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Video Game Room Ideas – No matter how old you are, there is always a time to play the video game. Moreover, this form of entertainment gains huge popularity. It is due to many game developers who make the games more innovative and user-friendly. 

You could play your games on the bed or sofa, but it will lead to back pain for sure. That’s why you must create a convenient video game room.  

Designing an ultimate video game room can be a real challenge. But need not to worry about it. We’ve curated these ideas to assist you.

1. A Classy Feel

video game room ideas
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As the image shows, this video game room is filled with a black gaming chair, mouse, screen, keyboard, desk, and speakers. They instantly promote a masculine atmosphere and modern appeal.

Framed artworks depict the favorite game of the homeowner. The eye is quickly drawn to the computer’s screen. Thanks to the earth-toned floor, statue, and walls. Meanwhile, lighting behind the screen improves the look of the video game room.

2. Colorful Neon Tones

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Here, some black gaming gear contrasts perfectly with the white computer desk and beige wall. Underfoot is pastel grey shag rug. It adds fluffy texture to the area, while the curtain provides privacy. Both rug and curtain help soundproof your space.

To spruce up the room, a potted plant is placed on the desk. Neon lights on the wall and along the desk’s border introduce a sense of liveliness. Not to mention, they raise the beauty of the video game room. 

3. Stylish Personal Sanctuary

gaming room
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If an uncluttered video game room is right up your alley, give this idea a shot. In this picture, two open shelves neatly display nostalgic video game CDs and collectibles. They develop a clean environment and let you access them easily. 

Red fluorescent light contributes to thematic background lighting. Mini cube speakers offer a wonderful gaming experience and embrace modern design at the same time. An epic headphones stand completes the area.

4. Double Screens

gaming room ideas
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One screen doesn’t satisfy you. Why not connect another screen on your PC? We guarantee dual monitors will double the fun. You can use the extra screen to watch a video, browse the internet, and display game-related information. 

The United States of America’s flag against pastel grey wall transforms video game room into a welcoming zone. It also serves as a budget-friendly video game room decor. Meanwhile, rainbow LED-backlit lends the area an instant cheer.

5. Attic Game Room

attic game room
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Instead of leaving your oddly-angled attic unused, we recommend you to establish a gaming room in it. As a video game player, you can take advantage of its quiet ambiance. All you need are a desk, comfy gaming chair, and gaming paraphernalia. 

When it comes to the game room, you must considerately accent lighting. The blue lighting provides sufficient brightness in a small gloomy room. Indoor potted plants bring a breath of fresh air to the entire space. 

6. Game Room Decoration

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If you find your video game room bare and cold, steal this idea. As you can see, the posters, framed artworks, and figurines adorn the gaming area. These ornaments turn the room into a gaming paradise.

Green fairy lights are installed below the ceiling. They add luxury and vibrant glow to the whole zone. Plus, they pair well with lines on the wall. 

Since your space is not so large, you have to maximize it. The corner computer desk would be the best option. Additionally, a rolling chair allows you to escape from the virtual world.  

7. Wraparound Gamers’ Room

gaming setup ideas
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We are so impressed by this gaming room setup. Take a look at the game equipment. Triple screens help enhance the visual look as well as provide optimum eye comfort. 

Black C-shaped desk and speakers become the stars of the room. Beige shag rug pampers your feet while playing the game. 

Frosted glass windows keep your space from feeling dreary. Persona 5 posters, screen wallpapers, and art books tie the room’s concept together.

8. Fantastic Blue

gaming rooms
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Needless to say, this gaming sanctuary is minimally cluttered. There is an only rolling chair, headphones stand, space-savvy desks, and speakers. The floating shelves discretely house action figures.

The walls are painted light blue. Blue lights along the border of the computer desk and behind the screens exhibit a calm atmosphere. In addition, they make the room cooler and more inviting.

Move to the ceiling, a fan with bell-shaped LED lights embellishes the space. It injects energy into the recreation room as well.

9. Cozy and Open

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It is truly one of the fabulous game room ideas. Although the room is not spacious, you will feel comfortable because of the right placement and big screens. 

Black desk and gaming accessories add visual depth to the zone. White walls have a job to keep you focused on the screens.

Wood plank laminate floor infuses homey vibes into the area. Lastly, a rolling stool can be tucked away under the desk when not in use. 

10. Timeless Arcade

best gaming setup
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Fan of classic arcade games? Then, you should give this idea a chance. As pictured above, the arcade-style gaming room transports you back to the 80s and 90s. 

Triple screens sit on the wall-mounted desk. The largest screen is affixed to the wall. Meanwhile, long computer desk holds a keyboard, mouse, work lamp, and speakers.

Colorful lights elicit playfulness and vibrancy. Pastel blue walls let screens to be the centerpieces of the room.

11. A True Gamers’ Retreat

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Since you play hard games for several hours, it is paramount to choose an ultra-comfy seat. A recliner chair is obviously the perfect choice. You will enjoy gaming without hurting your back. Thanks to its lumbar support.

For the space color scheme, we really suggest you opt for blue and black. They generate a sense of seriousness. On the other hand, pale yellow walls and unfinished wood floor tone down the effect of dazzling blue lighting. 

You can also install a small light bar above your gaming computer. It performs the function of distracting you from the glaring screen.  

12. Dual Purpose Room

small video game room
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Perhaps, your recreation room is not solely dedicated to gaming. If that is the case, use the other half of the room as a man cave. Just place a guitar on the rug and indulge your hobby. 

In the gaming corner, you can spot desk, rack, rolling chair, mouse, keyboard, speakers, and screens. Black gaming equipment and grey walls are offset with white to generate a contemporary flair.

Below your feet is a shag rug. It lends the gaming room warmth and soft texture at once. We believe you extremely admire this area.

13. Light versus Dark

video game room ideas
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As a video game enthusiast, you have to think about proper lighting. It is a vital element especially if your room has no access to daylight during gameplay hours. 

For instance, you can install blue LED background lighting. It results in a moody ambiance. Other than that, it offers your space visual illusion. Dark furniture and gaming stuff pair magnificently with visible lighting. 

The chair comes with adjustable armrests. That means it won’t cause gaming-related back pain. 

14. Vigorous Red

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Although your space is not roomy, you can still get an immersive game experience with the help of red accent lighting. Utilize red chair, artwork, keyboard, mouse, and CPU. This color boosts up your enthusiasm. 

Do not hesitate to play video games on double monitors. The primary screen is ideal for watching TV shows. 

Furthermore, the desk converts your awkward corner into a home game room. It would be better if you install software to reduce digital noise.

15. Appealing Gamers’ Room

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Are you a game fanatic? If yes, look no further than this creative idea. You could add a second screen to your personal computer. It helps you enjoy the older console. Unlike previous gaming room ideas, this zone features a smaller screen above the big one. 

Moreover, two screens effortlessly catch the attention. Showcase your statuettes and framed artworks on an open wooden shelf. Meanwhile, dark furniture and muted walls draw the eye towards the screens.

16. Player Room Storage Ideas

pc gaming room
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A recreation room is typically filled with technology suppliers as well as wires. To get rid of clutter in your gaming retreat, you could hang floating shelves on the walls. They organized display collections of your favorite games.

The walls are coated in white paint. They promote a sense of openness and relaxation. Wooden floor emanates a homey feel, while pops of color rejuvenate the neutral game room. Blue LED light steals the spotlight. 

17. Go Monochromatic

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Monochrome is always associated with starkness. That’s indeed wrong. Need proof? This gaming station is far from boring for certain. Both black and white bring monochrome magic to the whole room as they are expertly applied.  

LED light bar under the desk and ceiling light provides a good amount of brightness. Colorful artworks titivate the space and channel your inner artist at once. Dark wooden floor creates an elegant and warm gaming corner.

18. Rustic Chic

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This home office doubles as a gaming video room. You can change the ambiance from working to gaming with the help of ceiling lights and storage. 

The ceiling is painted white, while the walls are sheathed in grey slate tiles. They do not only give the area textural contrast, but also bring the outdoors indoor. 

Floating computer desk frees up the floor space. It lends the rustic gamers’ room a modern twist too. Orange lights carve a playful aura and make the space more alive. You could also prettify the dual-purpose room with video game quotes.

19. Compact Battle Station

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Regardless of the size of your space, you can establish a marvelous game room. The key to a phenomenal game experience is using the right paint job, divine lighting, and a convenient chair. 

Here, dark blue area rug and walls introduce depth and intimacy. White lighting along with the window’s frames and the border of desk delightfully work with dark blue elements. Red lighting of digital desk clock catches the eye in a split second.

20. Gamers’ Room on A Budget

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For you who don’t have any extra space, no worries. You can still get enjoyment by setting up a gaming room in front of the family room’s window. This spot certainly provides plenty of natural light. 

Beige-painted floor and walls help you stay focused on the multi-screens. A swivel gaming chair enables you to unwind your mind anytime after hard gameplay. Lastly, neon background lighting delivers energy to the area.

21. Gaming Room Ideas – Funky and Neat

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As seen in the photo above, the recreation room is not big. But, it appears so welcoming and striking. The speakers give you a spectacular acoustic sound. Plus, you will pay more attention to the screens. 

Storage drawers keep small gaming accessories out of sight. The L-shaped desk fits perfectly into the corner of your game room. Rainbow lighting magnifies the scene. Meanwhile, framed photographs personalize gaming zone.

22. His and Her Gaming Station

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Who says video games are just for men? No, that’s not true. You and your beloved one can build a strong bond by playing the games together. With a superb setup, you two will be more enthusiastic during gameplay.

In this example, the walls are painted blue to exhibit a manly character. There are blue backlit speakers attached to the wall too. 

Pink gaming chair, mouse, keyboard, speakers, and headphones bring a sweet feminine touch to the gaming area. Wooden floating desk and brown floor tiles evoke a warm nuance.  

23. Tiny Hidden Paradise

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If you’ve ever dreamed of designing a gaming station in your bedroom, this idea is a must-try. Use sliding doors to stash away the chair, desk, and gaming-related stuff in the closet. 

Keep your space from looking monotonous by decorating the room with bold neon wall lights. They are not only striking but also improve your passion and spirit. 

Put potted plants on your gaming desk. They clean the air and reinvigorate player’s room. The open shelves on the left and smart cable management result in a tidy space.

24. Sleek and Well Lit

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Rather than establishing a cramped and messy zone, the homeowner makes his gaming station charming. Here, white cabinets and wall-mounted shelves let you organize all your game accessories. 

Wooden desk prevents your room from being cold. Grey shag rug adds smooth texture, while the plant in mini pot livens up the room. A combination of light grey and white elicits cleanliness. Blue lighting brightens up your personal retreat.

25. Video Game Room Ideas – Outer Space

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This space-themed gaming area is absolutely mesmerizing. Take a look at the biggest screen and four-monitor system. It’s as if you go on an adventurous spaceship when you play the video games.

Floor and walls are in the earth tones. They let black desk, chair, keyboard, mouse and speakers to be the center of attention. In addition, the blue lighting helps throw away boredom and increase your happiness.

26. Remarkable Memorabilia

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We have a gaming retreat that is homey, minimally messy and maximally impressive. It features a collection of sports memorabilia on the wall. The trophy and medals clearly show that you are a proud fandom.

Matte black CPU, cabinetry, keyboard, mousepad, and computers contrast captivatingly with a light-toned wooden desk as well as pale yellow walls. The trash bin, decor, and headphones bring exquisite colors to the area. 

27. Narrow yet Cozy

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Who states gaming zone must be expansive? This picture gives a great example of gamers’ room. The gaming sanctuary may be compact, but it is meticulously designed. 

From floor to walls, the colors are pleasantly coordinated. They make your gaming room outstanding. 

As it is situated in front of a giant glass door, your room gets enough sunlight. That means you can comfortably enjoy video games during the daytime. 

28. Traditional Player’s Room

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Incorporating classic things such as crafty Moroccan lamps and decorative iron shelves into gaming station are totally permissible. They won’t clutter your space. On the other hand, they transform the game room into a sumptuous personal oasis. 

The curved desk provides closeness and convenience. Moreover, the ceiling, chair, and walls lead to a serene atmosphere. 

Mason jar, corner, and background lights offer your space adequate brightness. We promise you wouldn’t mind spending your time on the screen.

29. Country Look

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Admire raw beauty? You must apply this idea then. As you can see, the gamers’ room boasts unfinished wooden-planked walls. They help you achieve a toasty and welcoming barn-style gaming area.

Furthermore, the floor is covered with a light grey fabric. It brings additional texture to the entire space. The neutral shades allow black gaming stuff to stand out in the crowd. 

Purple fluorescent lighting along the border of computer desk conveys liveliness. Lastly, plush toy and ornaments on the open shelves keep monotony at bay.

30. Dim But Perky

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When it comes to the gaming room, there are no such things as too many computer screens and excessive lighting. It is because these elements contribute to a wonderful battle station.

Other than that, you shouldn’t overlook the small details. You can decorate your sanctuary with figurines, pictures, and guitars. Be sure you have another chair to relax after serious gameplay. 

31. Under the Stairs

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No spacious room? No problem. All you have to do is turning the empty space under your stairs into a mini ultimate gaming area. Bear in mind that you should keep the area organized and minimal. 

Fill the gamers’ room with basic gaming equipment and furniture. A game-related poster on the white wall will serve as a focal point. The wooden floor adds a sense of warmth to a predominantly white gaming zone.

32. Futuristic Gaming Heaven

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If you are not short on cash, give this idea a glance. Some game stuff seems futuristic. Conventionally, the screens are placed in front of you. But those screens are overhead which offer you unique game experience. 

You don’t need any ambient lighting. There are spotlights to illuminate the whole area. White ceiling, computer desk, and walls make the recreation room more spacious than it is. 

33. Gaming Room Setup – Talk and Play

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Generally, a living room is used for sitting and talking with your guests. However, you can add a desk, chair, and gaming gear to space. This aims to create an entertaining personal gaming corner. 

White and wood bring the room together. Meanwhile, large windows help you get plenty of natural light to the area. Triple screens boost your enthusiasm and mood. Ambient lighting behind the TV intensifies the ambiance.

34. Small Video Game Room Ideas

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Limited space shouldn’t stop you from building your dream gaming room. Here, we have one of video game room ideas for small rooms

The rolling chair and minimalist wooden table are positioned near the windows. So, you can enjoy surrounding views anytime.

White walls successfully expand the room. Furthermore, red works as the accent color. It reflects that you are a passionate gamer. Metallic stuff carves an industrial edge.

35. Dual Purpose

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You can’t decide between being a music enthusiast or gamer. Then, why not go for multi-functional setup? The room enables you to produce your own music and improve gaming skills. 

We love the metal racks that make the space look so professional and clutter-free. They clearly lend the area an industrial aesthetic. Not to mention, the fuchsia accent wall takes center stage. 

36. Gaming Room – Red and Black

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Looking for great gaming room’s colors? Black and red are a winning combination. They deliver a sense of natural drama, depth, mystery, and sophistication to your gaming sanctuary.

Here, red lights radiate the space in an ambient way. There are black-framed artworks hung on the wall. They add visual interest to the zone. What an uber-cool entertainment getaway!

37. Video Game Room Ideas – Full of Energy

video game room ideas
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Even though this gaming spot is established in the corner of the bedroom, it still seems terrific. Instead of placing a bulky computer desk, opt for the minimalist one. 

Brilliant use of dim lighting sets the room’s mood. The presence of color tones (blue and pink) generates a playful ambiance. We believe you will count yourself lucky having this gaming paradise.

Playing video games is fun. But you have to limit video games as well as screen time for the sake of your mental wellbeing. Do not let the gaming world negatively affect your real life.

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