36+ Small Bonus Room Ideas | Room Above Garage

Some bonus room ideas are just what you need when you have one unused room in your house. A bonus room is just the room that has no purpose. This kind of room could be anywhere in the house. Mostly, it’s placed in the basement and the attic. 

A lot of people leave their bonus room empty and unused. Because, they don’t know what to do about it. In this page, we’ll focus on the house that has an unused room placed in the attic. Let’s make the room fascinating. 

1. Modern Attic Home Office


via Rumahidaman.id The empty room in the attic can be made functional as your home office. You can turn it into a fabulous office like this one. Mostly, an attic is considered as the bonus room of the house. Do not leave it behind. Home office in the attic would be a great idea to apply. 

2. Comfortable Tiny Movie Theater

via pinterest.comAnother way to treat your bonus room is to turn it into an entertainment room. If you love watching movies in the movie theatre, you should make one in your home. Every time you want to watch movies with friends and family, you can just head up to the attic and enjoy it.

This private movie theater is designed to be the most comfortable room in a house. In order to achieve a comfortable ambiance for watching movies, you should just copy the design of some public movie theater. Add more exclusivity in the room, and a little more coziness with Column Radiators

3. Bonus Room Ideas as the Gym

bonus room above garage

via pinterest.comYou can have your own fitness center inside your house. The bonus room in the attic is an ideal area to let you exercise every day. It allows you to focus on your training without any disturbance. You can enjoy your healthy lifestyle without even have to go outside at the public gym.

However, it’s recommended to have a home gym on the ground floor or basement because of the equipment’ weight. If you already have it in the attic, do not put in too much gym equipment. Just have the light ones. 

4. Small Bathroom of the Attic

via pinterest.comIt’s one of the small bonus room ideas you can steal. Having a bathroom on top of the house would be a privilege for the users or homeowners. But, it could be a problem for the builder because there are many things to measure such as the plumbing system and sanitation.

Take a look at the low ceiling concept. The bathtub is placed near the slanted windows. It allows you to enjoy the natural light straight from the roof. During the evening, you can enjoy the bathtub right below the sky full of stars.

5. A Tiny House in a Bonus Room

via pinterest.comInstead of turning a room in another type of room, you can just turn it into a whole house. All parts of the house are here in this room. You can have a bedroom, living room, and kitchen just in one room. 

I guess it would be a great idea to use this as the guest house. Treat your guests with respect and let them enjoy staying at your place.

6. Playful Space in the Bonus Room

via pinterest.comThe bonus room would never look so fun. It’s a fun nursery room in the attic. Make your bonus room as the room for your kids and their friends to play. It’s packed with a complete set of playful things and colorful decoration. 

There’s a creative station in the middle to let you kids encourage their imagination on the table. The entertainment station at the end of the room is joyful for the children.

7. Wooden Log Cabin as Home Office

small bonus room ideas

via pinterest.comEven though you only have a small space in your bonus room, you still can have it as the most favorite room in your house. This bonus room could be too small for a playroom, entertainment room, or guest room.

It could be an ideal space as your workspace or home office. This room is spacious enough to be filled with a complete set of office furniture. With the office desk facing the window, you can enjoy the beautiful view while working in front of your computer.

8. Colorful Kids Playroom for Everyone

via pinterest.comThe combination of fresh colors should be the one that dominates the playroom. As you can see, the orange and blue combination makes this bonus room feel more fun. While the kids enjoying their times, the adults can have the entertainment from the couch. 

The whole space is filled with joy and playful atmosphere. Orange color has just outshined the rest of the room’s elements.

9. Lazy Room with Comfortable Chairs

via pinterest.comOne of the popular ideas to use the bonus room in your house is a lazy room. A room with comfortable lounge chairs would be everyone’s favorite. They can enjoy having a lazy or quality time of their own in this bonus room. 

Some people might call it the boys’ room. This room features a window seat alcove for extra seating space. For the sleepy heads, they can take a nap there anytime they want. It also makes a perfect backdrop for the navy blue lounge chairs.

10. Living Room in the Attic

bonus room ideas over garage

via pinterest.comSlanted walls and ceiling are just what the attic is all about. It’s like the special features of an attic in most homes. This kind of ceiling has a unique charm that can make the room more stylish, To enhance the ambiance further, consider incorporating floor lamps to brighten up the dark room and add both functionality and warmth. In order to make it comfortable for everyone, you can have some illusion of colors to balance the interior. 

Having a living room in the attic can be called a family room because it could be the second living room of the house. The main living room has to be on the ground floor of the room. The unique feeling of living space is found here.

11. Bonus Room Ideas as Men’s Game Room

via pinterest.comHaving the best friends to have a good time with is just what men needs in their life. That’s why this bonus room is made for. As you can see, this room is filled with playable medium designed for men. There’s an entertainment station for watching the sports event or movies together.

That blue lighting at the station just to emphasize the main attraction of this bonus room.

12. A Living Space with Unique Ceiling

It’s one of the above garage bonus room ideas to steal if you have a bonus room just above the garage room. The ceiling is the one that will draw a lot of attention in this bonus room. It’s a living space with an office in the corner. 

The couch, the dining table, and the office desk are just there to fill up the room. The main attraction is what happens above them. The reclaimed wood pattern of the ceiling will really fascinate a lot of people.

13. A Bunk Room for Guests

via pinterest.comThe bunk room is a clever idea to use a bonus room. It’s designed just like a dorm with modern loft beds. It can be used for up to four people. Each person will have their own private space to sleep. That would be something your guests need. 

This bonus room is just like the houseguest. It’s completed with a living room that can accommodate your spare time activity.

14. Wooden Bonus Room with Minimal Furniture

via pinterest.comA room with a lot of empty space can be used as the room for a studio, a dance studio for example. You don’t need a lot of furniture for that. Dancing will require a lot of floor space to maximize the movement. More space means more freedom to the movements. 

Apart from that, the white color really brings a great amount of light in the room. So, you don’t need a lot of lamp during the day. When the studio is not fully used at night, the chandelier is enough to fill up the character.

15. PC Desk Setup for Gaming Room in the Attic

via pinterest.comIf you think your bedroom is not big enough to be added to more furniture, the bonus room is the place to go. The bonus room could be an amazing place to search for privacy. 

Some online gamers need some privacy during the battle. So, it could be a privilege for them to play the game in a special space. You can turn the bonus room into an epic PC Battlestation in the attic.

16. Romantic Attic Bedroom

via pinterest.comSome tiny rooms in the attic are an ideal bedroom. This simple bedroom with twin bed looks amazing with that slanted walls and ceiling. The designer set up a romantic light fixture to maximize the stay in this bedroom. 

The design is very simple, there’s only two beds for two, sconces for each bed, and the simple window. That’s enough to make the bonus room more functional. 

17. Well-Decorated Bonus Room

via pinterest.comIt’s a great example of bonus room decorating ideas. When you decide the room to be the living room, you need to add the right amount of decoration inside the room. Don’t over-decorate the room otherwise, it will feel too crowded.

A bonus room should be an alternative space to release the stress. Make sure the design is comfortable for everyone. The blue and white flooring defines the style of this living room. It’s a perfect concept for the beach house.

18. Incredible Loft Bedroom with Slanted Wall

via pinterest.comIt’s one of the smart ways to design a bonus room. For some people, a bedroom is perfect for the attic. Its slanted ceiling and wall are what makes it so special. The natural barn wood looking of this bedroom looks so unique. 

It gives a nice character to the whole atmosphere. Sleeping in this loft bedroom is like staying in a hotel room with a beautiful traditional theme. 

19. Elegant Bonus Room with Dark Scheme

attic room

via pinterest.comThis is probably the most elegant bonus room you can get on this page. As you can see, the dark scheme of this room is lighted up the good amount of lightings. That’s the most important thing that this room needs. 

It’s a perfect movie room because when it starts rolling the room can be completely dark. The light is only provided by the film. The comfy couch set will be very supportive in letting you enjoy good movies. It can also be used as a living room when the movie is not played.

20. Wooden Attic Bedroom with Accents

via pinterest.comIt looks like this bonus room was used as the warehouse, the room where you keep the stuff you don’t use. The design keeps the original look of an attic in this bedroom. This bonus room bedroom is surrounded by wooden materials.

At the end of the room, you see the attic window that becomes the only element that can support the light of this room. During the night, there’s a table lamp on each side of the bed. At night, you’re supposed to sleep instead of doing anything in this bedroom.

21. Insulating Bonus Room Upstairs

via pinterest.comThis extra room is filled with all the antiques. It has the style of oldies all around the room. As you can see, the couch design itself is supportive of the style. Then, the antique and old decor fills up the couch surroundings.

In front of the window, there’s an antique cabinet with some accessories on top of it. It creates a beautiful silhouette that decorates the wall.

22. Secret Living Room in the Attic

via pinterest.comIt’s a good idea to have inside the bonus room. You can have your secret sanctuary whenever you want privacy. This room would be ready to accommodate your needs. The open cabinet around the windows can showcase some of your secret collection too. 

The L shape sofa can also be used as a bed to let you enjoy your resting time. It looks a little bit dark in this room because of the minimal amount of lights by design.

23. Playroom for Teenagers with Chalkboard Wall

via pinterest.comThe Chalkboard wall is an exciting addition to a bonus room. For teenagers, they don’t need a lot of color in their playroom. Just make the wall playful for them and that would be enough. This room is quite large. It allows people to do anything possible including playing games together. 

24. White Simple Nursery Room

via pinterest.comThe room seems to be designed just for toddlers and above. This room has a simple design that doesn’t have a lot of bonus room furniture to deal with. There are only some cushions to comfort the kids and some games. 

The owner leaves the scheme neutral and plays with the furniture color. There’s an open cabinet to store some board games, storybooks, and more.

25. Triple-Bed Guest Room with Beach-Themed Scheme

via pinterest.comThis is the bonus room that looks like a comfortable hotel room. It can accommodate the whole family in one place. There are three beds and two dining tables which are enough to cover the bedroom completion. 

The soft blue color scheme looks cool and fresh to make you sleep well. Besides, lighting is essential to add a romantic vibe inside the room. The beach-themed color scheme of this bedroom is just so fantastic.

26. The Bonus Room for Sleepovers

via pinterest.comWhen your children have their friends to do a sleepover, you might have a problem to find the best place for their sleep instead of your kids’ bedroom. You should have an extra bedroom such as a guest room. 

You can call this as the sleepover room. It’s filled with three loft beds and one main bed. The friends can enjoy the loft beds while your children sleep on the main bed as the master of the room. Let your children amaze their friends with it. 

27. Eclectic Bonus Room with Amazing Light Fixture

via pinterest.comWith the shape of the ceiling, the astonishing effect of the lighting is at its maximum level. Obviously, adding this kind of light fixture in any attic will make it so amazing. The design itself will immediately draw attention to everyone who walks in.

The rugs that cover the whole floor wouldn’t allow you to use your shoes when stepping on it. It will definitely comfort your feet around this room. It’s also safe for kids.

28. Cozy Small Living Room

via pinterest.comMost bonus rooms only have limited space. Turning it into a living room could be a good idea since it’s not the main one. Your second living room will be a lot cozier and exclusive just for the homeowners.

The interior design and scheme are friendly to teenagers. The color choice and the accentuating pattern are so lovely. Having a small living room in the attic can’t a lot better than this. 

29. Yoga Studio in the Attic

via pinterest.comYoga is the exercise of meditation. So, it will require a calm and private space to prevent any disturbing things. Attic could be the ideal bonus room for your yoga studio. In fact, it doesn’t require a lot of furniture. Have some yoga may and you’ll be ready.

You can add some other equipment for your exercises such as Dumbbell set, static bicycle, and gym ball. You can enjoy your relaxing exercise in this calm room.

30. Cozy Lounge with Blue Carpet

via pinterest.comHaving a carpet to cover the whole floor in a lounge room is the one that makes the room more comfortable. It’s also really safe to play around on the carpet since there’s no chance of slipping. 

The blue color manages to be a great base for the dark-colored furniture on it. White slanted wall and ceiling make a great impact to dominate the atmosphere of this room.

31. Masculine Game Room for Adult

via pinterest.comThe playroom for adult men is a popular idea for bonus room of the house. I tend to be placed below the ground floor or basement. In the attic, you have to consider the weight of the furniture. But, you can still make it fun and friendly to everyone. 

32. Loft Bed with Curtain in the Attic

via pinterest.comInstalling the bed right under the slanted ceiling instead of the center is one way to save some space inside the room. For a guest room, an office desk and a loft bed are just enough. The curtain will give more privacy while sleeping. 

33. Multi-Purpose Attic Room

via pinterest.comThis open room contains a lot of furniture that has different functions. Next to the wall and windows, there’s a bunch of office desks that surrounds the sofa set in the middle of the room. This bonus room is quite large to accommodate a lot of people. 

For extra seating, there’s also a window seat alcove between the desk and bookshelves. 

34. Playroom with Indoor Climbing Wall for Kids

via pinterest.comYour kids can have a little adventure zone the playroom. This idea allows the kids to enjoy some fun outdoor activities inside the house. The tree house is packed with wooden climbing wall and a fun slide. That would definitely make your kids love to play at home.

35. An Attic That Close to Nature

via pinterest.comAdding some natural elements inside a bedroom could make it looks more healthy and soothing. As you can see, this attic bedroom is filled with white-painted wood. The minimalist concept is just what this small bonus room needs. That potted plants add value to the room. 

36. Multi-Use Bonus Room

via pinterest.comIn order to make the space more efficient, you can turn it into a multi-purpose room like this one. As you can see, there’s a treadmill right in the corner of this room. On the other side, you can find a work station with a sewing machine on it.

Overall, bonus room ideas are as important as all the rooms inside the house. It’s the extra space you could decide to be anything you want as long as the size and location support it. 


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