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Rock painting is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Now that you’ve discovered it, you’ll start looking for some rock painting ideas for sure. 

Whether you’re planning to make some simple and affordable décor for your home or just hoping to have fun with your kids, rock painting is an amazing choice. Plus, it’s also easy to do even if you don’t have lots of painting experience!

Check out these 19 awesome ideas to creatively paint rocks and get ready for something fun!

1. Easy Heart Painting

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Let’s start with something super easy! Painting a simple heart on the rock is the perfect way to start your way. This dead-simple design is very easy even for the complete beginner among us. 

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend with your little ones, creating this simple rock design can be a good choice. Just prepare for colorful paints and let your kids use their creativity!

2. Upgraded Heart Rocks

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This idea is like an upgraded version of the previous one. If you love the idea of giving your loved ones and friends something lovely on Valentine’s Day, make these handmade artworks! 

Paint some rocks with a brightly colored heart like this and send them as a gift for your friends. They can set the rocks on the bedside table as a reminder of how much you love them. Don’t forget to seal the paint with a spray sealer to give the rock a glossy finish.

3. Cute Ladybug Painted Rocks

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Who doesn’t love a cute ladybug? This rock painting design is so cute and very easy to do. You can use it to decorate your garden or front yard. 

To make it more durable, seal the paint with a decoupage medium or clear spray sealer. After that, you can simply put a few rock ladybugs in your garden for styling!

4. Baby Owl Rock Painting

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This is another one of cute rock painting ideas! The rocks may be in different shapes, but they are painted in the same colors. 

You can also consider painting each owl with differently colored feathers as well as diverse patterns and features. This way, you can play with your creativity to make something unique and different.

5. Black and White Sheep Rocks

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Are you looking for another easy animal design to paint on rocks? These adorable sheep rocks can be a great inspiration for you.

The design is pretty simple. You’ll just need to create the head and add some small spirals to portray the sheepskin. If you want to have fun with colors, don’t be afraid to use other colors than black and white to create your sheep rocks!

6. Simple Name Drawings

easy rock painting ideas for beginners

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Painting letters is probably the simplest. You can paint your name letter by letter to make a unique and personal painted rock. This idea is perfect if you do rock painting with some young kids. It allows them to learn how to write their names.

If your kids are still too young to write their own name, you can draw it for them. Then, let them color it with their own creativity. 

7. Colorful Quote Rocks


If you need something more inspirational to be displayed on your home interior, these colorful quote rocks may become your favorite.

They are painted in rich colors and patterns. Plus, they have some motivational sayings that can encourage you to live more happily and smile frequently. Put them on a flat basket where you can easily see it every day. 

8. Dot Art Flower Painted Rock

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Use a range of doting tools from around your house to create this beautiful flower painted rock! It combines some pastel colors like pale yellow, blue, and pink to make colorful dandelions. 

If you find this kind of rock painting ideas too hard, you can try some random designs. Just use your sense of art to make simple dot art patterns. 

9. Colorful Flower Rocks


This rock painting design may look overwhelming, but it’s actually quite easy to make. You can use stencils and easy painting techniques to make a beautiful design like this.

These colorful flowers are basically just circles and some brush strokes. Once you look at them carefully, you’ll know that there’s no effort to paint the rocks with machine perfection. Yet these beautiful rocks are great enough to use as knobs on drawers or lids.

10. Cute Cacti from Rock


Now everyone can have a cute cactus with this rock painting idea! It’s no secret that cacti are a popular plant which doesn’t have to be watered as often as other plants. That’s why they make a good indoor plant for your home decoration.

But, if you even see cacti as something beyond your horticultural ability, create your own rock cacti and place it on a small pot like this. Who knows that it’s only a rock cactus you make by yourself!

11. Rock Painted Dragonfly 

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A dragonfly is another simple design to paint on your rock. You can use some dot tools to create the body and paint the silver wing carefully with a small brush.

To make it even more unique, you can paint the rock to resemble a green leaf. Paint the silver wing dragonfly as if it’s perching on the leaf.

12. Pokemon Painted Rocks

easy rock painting ideas for beginners



Are you or your kids a big fan of Pokemon? Then, these Pokemon rock painting ideas will surely be your favorite. In addition to the character’s faces, you can also paint the rocks with a Pokemon ball design. 

You can leave this collection of Pokemon painted rocks in places where people can find them. For instance, you can use them as tabletop décor. 

13. Fun Minions Rock Painting

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Rock painting is a fun activity for a child’s upcoming party. If your little one’s birthday party is just around the corner, include this activity for fun. It’s inexpensive yet offers lots of fun. Plus, it provides each guest with something to take home.

You can invite the children to decorate their rocks based on a theme like minions or let them create anything they want. 

14. Tic-tac-toe Painted Rocks


Create lovely painted rocks and use them as playing pieces for games like this. This tic-tac-toe game employs two sets of rocks as playing pieces. 

In addition to tic-tac-toe, you can use this idea to play other board games like checkers and chess. To make it even more fun, create a special rock painting design for each family member. There’s no doubt that playing a simple game like this becoming more fun!

15. Rainbow-Inspired Rock Painting

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These Mandala painted rocks have the color of a rainbow. They surely look unique with this spiritual symbol. You can use them as decorative items in the bedroom or in your garden.

If you think that these painted Mandala rocks are too difficult to create, you can make a simpler pattern like polka dots, wiggly lines, or spirals to start with.

16. Googly Monster Painted Rocks


If you think that the rock painting ideas with little monsters aren’t funny enough, glued googly eyes and accomplish maximum hilarity. Moreover, you can glue a piece of magnet strip as well to make these monsters stick to your fridge.

Creating these googly monster rocks can be a great activity for little kids too. Their cute character can convince your kids to create them for fun.

17. Elegant Doodle Rocks

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This idea reminds you how elegant simple doodles can be. While colorfully painted rocks may make bright and beautiful decors in your home, sometimes plain black paint like this can be the best looking option too.

I love this simple idea and how each rock is decorated with different patterns. Not to mention the beauty of the clean black lines, dots, and circles against these white rocks.

18. Painted Fruit Rocks

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Who doesn’t love fresh fruits? Well, everyone loves to eat fruits except for this one. This painted fruit looks so delicious like the real one. But, never think to try it!

You can paint a few rocks in a variety of fruit designs. Here, there are strawberries, oranges, and watermelons. Put them on a plate and use them as your dining room centerpiece. Make sure to keep them away from very young kids!

19. Painted Rock with Beach Scene

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Looking for a way to bring the beach home with you this summer? Paint some rocks in a beach-inspired theme for an easy and inexpensive alternative.

This painted rock can be a good inspiration for you. The rock is decorated with two shadows of a turtle walking on the seashore. Display them on your open shelves or coffee table to remind you of the beauty of summer beach.

If you don’t have any experience to execute all of these ideas, you don’t need to worry! Many great artists and craft bloggers have arranged rock painting tutorials all over the internet. Take advantage of it to help you make your own pieces.

Luckily, they are easy to find and follow, so you can start it right away. Finally, hope you like this list of 19 Rock Painting Ideas and have fun!

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