look even more interesting? 

This idea makes a great example for you. It combines perennials and feather reed grass, creating an eye-catching landscape around the mailbox. Consider mixing the perennials to make your landscape more exciting and colorful. 

16. Get a Monogram on a Rock

via pinterest.comThe landscape around your mailbox is sure able to make as much of impression as the other elements in the front yard.

This mailbox landscaping idea may seem seriously simple, but it definitely gives a chic style. You just need to create a small flowerbed to grow purple phlox like this. To add style, get a monogram on a rock to display the initial of your family name. 

17. Make It Simple with Potted Flower

homebnc.comVisual charm can be easily added at your mailbox by putting on a pot of fresh flowers. You can place the pot at the post as shown above. Or you can simply arrange some pots of flowers under the mailbox.

Creating two levels of beautiful planters like this idea can be a good idea as well. Opt for red geraniums or other bright colored blooms to make your flowerbeds or container garden eye-catching.

18. Get Plants for Small Space

diy.comWho says you cannot dress a wall-mounted mailbox? For you who are living in an urban area or have your mailbox attached right on the front door, this idea is perfect for you. 

You can dress up your mailbox by filling a container with attractive plants or flowers. Or you can simply bring a big planter and put it under your mailbox. You can change your usual plants and flowers with other things on season like Halloween pumpkin or holiday evergreens too!

19. Hang Some Flower Pots

via pinterest.comPull out the greenery under your mailbox to the top of its post by hanging some flowers pots. You can use hangapot hangers which are attached to the post to hold the potted flowers. 

To make a more drama at your mailbox, you can go with a spilling seasonal plant like lobelia or an overflowing bloom like geraniums. Employ different type of flowers in each pot to make your mailbox even more eye-catching.

Those are the list of 19 Mailbox Landscaping ideas to keep your front yard exceptional and charming. Consider customizing the landscape design once in a while to keep it fresh. Finally, hope you enjoy the ideas and have fun!


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