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DIY Scarecrow Ideas – Scarecrows have been widely used to frighten birds away so the crops can grow well. Actually, scarecrows can do more than just keeping the birds at bay. With the right scarecrow ideas, they can make your field look more appealing.

Scarecrows are usually made of wooden stick frame which is dressed up with old clothes. The head is made of burlap and the body is made of straws.

In this article, you will find unique scarecrow costume ideas that will not only scare the birds but also awe anyone.

1. A Soccer Star

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If you are a big fan of soccer, this scarecrow is for you. It will not only frighten birds away but also add a personality boost to your farm or garden. 

This soccer player keeps his eyes open to stay focus. He is always alert for birds that are coming closer. 

You may need some advanced craft skills in making this scarecrow. The first things you need to do are forming the frame and wrap it with lots of straws until it is fully covered. Then, get a soccer player costume to dress the scarecrow up.

2. Ride the Bike

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This scarecrow design is unique. Most scarecrows supervise the farms by standing up without doing anything, but this scarecrow looks like doing something. It does not mean it is alive, though.

This scarecrow shows a man riding a bicycle on a farm, which makes it look like a real man. To make this scarecrow, you are going to need old clothes, and old cap, lots of straws, and an old bicycle. 

You can find the bicycle in a flea market if you cannot find one in your storage room.

3. Scarecrow for Halloween

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Halloween is often synonymous with creepy things like monsters, ghosts, and witches. To celebrate Halloween better, you can try this scarecrow idea for your garden or farm.

This scarecrow tells you a story of a careless witch. She was riding her broomstick while using her phone until she hit a pole because she was not careful. This will be an epic scarecrow ever.

4. Garden Scarecrow

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Sometimes scarecrows are not only used to repel the birds especially crows. They can be an interesting yet affordable adornment for your garden.

This scarecrow, for instance, is inexpensive and easy to make. You only need to build the frame for its body, and then get a pair of overall pants and a shirt to dress it up.

5. Working Farmer

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This scarecrow will trick the birds and drive them away perfectly because it looks like a working farmer who is preparing the ground for cultivation. 

You may need to harness your advanced skills to make this scarecrow. You need to build the frame first, and then form the muscles and body using chicken wires. Get a hat and overall pants to dress it up. Finally, place the scarecrow on your farm.

6. A Cricket Player

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Cricket is a very popular sports. It is played by two teams consisting of eleven members in each team, and they have to score by hitting the ball and run between the wooden posts.

This game does require a wide field, but it will fit your garden well. We are not telling you to play cricket in the garden, though. If you are keen on cricket, making a scarecrow of a cricket player would be a terrific idea.

This cricket player looks professional although he is merely a scarecrow. At least, he can add a personality boost to your garden as well as making it a safe haven for beautiful flowers and edible plants.

7. Batman is Ready to Save the Day

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Who says a scarecrow has to be in the form of a farmer or gardener? A scarecrow can be anything; even a prominent superhero can be a super scarecrow that can drive away annoying crows.

This scarecrow – just like Batman who always protects Gotham city from the vicious villains – will protect your farm or garden from the pesky birds. 

You only need to make the wooden frame and get a Batman costume to dress it up. Stuff it with straws, and you are good to go.

8. A Happy Couple

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A romantic and touching story is not only found in a Romance or drama on TV. You can even find it in your garden. 

It is not about the story of butterflies or other living creatures inhabiting your garden. It is about the scarecrows that will make your garden look more attractive.

This gentleman and the beautiful lady make a perfect duo that can protect your garden. You only need to harness your creativity and use a little bit of elbow grease to create this lovely couple.

9. Star Wars Stormtrooper

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Star Wars has never failed to amaze its fans. It has always succeeded in stealing everyone’s attention since the first trilogy which was released in 1977. If you are one of the Star Wars big fans, this scarecrow idea will be suitable for you.

Stormtroopers are one of the most iconic characters of Star Wars. Therefore, if you want to bring Star Wars into your garden, you can try making this scarecrow. To make this scarecrow, you are going to need straws, white clothes, and a white bucket.

10. Scary Scarecrow

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Scarecrows usually frighten crows away. However, this scarecrow will not be only scary to the annoying birds but also to some people especially kids, which is perfect for your Halloween treats.

All you need to do is just making well-worn clothes out of burlap and stuff them with straws to form the body of the scarecrow. The head is also made of burlap. Draw the face of jack-o’-lantern to enhance the scary look.

11. The Scarecrow is Taking a Rest

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After standing up for years, this scarecrow needs to take a rest a little bit. Just let him sit for a few years, and he will be ready to scare the birds. 

This is another way to make a cool scarecrow. Instead of making your scarecrow stand up all the time, you can try making it sit. You can also use some small flowerpots for the hands and legs. A ball or coconut can be used to make the head of your scarecrow. 

12. A Friendly Lumberjack

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A scarecrow does not have to be scary. A smiling scarecrow can amp your farm up as well as preventing the crows from coming closer and ruining your crops. 

This friendly lumberjack can be a nice scarecrow for your farm. Instead of showing a spooky face that can drive away people, it shows a friendly smile that welcomes you all the time. 

13. Easy DIY Scarecrow

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If you think making a scarecrow is arduous and time-consuming, try this easy DIY scarecrow idea. 

Unlike the ubiquitous scarecrows, you will not need to stuff lots of straws to form the body. You only need to make the wooden frame and dress it up. Add a scarf and pirate hat to make it look more dramatic. 

14. Climb up the Pole

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This is another easy scarecrow idea that is worth copying. You do not need to make a new wooden frame. You will only need to use an existing pole in your garden and let the scarecrow stick to it like somebody who is climbing up the pole. 

It will still demand some straws and old clothes. However, it will not take up a lot of your time. 

15. Spongebob Squarepants


Who doesn’t know Spongebob Squarepants? He is one of the silliest people in Bikini Bottom. Although he is silly and somewhat annoying, many kids love him. Therefore, it is a good idea to make a scarecrow that looks like him. 

This cute scarecrow is not scary at all. It is cute, lovely, and friendly instead. Although it might not scare the birds, it will perk your garden up and make your kids and passersby smile. 

16. A Good Father

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This scarecrow not only helps you to hold the crows at bay, but it also tells you a very touching story of a father and his baby. 

This scarecrow reminds us that family is everything. He keeps holding his baby to make it feel comfortable while frightening the birds away. His friendly smile is not frightening at all, though. 

17. Simple Scarecrow Ideas

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Making a scarecrow is not that hard. This scarecrow, for example, is very easy to make.

The first thing you need to do is getting the clothes that you are going to use to dress the scarecrow up. Place a sturdy pole into the ground. If you want it to be sturdier, you can place it against a fence.

Then, stuff the clothes of the scarecrow with hay or old stockings. Secure the hay or old stockings with ropes or old belts. It is merely a breeze, isn’t it?

18. A Beautiful Lady

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Look at this beautiful lady! She takes care of the garden well and makes sure that the crops grow well without any pesky crows ruining them. Her smile adds warmth to the garden. Unfortunately, she is not a real lady. She is just a scarecrow. 

This scarecrow is simple yet appealing. It is only made of wooden sticks that form the structure of its body. It wears old clothes that pay tribute to the past. There is not much hay in it so you can save lots of time. 

19. Shrek is Here

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Some people think that Shrek is a horrible monster due to his gigantic green body and bald head. Well, actually, he is very friendly. That is why he can be a perfect scarecrow that will protect your garden from birds without driving your guests away.

20. Woody and Friends

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Have you ever watched Toy Story? Who is your favorite character? 

If you are looking for scarecrow ideas that will not only let the birds come closer, but also adorn your garden, you can try bringing the characters of Toy Story to your garden. 

Woody is one of the well-known characters in this movie. You can begin with it. The cowboy suit and its smile will beef your garden up. 

21. Spiderman Scarecrow

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Most people know Spiderman well. He is a superhero that likes swinging and jumping from one building to another to chase villains. No wonder many kids dream about being a Spiderman. 

You know that Spiderman is not a real thing. He is just an imaginary superhero. But he can be a real superhero for your garden. By making a wooden frame, and investing in a Spiderman costume and some hay, you can make a Spiderman do his job. 

22. Working in the Farm

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One of the most common ideas of making scarecrows is making the bird think that you are working on the farm. By doing this, the birds will feel reluctant to come any closer to the farm and ruin the crops.

To make this idea happen, you can gather some clothes, burlaps, and hay to make scarecrows. Adding a tool in the scarecrow’s hand as an accessory would be nicer.

23. Effortless Scarecrow

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Just like what you have learned about making a scarecrow, there is a wide array of types that you can copy. But if you are not really into wasting so much time to make something that can frighten the birds, you can copy this idea.

This scarecrow is very simple. You do not even need to draw a face on its head. Yet, it will still work like a charm. You are only required to do the basic things like making the wooden structure and dress it up with clothes. Then, you are good to go. 

24. A Japanese Lady

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Japanese people are renowned for their friendliness and culture. Apparently, Japanese scarecrows are also friendly.

This Japanese lady is standing on a field with a beautiful smile that is always ready to welcome passersby. It is not a human being, though. It is just a scarecrow that wears black yukata and a hat, making it look like a Japanese farmer.

25. A Cute Scarecrow

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Most scarecrows are scary. Some horrors even describe scarecrows as spooky monsters that can hurt people. That is what makes many kids scared of scarecrows.

However, this scarecrow will change your mind. Instead of scary, it is exceptionally cute with a friendly smile. It is like a giant doll that your kids might have. Therefore, your kids will love it while the birds will hate it.

26. The Minions

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Apparently, many people have taken scarecrow to the next level. They are no longer a figure that holds the crows at bay. They have become pretty good decorations for your garden or even sidewalk.

These minions look cute with their smile. Although they are only made of hay, they still look awesome. More importantly, they will always welcome passersby.

27. An Avid Golfer

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A scarecrow can be stylish too. It does not always have to be a working farmer or a scary figure on a garden. Even a golfer can make a chic scarecrow.

This scarecrow is suitable for an avid golfer. If you have a golf stick, you can add it to your scarecrow as an accessory. It will definitely steal anyone’s focus for a moment.

28. The King of Pop

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Who misses the king of pop – Michael Jackson? Everybody knows Michael Jackson because his songs were superb and the way he danced was inspiring.

If you are one of the huge fans of this king of pop, you can bring him to your garden. We are not telling you to bring him, though. You can try making a scarecrow that looks like him. It will add style to your garden and make everyone impressed.

29. The Tourist

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Have you ever met anyone who wants to get a ride when you are heading to a certain destination? You can try adopting that idea to your garden.

This scarecrow tells us a story of a tourist who wants to get a ride. She keeps waving her hand, trying to get some help. Do you want to help her?

30. An Old Man and Peter Rabbit

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If you think making a scarecrow that looks like a real person is a little bit mundane, but you still want to make one that has great scaring power, you can try this idea.

They are such interesting scarecrows. The rabbit is trying to steal carrots, and the old man seems furious. They are actually quite easy to make. But you are always welcome to seek some help if you find it hard.

31. Chinese Scarecrow

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This is another great idea especially for those who want to make a simple scarecrow that has maximum scaring power. You do not need to form the wooden frame into a certain shape. You only need to make a cross. Then, cover it with hay.

This scarecrow is eminently simple yet effective. It shows the figure of a Chinese farmer with its traditional cloth and a straw hat.

32. A Gentleman

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A scarecrow making out of hay is a dime a dozen. If you are looking for an idea of making scarecrow without requiring lots of hay, you can adopt this one.

This scarecrow is made of rake and faux hay. Some sunflowers adorn its head to embody blonde hair. A scarf makes a great accessory around its neck. It does not look scary at all. Yet it does the trick immensely.

33. Fireman is in Action

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This is an epic scarecrow. While most scarecrows are in the form of a gardener or farmer, this scarecrow shows the figure of a fireman. 

What makes it look more amazing is it is not just a standing scarecrow with the costume of a fireman. It shows a fireman that is trying to stop the fire from making further damage. The water is made of blue sponge that is attached to a fire hose. 

34. The Courageous Superman

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This is another courageous superhero that will keep your garden safe. It is Superman. This scarecrow will make everybody fall for it. It does not scare people, but it does scare the birds perfectly.

This scarecrow is not made of hay, which makes it does not look scary. It is like a giant doll with a Superman costume which is stuffed with old stockings. Now, it is ready to save the day and your garden.

35. An Old Lady on a Farm

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This old lady looks lovely with her red dress and blonde hair. She is holding a flower basket and the US flag. Again, she is not a real human. It is just a scarecrow.

Although it looks delicate and lovely, it still frightens the birds very well. If you want to adopt this idea, it would be better if you draw a smile on this scarecrow’s face.

36. An Educated Scarecrow

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If you hear the word scarecrow, what might pop into your head? Is it a figure of a farmer standing on a farm and stuffed with hay? Most scarecrows are put on a garden or farm because it is their job – to drive away birds.

However, this scarecrow is different. Instead of standing on a farm all the time, it is standing against the wall while reading a book. What an educated scarecrow!

37. Scarecrow Ideas – Donald Trump

scarecrow ideas
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This scarecrow is very famous. Who doesn’t know the president of the US – Donald Trump? He is renowned for his unique way in leading the US which can be somewhat controversial and debatable.

This scarecrow will definitely make everyone awe because it is the figure of Donald Trump that is going to launch a missile. To make it look real, you are going to need a black coat so that the scarecrow will look stylish and lavish.

Those are some unique scarecrow ideas worth copying. Some of them are easy to make while others require advanced skills especially when paying someone to do your assignment by experts. One thing for sure: they will awe you and your guests immensely.

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