15+ Best Bra Storage & Underwear Organization Ideas

Do you think you need to spend much money to make some Bra Storage Ideas? We don’t think so, because you can use some storage hacks so you will never be trapped in that messy lingerie. 

Wondering how can you organize your bras properly? This article shows you some methods in keeping your bras in an easy way.

Scroll down and you will have no more overflowing storages that will cause such a mess inside your house. Now, without further ado, here’s the list!

1. Box Them Up

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That foldable box from the groceries can keep whatever you have; from those jewelry collections to lingerie. Line the bras horizontally in the box, and you can easily find your bra without ruining the pads.

Some boxes feature dividers made of the cloths and plastic to prevent the stuff from getting moved. The box is available for purchase in many online shops and you can fold them up when you don’t use them to store any stuff.

It’s such a cheap and easy way of you keeping many things by yourself.

2. Drawer and Divider


Putting the bras in a drawer is still one of the best and most facile ideas of your own. However, some people might find it difficult to keep it not overflowing. A plastic-based divider will help you to store all the lingerie well horizontally. 

By using the divider in your drawer, you can categorize your innerwear based on their colors and types. And when you open it up, you’re not bothered by the mess because it can display your stuff nicely.

3. Hanging Bras

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To prevent your lingerie from tangled; you can hang them in a cabinet. This way is considered as the simplest way for you who are not in the mood of tidying up your bras ala Marie Kondo. Thus, you don’t have to spend too much time to pick up the intended lingerie.

However, you cannot store many bras using this way. So, this is the bra storage idea only for you who don’t have too many bras collections to organize. Plus, the smaller the cabinet, the fewer bras to store.

4. Using Transparent Storage


To enhance the minimalist look in your room, you can use the transparent box that is easy to find in many groceries and online stores.

The box is clear enough that you can see what kinds of innerwear and underwear you’ve placed there before. It saves you from the trouble of difficult search.

Using the sturdy divider inside, the storage will keep your stuff organized and categorized, as well. No need to take too much effort in tidying up and looking for the bras in the morning before going to work.

5. Pull-Out Basket


When you find that drawer is too small and complicated for your innerwear collection, you can use the pull-out hamper inside the cabinet. There, you can store many things quickly without being worried that everything will overflow.

To create this storage idea, you can install pull-out bases inside the cabinetries. Later, stick some hampers on them and here is one of the most spacious bra storages you can get in your home.

6. Special Lingerie Case

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To preserve the original shape of your padded bra, why don’t using their special storages? These lingerie cases come in various colors and size, and you can just put the storages inside the cabinet or on the table – that’s all your call.

The storages also come with a handle and have a soft surface. Thus, they are the best companions for travelers who have to bring their bras and underwear with them. You can always keep them in shape.

7. Plastic Containers Idea


The plastic container is affordable, light, and easy to find anywhere. It also comes with various height and size, makes it simple for you to suit the container with space in your room. 

Inside the plastic container, you can save many bras and underwear you have. You can also categorize them on each box of the plastic container. It’s such a good solution for those who intend to organize their inner wears but don’t want to pick the complicated way.

8. The Wardrobe Rack

bra hanger


Opt for the wardrobe rack that can display what you have. Use the slimline hangers to hang your innerwear for the short space problem. This traditional rack is simple and gives you the nuance of a more spacious room.

When you are rather out of space, don’t hesitate to double the hanging space. The pop can tab might help you to hang your bras in this way, and you will see how to organize your bras collection is.

9. The Bed Drawer

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Empty space under the bed might scare you. So, what if you add up some drawer under the bad? It can help you to store any stuff without making your room too stuffy of additional closet or rack.

You can make some custom drawers that are in the same color as your bed or with your room. Store your bras and other stuff there and if you need, organize them using the dividers so you don’t have to spend too much time searching for the stuff you need.

10. Honeycomb Baskets


The honeycomb baskets suit much foldable stuff including the bras and the underwear. The thing is the combinations of some baskets in honeycomb form that are eye-catchy and quite flexible. 

You can snap the boxes together thus it can form a huge honeycomb shape, or you can put them apart and place them in a different spot.

11. Sock Dispenser

underwear organization ideas


Opt for a sock dispenser to keep your sports bra or those unpadded ones in case you are running out of space in your room. You can fold your sports bras or unpadded bras and put them in the dispenser.

The dispenser is a good choice for those who don’t have enough time in the morning and would love to grab the intended bra easily. Do you think it really eases you too? We think it can ease you to organize the innerwear.

12. The Bookshelves


Everything is now going digital, right? You can store your e-books on your gadget and as a replacement, store your inner wears in the bookshelves. At first, it sounds odd. But, when you’ve done organized it, you will see how amazing it is.

The bookshelves can make all your bras collection visible, but how if you don’t want them to be exposed? There is no worry since you can add up a curtain to cover it.

13. The Open Shelf


Don’t only focus on those places that are closed to keep your bras and panties. If you still have a space inside your room, why don’t you try for an open shelf? We often use that kind of shelf to keep some shoes,

However, you can set up the shelf to keep the bras. If it is okay for you to expose the collection of your innerwear long as it is still inside your room. 

And if you don’t intend to expose it, install a curtain that can cover the open shelf and your innerwear collections.

14. Hanging Closet Idea


If you don’t have an abundance of space left in your room, why don’t opt for a hanging closet idea that can be placed behind the door?

Investing in the hanging closet is a good solution when you are running out of space. The hanging closets usually fit for many innerwear and underwear. You won’t sacrifice too many spaces by choosing this option and no more messy room.

15. Bra Storage Ideas – Hanging Mesh Bag


Some mesh bag might help you to store some stuff when you have no more space left or want to give some colorful accents inside your house. The mesh bag is flexible and can accommodate your undergarments

The hanging mesh can be placed behind the door and you can separate the types of innerwear you have by the colors. It is also easy to grab for the travelers, and since the mesh bag is foldable, you don’t have to worry about how to keep the bags when you don’t use them.

As a summary, the ideas of storing bras are actually varied. You can keep them in the box, drawers with dividers, transparent storage, pull-out basket, portable case for traveling, plastic container, bed drawers, and baskets in a form of honeycomb.

Also, feel free to make use of some idle bookshelves or open shelf. And when storing them horizontally is not possible, you can keep them neat vertically by hanging the bras with hangers, wardrobe rack, sock dispenser, hanging closet, and hanging mesh bag.

Those Bra Storage Ideas should help you to organize the underwear, innerwear, socks, or whatever stuff you have in the house. Say goodbye to the chaos and it is your turn now to decide which one is the best solution you can have.


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